5 Ways a Single Page Checkout can Help you Attract more eCommerce Traffic

One Page Checkout

The key to improve the web store traffic would be by providing better alternatives for the customers in order to shop from the web store. In addition to this, one of the most important aspects of enhancing the conversions from the eCommerce store is to provide flawless checkout options to the visitors. This is because, the checkout page is where most of the exits happen. Thus, a single page checkout is one way to make the shopping experience simple and smooth for the customers of the websites.

Magento one page checkout module is one solution for all the Magento store owners who are looking to make the online transaction flawless for their customers. Prestashop one page supercheckout is a similar extension for the Prestashop platform. The plugin helps the customers to make a simple checkout process. It is the better alternative to the traditional method of multi-page checkout where the customer has to go through a series of pages and fill out the information a lot of times before completing the purchase on the web store.

In order to discuss the feasibility of the one page checkout and its immediate advantages let us throw a better light on some of the important aspects.

1. Easy and fast processing

fast processing

The inclusion of the one page checkout is one stop solution for all your issues. It makes sure that the customer gets an easy and fast way to make the checkout from the page. One of the important point to be kept in mind while providing better approaches for the customer to improve their shopping experience would be prioritizing the customer’s preference. The customer wants to exit the store as soon as they are done with the shopping process. Thus, making the use of one age checkout reliefs the customer about the further process involved with the checkout process. Thus, making the one page checkout a must have module for the web store owners to get instant and better conversions. The multi-page checkout can be annoying and may be one of the reason for the low conversion rats due to the irritation and annoying nature of the multi-page exit checkout.

2. Easy re-marketing


The one page checkout method is not only a way to get instant checkout from the store, but it even provides the store owners to collection the customer data. While checkout page offers the guest login option as well, the customers is required to enter their email address and basic information. The admin can make use of these information for further remarketing. The feature of one step checkout makes the concept of email marketing a feasible option for the store owners. The collected data of the customers can be further utilized in order to make the customers aware about any upcoming product sales on the web store or any ongoing sale. This helps in luring the customers back to the store and also helps the web store to get a better traffic and also make better conversions using the feature.

3. Smooth process flow

smooth process-flow

The flow of online transaction of the eCommerce store must be smooth enough to lead the visitors to the payment gateway. The process flow is highly controlled as the customers don’t have to fumble upon a number of web pages. Therefore, it is one of the option for optimizing the web store and also helps in improving the performance of the web store when given an overall look.

4. Better web store navigation

webstore navigation

The customers want a web site which could help them with better and clear insight of the products and the contents in the web store. If the web store doesn’t assist them with the checkout process than the customers won’t be able to get the navigation features per the web store wants to bring out to the customers. Thus, one page checkout s one of the best feature that supports the navigation process to the customers for a better customer interaction. The simple and fast checkout will make it easier for the web store to divert the attention of the customer on the other aspects of the web store.

5. Satisfied customers

Satisfied Customer

One of the important thing that the customer’s lookout in the web store is the feedback received by the web store from the customers. If the web store is not incorporated with innovative and better options. Thus, if the web store wouldn’t makes use of traditional method of multi-step checkout than the customers might be annoyed by the web store and may give a low rating to the web store. This creates a wrong impression of the web store among other customers who make use of the store reviews to make a purchase. Thus making use of the single page checkout might create a positive impact on the customers and the chances of receiving the positive feedback from the customers is more likely to improve.

Over to You

One of the important thing to incorporate in the web store would be the Magento one page checkout. If we give a proper study then this option holds a significant advantage over the multi-page checkout option. Thus, the chances of getting better conversions by using the one page checkout from the web store increases considerably.

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