Magento One Click Checkout(Buy Now) Extension- User Manual

Introduction of Magento One Click Checkout (Buy Now) Extension

1.0 Introduction

The Knowband Magento one click checkout (Single Checkout) extension is a module which when enabled allows the online shoppers to buy product instantly without modifying their exiting cart. A new button “Buy Now” will be shown at product detail page. On clicking this button, the old cart will be hidden and the new product will be added to the cart for instant checkout.

On successful order confirmation, old cart will be resumed.

Old cart can also be resumed along with the new product, if after clicking on “Buy Now” button customer navigates to any other page.

This Magento Quick checkout extension will also provide an option to track the number of times the users clicked and bought from the “Buy Now” button.

Also, the Google analytic code can be inserted through this Magento single click checkout extension which will be helpful in Google tracking on click of “Buy Now” button.

1.1 How Merchant will benefit from Magento One Click (Single click) Checkout Extension?

  • The Magento quick checkout extension allows the store admin to adds a ‘Buy Now’ button on Product pages, clicking on which will directly take the user to the checkout page with only the current product in the cart.
  • The Magento one click checkout extension enables the store admin to customize the One click checkout (Buy Now) button if they require.
  • The Magento instant checkout extension allows the e-merchant to include the jQuery if required.
  • The Store admin can track the One click checkout (Buy Now) button clicks by adding the Google analytics script code.
  • With the help of the Statistics tab, the admin can view the visited product page and also the conversion mapping of those who clicked on “Buy Now” button and placed a successful order.
  • The Magento single button checkout extension boosts the direct sales.
  • The Online retailers have a chance to increase the conversion rate of the website.
  • With the use of this Magento one click checkout (Buy now) extension, the store admin can make the UI and UX of the site appealing and responsive.
  • This Magento instant checkout extension is easy to use.
  • This Magento single click checkout extension reduces the cart abandoned rate of the website.

1.2 How Customer will benefit from Magento One Click (Single click) Checkout Extension?

  • The Customer can easily make the checkout process without editing the old shopping cart.
  • The Online consumers will get a quick and hassle-free way to directly checkout.
  • The Online shoppers can checkout in a single click.
  • The Buyers always love the easy and fast checkout process.

2.0 Installation

After purchasing the Magento single click checkout extension, you will get the following files as listed below:

1. (contains source code of the extension)
2. User Manual

Follow the following steps for installing Magento One Click Checkout Module:

Download the Magento extension package.

1.Unzip the package on your root folder of Magento setup via FTP manager (like Filezilla or WinSCP – download here:

Magento One Click Checkout

2. Copy all the files and folders of unzipped folder into your store root directory.

3. After copying all the files and folders, clear the cache.

4. Open any page of your store. Magento will install the module at the time of loading any page.

5. In the Admin Panel go to “System > Knowband Extensions > One Click Checkout”.


3.0 Extension Interface

There are two interfaces in this extension. Each interface has a different functionality according to its use. These interfaces are:

A.Admin Panel Interface (Only be accessible by admin/store owner)
B.Front End Interface (accessible to front end user)

Each interface has been described in separate section.

4.0 Admin Panel Settings

Admin Panel Settings contains the 3 tabs for settings.


4.1 General Settings

From here, Admin can enable/disable this plugin. Also look and feel of Button can be controlled here. Initially the fields in form will be already be filled with their default values.

Magento One Click Checkout

Setting will have options as:-

  1. Enable/Disable: This option allows user to enable or disable the Magento one click checkout extension. By default this option will be disabled.
  2. Button Color: “Buy Now” Button color at product detail page of front end will be changed by this option.
  3. Button Text Color: “Buy Now” Button text color will be changed by this option.
  4. Include jQuery: This option allows us to include jQuery in our Magento single click checkout extension so that the module can work for other versions of the Magento also.

4.2 Statistics

From here the store owner can see the no. of customers who visited product page and also the conversion mapping of those who clicked on “Buy Now” button and placed successful order.

  1. Statistics: Two pie charts will be shown here. There will be a filter to select the start date and the end date to create the pie chart.


a. Buy Now Interaction mapping: It will show mapping between the number of visitors to Product details page and number of visitors who clicked “Buy Now” Button.

b. Conversion Mapping: It will show mapping between No of clicks on “Buy Now” Button and no of order placed by this this options to show actual conversion rates.


5.0 Store Front

After enabling this Magento one click checkout extension, a new “Buy Now” button will be shown at product details page along with “Add To Cart” Button.

The Magento direct checkout extension at the front-end will appear as follows:


  • This “Buy Now” button allows user to order product instantly. On clicking “Buy Now” button, a new cart with this product will be created and it is redirected to checkout page.
  • On successful Order confirmation, old cart will be resumed.
  • After clicking “Buy Now” button, if customer will navigate to any other page then old cart will be resumed along with this new product.

You can try Knowband’s Magento One Click Checkout extension for on your Magento store. KnowBand’s Magento single click checkout module helps you increase customer engagement to your store and give the better user experience to your eCommerce customer. It also reduces the exit rate of the store by minimizing the checkout overhead involved in purchasing a single product. Moreover, the implementation of single button checkout feature doesn’t affect the product page design and layout. As the customer opts for a single buy, the existing cart items remain unaltered. Additionally, if the customer skips the single buy checkout, the product is automatically added to the cart.

Module Link:

Admin Demo:

Front Demo:

Please contact us at for any query or custom change request as per your business requirement.

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