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One click checkout (Buy Now) - Magento ® Extensions
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One click checkout (Buy Now) - Magento ® Extensions

  • Magento One click checkout (Buy Now) extension reduces the checkout process of the Magento store visitors and triggers impulse buying.
  • The Magento module displays a Buy Now button in the front-end of the website. The customers can directly order the product without adding them to the cart.
  • By squeezing down with the help of Magento Buy Now plugin on the checkout process of the site, the admin can ensure greater conversion with minimal effort.
  • The multi-lingual support allows the store admin to convert the text into different languages without any difficulty.
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Compatibility: Magento v1.7 - 1.9
Latest Version: v1.0.5 (20-Aug-2019)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 50+
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As per a data shared by Business Insider, the U.S. online shoppers, in particular, are abandoning their carts during the checkout page. One of the important reason is lengthy checkout process that too many steps and too many details irritate the customers and they leave your store. They think of them as an obstacle that stops them from getting their desired product ASAP. This Magento one click checkout extension allows your customer to do quick checkout for the single product without modifying their existing cart. With the help of this Magento single click module, customers will be able to place a quick order for any single product.

How Merchant will benefit from Magento One Click (Buy Now) Checkout Module:

1. The Magento one click checkout extension allows the eCommerce store owner to customize the “Buy Now” button easily to match it with your theme it as per your need.  
2. For customizing this Magento extension doesn't require technical knowledge required.
3. Customize 'Buy Now' button  
4. With the help of this Magento instant checkout extension, the online shoppers hold the current cart and checks out the current product only.
5. This Magento single click checkout extension allows admin to include the JQuery if required.
6. The Magento instant checkout extension gives the option to the store admin to add the Google Analytics code for tracking the “Buy Now” button tracking.
7. With the help of the Statistics tab, Tthe admin can view the visited product page and also the conversion mapping of those who clicked on “Buy Now” button and placed a successful order.
8. The Magento one click checkout extension easy to use backend admin interface.
9. The Online retailers can increase the customer engagement.
10. Reduce the cart abandoned rate of the store.
11. The Magento one click checkout extension helps the admin to increase the customer shopping experience.
12. The Magento direct checkout extension reverts the previous cart and adds the current product as well in case order is not completed.
13. Magento One-click checkout extension allows fast and hassles free Checkout process for the online shoppers.

Feature of the Magento One Click Checkout Extension:

1. This Magento one click checkout(Buy Now) extension is fully customizable
2. This Magento single click checkout extension is fully mobile responsive
3. This Magento extension is compatible with all themes
4. Do not conflict with any other third module.
5. This Magento direct checkout extension gives the option to the store admin add Google Analytic script from module setting. \
6. Option to disable jQuery.
7. Desktop, Mobile and Tablet responsive design.
8. Magento Fast checkout extension is compatible with our One-page checkout module.
9. Makes the UI and UX of the site appealing and responsive.

How Customer will benefit from Magento One Click Checkout Module:

1. The customer can buy a product instantly.
2. The Online shoppers gets the previous cart back after completing the order.
3. Customer will get a Quick and Hassle free way to direct Checkout.​

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