Prestashop Modules to Offer Best Customer Support


A great customer support system can reinforce the teams working to achieve respective goals in a company. To fulfill the demands of the customer and improve customer experience, strategic planning, support tools, and a fully dedicated team play a significant role.

The information collected from the user can be implemented to improve customer service by making reasonable policies that can help the company grow and flourish your PrestaShop customer support.

Customer support is an indicator of customer repurchase and loyalty. Customer satisfaction assures you that the customer will be willing to purchase from you in the future.

In a marketplace where companies are competing to grab more customers, a customer support system can back you up. A company with versed customer services can sustain longer and can provide outstanding customer experience.

There are some amazing modules that have been developed by the Knowband team to help you with customer support management and in improvising customer experience on your PrestaShop store.

1. RMA to manage returns and canceled orders


I am putting Return Manager Addon first on the list because sellers find it hectic and fail to manage the return or canceled orders. Prestashop RMA will help you manage the returns easily as it is fully configured and you can track the return orders from the backend of the module.

Store admin can see various choices for reacting to the return if the customer claims that the item arrived damaged or does not fit the listing description. Also, the customer can upload the image of the faulty product with a reason or add one if it does not match the listed description. This will hopefully reduce your tension of order return management.

2. Deskoid Helpdesk system for customer service

The Deskoid Helpdesk system provides a unified customer experience which makes it easier for the customers to shop from your Prestashop online store. The Prestashop Deskoid Helpdesk add-on combines the store with a helpdesk ticket system.

The admin will provide an interface with the aid where clients will contact the support team for any query or problem and it shows the message thread inside the message block hence they can also see old tickets.

3. Facebook Messenger – Live Chat Support Module


Half of the world’s population is using mobile phones and most of them are on social media platforms. The Social Messenger module can be used by PrestaShop store admin for live chat support to enhance the customer experience. It helps customers to connect using their personal Facebook messenger account with the store owners.

The administrator will set the look and feel settings for the icon and window of the social messenger. Live chat support can boost the conversion rate and customer acquisition.

Final Thought:

Customer services are a considerable stream to spend your time and money if you own an eCommerce company. To provide better customer services you should have a live desktop chat support, easy return policy and management system, contact forums or you can provide customer care calling services.

Customer satisfaction and UX plays an essential role in an eCommerce for business growth and productivity. With 24×7 customer support channels show your customer that you care.

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