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Marketplace Integrations:
Marketplace Integrations:

Social Loginizer - OpenCart Extensions

Social Loginizer - OpenCart Extensions
  • OpenCart Social Login extension enhances the user experience by allowing your customers an easy and fast login through most trusted social networks. 
  • Opencart Social Login increases your website's registrations.
  • Social Login Opencart module has a user-friendly interface.
  • Opencart Social Login extension is multi-store and multi themes compatible


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Compatibility:Opencart v1.5.3 - v2.2.0.0
Latest Version:v1.5 (02-Mar-2018)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 1000+
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Opencart Social Loginizer  

Opencart Social Login extension offers your customers an easy and fast login option through social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Opencart Social Login helps in increasing the registration rate of your website. Log in through social networks enhances customer experience and saves the customer from creating a new account of that particular website. Social Login for Opencart on your website generates easy leads for your business which can be used in retargeting and remarketing to increase the sales of your online business. 

Opencart Social Login extension allows your visitors logging in through trusted social media networks and let them access your website in no time. Easy and fast login through Social Login Opencart module during checkout also helps in reducing cart abandonment rate for your online store. According to research, it was found that the users with social login are likely to purchase more than those who do not use it which makes it a must plugin for every eCommerce website. 

Features of Opencart Social Login extension:

1. Easy to use interface: Opencart Social Login extension has an easy and simple interface which enhances the experience of your website's visitors and save them from complex and time taking registration process.
2. Quick Installation and Configuration: Social Login Opencart module is super easy to install and configure on your OpenCart store. No coding or technical knowledge is required to set up the extension and everything can be done easily from the back office of the module.
3. Mobile Responsive: Since the users on mobile devices are increasing day by day, it is compulsory for every website owner to have their website or online store mobile responsive. Social Login for Opencart is mobile, desktop and tablet responsive and you can easily implement the extension across your mobile or tablet site.
4. Activate or deactivate social accounts: Opencart Social Media Login extension offers 9 social login network options. You can choose desired social networks you wish to enable on your website and can deactivate those social networks from the back office you don't want to show on your store.
5. Drag and Drop option: As placement of the social networks in an appropriate order is very important on your website, Opencart Social Login extension offers an option to simply drag and drop the networks in the order you find appropriate for your website from the back office of the extension. 
6. Increase brand awareness: In order to increase the revenue of your online store, you have to increase the reach and awareness of your brand. Opencart Facebook Login extension encourages your website's visitors to log in through social networks and ultimately increase the social reach of your business.
7. Multi-store compatibility: Opencart Twitter Login extension is multi-store and multi themes compatible and matches the requirements of every online business.
8. Easy Customization: Opencart Google+ Login module allows the admin to customize the text of the login link and social bar heading. It offers two types of social media buttons in two sizes, one being large and other the small. The store admin can choose any of them according to the website's theme, design, and layout.

Benefits of Opencart Social Login extension to the Merchant :

1. Opencart Social Media Login extension offers 9 most popular social media login options which ensure easy and fast login by the customers and enhances their experience on your website.
2. Login with Opencart Social Login extension is way faster than the website's typical and lengthy registration process and it increases the registrations on your website which can be used as leads for the business to increase its sales and revenue.
3. Opencart Social Login helps in reducing the cart abandonment on your website by providing a simple and fast login option at the checkout page.
4. Logging through social media networks helps you in increasing the brand awareness of your business with Opencart Facebook Login extension.
5. The store admin can easily drag and drop social media icons to change their position on the website from the back office with Opencart Twitter Login extension.
6. Opencart Google+ Login module allows the store admin to place the social media login icons anywhere on the website according to one's needs and preferences.
7. Easy and instant login through Opencart Social Login extension reduces the chances of failed logins on your website.


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