How can a Mobile App help Rekindle the UX of a eCommerce Store?

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There have been a significant change in the behavior of the online shoppers. The shift in the preference from the desktop to the handheld devices is one the trend that has compelled the eCommerce websites to upgrade their store into a much feasible option for the customers. With the growing popularity of the mobile phones in the last decade, it has become one of the most common mode of communication among the people. In order to target the right audience, the web store owner needs to opt method that would help them to reach out to maximum number of customers and at the same time also provide them convenience to make purchases. This is the reason why going from eCommerce to mCommerce is a must for the e-merchants. The aim to retain maximum number of customers to the web store is highly fulfilled by using the mobile app for accessing the web store.

Thus, the situation demands for a mobile app in order to keep the growth of the web store maintained. A mobile app also makes sure that the customers need not to put extra efforts in order to reach out to the desktop site and make a purchase. The mobile apps are portable and highly reachable which makes it a better approach for the web store to market ad at the same time an easy way for the customers to shop.

Discussed below are some of the important aspect that must be incorporated in a mobile app for better results.

Market Development

The mobile app is going to be popular only if the store makes a proper and refined strategy before deciding to launch the app. The trend in the market and the popularity of different platforms must be taken into consideration. If we take a look at the records, then, we can realize that there is a rise in the number of iOS users. It has seen a tremendous rise and with the coming time, they are more likely to grow. Hence, proper research must be done in order to target the right customer base. Extra effort must be put to study the market trend and customer behavior. The analysis result can, then, be incorporated in the mobile apps effortlessly with the help of mobile app builder for Android and iOS. It helps the store owners to convert their website into a complete mobile app on a button click. There are plugins available for different eCommerce platforms such as Prestashop, Magento, OpenCart, Magento 2, WooCommerce and others.

2. Availability of interactive features


In order to make the mobile app more engaging the web store needs to provide it with interactive features. The better features incorporated makes the mobile app more engaging for the customers. Thus, the web store must try to make mobile app more interactive. The easy checkin and checkout options along with simple and uncluttered navigation is inevitable if you want to ensure customer retention. Along with this, the options of wish list, order tracking, and multiple payment, as well as shipping choices, are other features that you make m-commerce a success for the online vendors.

3. Better browsing with different options

Better browsing

The web store must try to make browsing in the mobile app more easily. The customers prefer to use a mobile app because they want to access the web store without going to desktop sites, therefore, they want easy and better navigation. Thus the mobile app must be oriented towards fulfilling the customer’s requirements. Some of the features that would help the customers in better navigation of the web store would be social login and instant delivery options. These type of features makes sure that the customers don’t need to invest a bunch load of their time in making decisions about entering or checking out the web store instead can browse the web store.

4. Multiple language support

multiple language support

One of the important things that the web store needs to keep in mind would be that if they want to target the customers than they need to aim for bigger targets. In order to be able to do so, the mobile app must be multi-lingual so that it can be accessed by the people over a large portion in the eCommerce community. The web store must follow the policy of making it large by targeting the large. The multilingual mobile app helps people from different ethnicity to connect with the web store and make better sales on the products to worldwide customers.

5. Simple re-marketing features


The concept of promotional marketing is too mainstream. In recent times, the customers have stopped to give a separate concern to check for the growth of the marketing of mobile apps. Therefore, the mobile app must be able to promote itself while the customers are browsing the web store using the mobile app. The mobile app must be covered with various features such as deals and sales section where the customers can avail various offers depending upon timely interval. This type of features helps in making better customers for the web store and the customers are likely to make use of the mobile app in order to make a purchase.

6. Custom Design Options


Your app home screen is the soul of your app. You must try to keep it interactive and uncluttered in every way possible. KnowBand understood this concern and brought flexible home screen in eCommerce mobile app. The store admin gets the complete designing access in the module backend with multiple attributes and elements. The complete mobile app layout can be simply changed with captivating themes and font styles.

The eCommerce Mobile App Builder permits the store admin to create the various home screen layouts for multiple events and coming occasions. All the pre-saved layouts can be used further whenever required.

Over to You

The web store must be concerned about developing a mobile app that is capable of delivering the best for the customers. The mobile app highly affects the growth of the web store and if properly delivered the mobile app will surely help the eCommerce store owners to make a better profit. The mobile app also helps the web store to reach out to a maximum number of customers and make better conversions in the web store.

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  1. Often I receive some issues from the app users regarding shopping experience. How could I offer a better and reliable user experience to them?

    1. Hi Grant,
      Providing a better shopping experience is the prime need for an eCommerce business. For making it friendly, you could optimize your website with one-page checkout, wishlist, quick login, and various others. Moreover, the mobile apps are a much better shopping platform than the optimized websites, so if you haven’t created one for your store, this is the time.
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  2. Hi Joe,
    I really liked this article. It’s really important to keep your eCommerce store maintained and provide a good shopping experience for customers. I will surely consider these strategies for my mobile application.

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