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One Page Checkout - Magento 2 ® Extensions

One Page Checkout - Magento 2 ® Extensions
  • Magento 2 one page checkout module reduces the steps involved in the checkout process of the site. The Magento 2 extension is an effortless way to incorporate single page checkout in the site.
  • The Magento 2 store admin can reduce the bounce rates and cart abandonment with a simplified checkout process. The social options make it even easier for the store visitors to sign up in the site.
  • The inbuilt MailChimp integrator in the Magento 2 one page checkout module syncs the emails captured during the checkout process to the MailChimp account of the seller.
  • The fully customizable interface of the Magento 2 extension makes it easier for the store owner to customize the various fields and change the layout of the web page.
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Compatibility:Magento v2.0 - v2.3.1
Latest Version:v1.0.2 (28-Jan-2018)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 1000+
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Magento One Page Checkout 

Products sales and site traffic for any eCommerce store is dependent on the ease of your checkout page. With this Magento 2 One Page Supercheckout extension, online shopping has become much simplified and faster. Online customers always expect fast responses and efficient service, therefore they choose to shop online. Now, online shoppers don't have to go through multiple pages to complete their online payment process as they can get everything synchronized and arranged within a single checkout page of this Magento extension.

To provide a clear insight to various store owners regarding the designing of a simple, clear and quick checkout process, Magento arrives with the multiple functionality in the form of Magento 2 One Page Supercheckout module that can help store owners in improving conversion rates, sales volume and customer engagement for their Magento store. 


What is Magento One Page Supercheckout?

Magento One Page Supercheckout is a multi functionality module that can help in minimizing the checkout related shopping cart abandonments and can ensure a faster, less time consuming checkout page to online shoppers for improving your product sales and customer retention due to the presence of a simplified single page checkout.

This Magento plugin consists of various advanced features that were earlier missing in the default checkout page of Magento stores. 

It is featured with-

1) Availability of multiple social media login options.

2) Consists of feature rich, powerful admin panel for easy store customization.

3) Provides facility of multiple design layout for providing a unique look to your Magento store.

4) Arrives with mobile responsive theme design for supporting multiple devices.

5) Allows easy addition of HTML content into your store layout.  

6) Provides functionality to show product image.

The highly advanced features of this Magento plugin is actually a boon when it comes to the customer's as well as admin point of view. Let us discuss about these features now-

1. Multiple Social Media Login- It is now easier for customers to login on your eCommerce store due to the presence of multiple social media login sites like Google+, Facebook and others. There is no requirement for creating a new separate account just for the completion of checkout process. Apart from this, it also allow quick login by guest customers due to the presence of this feature.

2. Feature rich admin Panel- Being a store admin, it is now easier for you to control the entire performance and functionality of your store. You can make desired changes in the layout, content and design of your website with the easy installation of this plugin on your web server. Store admin can choose the best theme and layout design for their Magento store among the wide range of available options for improving their store functionality and productivity. Apart from this, it is now easier for store admin to set the desired fields as mandatory and can also enable/disable various checkout fields as per their store requirements and customer expectations. 

3. Multiple design layout- With the help of this Magento extension, you can display your product information as well as checkout information on a single page itself. We would advise you to follow the table style layout for your checkout page for increasing the usability of your website checkout page. In this table layout design, the checkout functionality is segregated as 1 column, 2 column or 3 column. Moreover, this feature provides freedom to store admin for selecting the desired size, design or layout of their checkout page.

4. Mobile Responsive Theme Design- This Magento extension comes with the "mobile responsive” feature that makes it suitable for any computing device from desktop, laptops, mobiles to tablets in terms of the functionality and viewing experience.

5. Option to add HTML Content- Store admin can now effortlessly add an image, text or link anywhere on their checkout page due to the presence of various advanced features on the admin panel of this module. 

6. View complete cart with “Image Preview”- Customers can now view the selected product along with complete details during the product addition process on shopping carts. Further, you can also apply and update the applicable coupon codes on your shopping cart easily for getting the instant attention of your targeted customers.


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