Ajax Cart+ - Prestashop Addons

Ajax Cart+ - Prestashop Addons
Compatibility:Prestashop v1.5.x.x - v1.6.x.x
Latest Version:v1.0.4
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 1000+
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Prestashop Ajax Cart+ Addon


AJAX Cart provides the functionality to view the cart products, view estimated cost, remove products, update cart quantity, apply coupon etc when user adds the product into cart without going to shopping cart page..


Benefits for Merchants of Prestashop Ajax Cart+ Addon

Clean, clear and detailed Shopping Cart has been found to increase the conversion by 7%.

a) Increase Sales with Up-Sell

b) Promote Offers & Banners on Shopping Cart

c) Show Related Products & Increase Conversion & Order Size

d) Clear & Easy Interface to Increase Customer Trust

e) Simple & Elegant Admin Panel




If you are using quick view feature on your store then we recommend to switch it off because inside quick view popup our module popup design will not be responsive.


Features of Prestashop Ajax Cart+ Addon:-


a) Easy to use Admin Panel

b) Beautiful, Feature Rich Admin Panel

c) Hassle Free setup

d) Responsive Layout. Adapts to screen size

e) Multiple Language Support

f) Use with any Theme

g) Does not conflict with other modules

h) Multi-Store Compatible

i) Detailed Help Manual




Benefits for Customers of Prestashop Ajax Cart+ Addon

a) View cart products, Update cart quantity, Delete cart products, Apply coupon without going to cart page

b) View cart estimated cost

c) Ajax enabled cart for effortless interaction

d) Mobile Responsive

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Question 1:
Ajax Cart module is installed and enabled but not appearing in front-end.
Answer 1:
After installing and enabling our module, if you are still getting old shopping cart popup of Prestashop, kindly clear Prestashop cache using Advance Parameter->Performance->Clear cache button and also ensure that debugging mode is not enabled.

If still the problem persists kindly contact us with admin and FTP login details.
Question 2:
I have a third party module which is not working with your module.
Answer 2:
Third party modules are only made for default checkout of Prestashop. They may or may not work with our module. In case they are not working with our module, some custom changes may be needed to make them compatible with our module.

In case you want us to make these changes for additional cost, kindly contact us with complete requirements.
Question 3:
I want you to develop some specific feature in this module for additional cost, is it possible?.
Answer 3:
Yes, you can contact us with complete requirements. If changes are feasible, we can implement them for additional cost.
Question 4:
Translated text is not reflecting in front-side. What should I do?
Answer 4:
Kindly try again after clearing your Prestashop cache using Advance Parameter->Performance->Clear cache button. If your issue persists even after that, make sure that your theme directory don't contain our module translation file.

To check this, go to your theme directory /your_theme_name/modules/ . Inside this modules directory, there should no Ajaxcart directory, in case it exist just rename it to anything else.

When you translate text from our module admin panel, our module save translated text in /modules/ajaxcart/translations/ directory. But when there is some translation exist in your theme directory, our module picks text from there and your translated text don't reflect in front side.

Now question arise, in which case theme directory can have our module translated text file. When you use default translation feature of Prestashop, then it save translated text in theme directory and our module use text from this themes directory rather than using text from module directory.