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Compatibility: All WordPress Versions till 5.8.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (30-May-2022)
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WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Module

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a shopping search engine that reliably offers you possibilities based on the search terms you enter into Google's search box. Shoppers will find it quite beneficial since they can easily compare items from numerous merchants worldwide. You'll also see image results of the things you're looking for from other websites that offer them.


How does the WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed Integration work?

The admin can easily install and set up the Google Shopping Feed for WooCommerce. There's also a user manual with step-by-step instructions for configuring the module. In fact, Knowband provides free installation and setup services. Moreover, if you want additional assistance with module installation, please contact our customer support. The admin will be able to utilize the integration to automate the listing process after the configuration is complete.

Owners of eCommerce stores may use the module to have their items appear in Google search results. Furthermore, you will need to generate API keys in order to integrate the Module (all the steps to generate the API key are available in the user manual). It is simple to administer the Google Shopping store listings after it has been set up.

Key Features of Google Shopping Integration Module

Create a Profile for Product Listing

Profile Management

The store admin can effortlessly create a profile(s) from the Profile Management tab. Going further, he has to enter the Country, Google Language, Profile Title, Store Category, Currency, and various other options. The admin can create more than one profile for listing different categories using the WooCommerce Google Shopping API Integration.

Exclude Products

The admin has the feature where he can exclude products using the WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector. Further, he can exclude products that are unavailable/out of stock, Products with a Price less than, or Products who does not have EAN13/JAN or UPC.

Utm Tracking

Admin can track traffic to their WooCommerce store using multiple UTM parameters provided by Google Shopping WooCommerce API Integration in the General Settings section. So, utilizing the UTM tracking capability of Google Shopping WooCommerce Integration, the admin can quickly verify where the traffic to their WooCommerce store is coming from.

Product Listing using WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed Integration

Product Listing

The admin can easily list the products in bulk using the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration. Moreover, he can also sync the products locally, their feed, and the products from the same tab. Further, the Product Listing tab also has other details of the products that the admin can enable or disable. The admin can get the following details on this page i.e product image, Listing Id, Name, Profile to which product is mapped, Listing Status, and Date Added.

Feed Management

Under this tab of the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Extension by Knowband, the admin can view all the feeds. Furthermore, the feeds that have been created using the WooCommerce Google Shopping Synchronizer Module under. Moreover, he can view the feed title, profile title, the date on which it was added, and updated one as well.

Enable or Disable products

This feature allows admins to remove/disable goods from the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Plugin's product listing page. The goods that the admin disables will be removed from the Google Shopping store. So, if the admin wants to remove goods from Google Shopping that he doesn't want to show, he may do so individually for the products with the tab in the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Module.

Synchronization between WooCommerce store and Google Shopping


Under the Synchronization tab, the admin can find the option of syncing feeds and product status. Moreover, with the availability of Cron settings, he can automate the synchronization process. The admin can set the CRON for a specific interval of time and whenever CRON will hit the respective information will be synced in Woocommerce Google Shopping Module.

Sync Feeds

Syncing Feed is a feature that permits the administrator to synchronize feeds from the shop to Google Shopping. This cron will sync all of the Google Shopping WooCommerce API Integration feeds. As a result, after the feed synchronizes with Google Shopping, the goods will appear on the Google Shopping page.

Sync Product Status

The admin can use the CRON "Sync Product Status" to update the listing status of the goods in the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integrator. This can aid in tracking the progress of a product on the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Extension's listing page. The CRON can be set up to operate by the administrator.

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