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PrestaShop PWA Mobile App

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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v8.1.x
Latest Version: v2.0.1 (05-June-2024)
Sales: 5000+

New Feature Updates

Add-To-Cart Button On Home & Category Screen

This new feature allows the PrestaShop PWA mobile app users to add any product to their shopping cart without navigating its product page. The Add-To-Cart button is available for every product block the Home Screen and Category Screen of the PrestaShop Progressive Web Application. Quick access to add products in shopping bag improves shopping experience.

Product Reviews & Star Ratings

While shopping through PrestaShop Progressive Web App, the users get to view the product reviews posted by other users. Online shoppers can even add their reviews as well. The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App is made compatible with PrestaShop default Product Comments module. All website reviews will stay sync on the PWA App as well.

Related Products On App

Whenever any PrestaShop PWA Mobile App user views any product, upon scrolling down, a slider of related products is displayed on the screen. The related products can be like “Frequently Bought Together” or “Similar Products” etc. These options can be used as an effective tool to improve cross-selling & up-selling on the app. The PrestaShop Progressive Web App is made compatible with Automatic Related Product Module.

Zendesk& WhatsApp Chat Support

Now the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App has inbuilt WhatsApp & Zopim (Zendesk) chat options. The store admin can offer either of the chat options on the PrestaShop Progressive Web App and allow the mobile shoppers to connect for any query.

Quantity Stepper On Product Screen

This new update i.e. quantity stepper allows the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App user to increase/decrease the number of product units before adding them into cart. The users only need to use the +/- button on the product screen of PrestaShop Progressive Web App

Multi-level Categories In App

The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App comes with an inbuilt wish list option allowing users to bookmark favorite products to their wish list. The Progressive Web App users can visit the wishlist later and choose products to be purchased. Note: Wishlist will be available by default with PrestaShop v1.6 stores. For PrestaShop v1.7 stores, there will be additional charges.

Improved User Profile & Navigation Menu

The user profile is more efficient now on the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App. The users can add multiple shipping addresses anduse them later during checkout. The navigation menu as well as the tab-bar of the PrestaShop Progressive Web App makes shopping super convenient

Compatible With KnowBand Marketplace Module

Seller Listings/Profiles

The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App offers a separate “Sellers” section in the navigation menu. The users get to view the seller listings & the profiles of each seller. On opening any seller profile, all products are displayed along with other details.

Seller Products

On the seller profile page of PrestaShop PWA Mobile App, the products listed by each seller arepublicly displayed for the purchase. The users of PrestaShop Progressive Web App also get to view and purchase products under specific sellers.

Seller Reviews and Ratings

The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App users can add the reviews and ratings of sellers. All the previous reviews will be displayed for each seller. Only upon approval of the store admin, the new seller reviews and ratings will be live.

Seller Shipping& Return Policies

Each seller on the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App can list their own unique shipping or return policy to serve better than the others. The users of PrestaShop Progressive Web App can view & remain aware of every seller details and policies.

Customizable Home Screen UI

White Label Solution

With PrestaShop Progressive Web Application, the store owners can set up their application name, splash screen, icon, logo etc. The apps with this PWA module will be solely based on the business domain and products being offered in the store. Splash screen background color can also be changed from admin panel.

Flexible Home Screen Interface

The PrestaShop PWA module allows the store owner to give look and feel to home screen of web application as per their choice. The Progressive web app for PrestaShop comes up with a flexible home screen whose layouts can be designed & saved from admin panel of module. The pre-configured and saved layouts can be used on the apps as per ongoing festivals, theme or sale campaigns.

Featured Product Listing

The home screen layout functionality in the PrestaShop PWA module allows adding various product/category based elements. These elements can be configured using attractive banners/images along with their redirection. The store merchant gets to highlight the top products on the very first screen of web-application.

Easy Installation & Customization

The users can add PrestaShop PWA App on the home screen just by visiting the website. You can get complete designing & management control with module backend access. No developer assistance is required to make changes in PrestaShop PWA App Builder.

Entire Web-Application Benefits

Reliable & Engaging

Generally the web browser stops working on losing internet connection, but PWA App for PrestaShop doesn’t hinder shopping in any way. Push notifications & backend updates increases user engagement to another level.

No Dependency on App Stores

With the recent app rejections from Apple & Google Play stores, the PWA eCommerce Mobile App becomes a top notch choice for you. Your users can directly connect with your store without any third party medium interference.

Multi-device Compatibility

This PrestaShop Progressive Web Application works perfectly on all handheld devices like smartphone, iPhone, tablets & iPad. No need to worry about the user’s devices anymore.  


The PrestaShop PWA App is more lightweight as compared to the native ones. It even occupies very low storage on your mobile devices & hardly gets crashed or stopped. Offer a flawless and smooth mobile shopping channel to users with PrestaShop Web Application Builder.  

User Friendly Interface

E-mail & Social Login

The PWA for PrestaShop comes with seamless social login options like Google & Facebook. The users get to login instantly into web application via single tap with their social account details. The PrestaShop Progressive web application also has email registration and login options.

Layered Navigation

The progressive web application with this extension comes with inbuilt sort & filtering options which allows the users to find their desired products with ease. It’s just a matter of a few moments to search products among huge inventory data.

Multi-lingual & Currency Support

All sorts of global & regional languages are supported on the Progressive Web Application. The store admin can offer the shopping app in desired language including RTL ones (Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Persian etc.). Various currencies available on the website are also supported on the PrestaShop PWA App. 

Faster Content Loading

Faster speed is the cornerstone of PrestaShop PWA app. These apps pre-load the content of your store while users are engaged in browsing & thus offer them an amazing & facile shopping experience.

Seamless Shopping Via Web-App

Offline Mode

Your PrestaShop PWA App would work without any internet connectivity. Users wouldn’t have to rely every time on internet to shop for products from app. Moreover, the progressive web app will even work properly in a slow network as well.

All Payment Method Support

All payment options available on the store will also be there on the PrestaShop Progressive Web Application. The plugin sync payment methods along with inventory & database and offer the same mode of payment which are preferred by your user base. 

All Shipping Method Support

Every sort of shipping method actively working on the store will also work perfectly on the PWA. The PrestaShop PWA Builder makes sure that the apps can handle delivery and shipping of products as smoothly as being done in the store. 

One-Page Checkout

The Progressive web application for PrestaShop comes with an inbuilt single-screen checkout where only the necessary details are asked from user. It also allows reviewing the complete order details before successfully making the payment. Having this in PWA app, makes sure that cart abandonment stays at the lowest and sale figures increase. 

Handy Promotion Tools

Unlimited Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a boon in eCommerce mobile app if used properly. The PrestaShop PWA Mobile App allows you to send custom push notifications on app. The store admin can even schedule the following automated notifications from backend: 

  • Order Placed Successfully
  • Order Status Update  
  • Abandoned Cart Notifications

Coupons/Vouchers Support

All types of coupons & vouchers active on your website works on PWA App as well. Now, offer the same discount benefits and offers on the apps as available on the website.

Product Social Sharing

The Progressive Web App for PrestaShop allows online shoppers to share products with their friends and relatives on multiple social channels. This marketing approach can bring you more potential leads without any effort.

Sale Campaigns & Deals

Run multiple sales & offers based on ongoing occasions, festivals etc. Use intuitive campaign graphics on home screen and encourage users for more purchases. The admin can even run timer based sales (using countdown banner) and create urgency for sale.

Inventory & Database Management

Live Synchronization

Your website and PWA App will be in complete synchronization with each other. All updates/changes in the website inventory get updated on the app instantly.

Real Time Synchronisation

Automatic Inventory Management

The entire inventory of the website will be synced on the app automatically. No sort of manual management is required. Recent additions or changes will also be updated on the apps just by refreshing.

Automatic Inventory Management

Order Tracking

With real-time order status update feature in PrestaShop Progressive Web Application, the users can view & track previous order delivery status without any hassle. The order data will be in sync with the store and will be updated accordingly.

Automatic Inventory Management

CMS Pages Management

All CMS pages like Contact Us, Privacy Policy etc. can be brought on PrestaShop PWA Mobile App as well.The contents of these web-pages will be the same as of website. These will be automatically optimized for mobile view.

Automatic Inventory Management

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