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OpenCart Mobile App Builder ensures an amazing user engagement and customer satisfaction with the splendid features as well as functionalities. Incorporate a mobile application for your OpenCart eCommerce business and leverage the reach of the handheld devices.

You can select the features and customize the appearance of your mobile store. The application allows the customers to shop for your products on the GO. Design stunning UI and offer incomparable experience to your users.\

…The app builder has definitely helped me take my business to the next level. The customization options are easy and the incredible app has helped engage the audience for a longer duration. Building and maintaining a mobile application was never this easier!
Most Configurable
and affordable
mobile app builder
The mobile app builder offers robust and intuitive mobile applications that are compatible with Android version 4.4 and above as well as iPhone 4 and above
Multi-Lingual Support
Go global and grab the customers all over the globe with the multi-lingual application. The mobile app even offers RTL (Right to Left) support
Awesome Design
The retina ready display and the bundle of attractive themes makes sure that you can effortlessly acquire new customers and retain the old ones.
Layered navigation and uncluttered category pages make it easier for the customers to end up at their desired products in a hassle-free way.
Social Login
Make signup easier and faster for your app visitors with quick social login options. The applications support various login options including Facebook and Google.
Covert every touch-point of your customers into lead. Keep the visitors informed about the activities and offerings of your store with unlimited push notifications.
Live Chat Support
Social Login
Multi Lingual Support
Store Synchronization
our approach
You visualize your store requirement and we execute them for you. Your dream mobile app is now just a
click away. Just download the Android Mobile App Builder Plugin and get an enticing as well as highly
customizable mobile app for your eCommerce store.
Man Hours Invested in Development
All Products Type Supported
Android & iOS Supported
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What our clients say
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Sara Niki

The app builder has definitely helped me take my business to the next level. The customization options are easy and the incredible app has helped engage the audience for a longer duration. Building and maintaining a mobile application was never this easier.

David Williams

Being a non-technical person, I had some issues while setting up the store in the application. However, the customer support was on their toes to help me out. The highly responsive support made sure that my application stands out. Would highly recommend it to the store owners.

Andrew Smith

The highly engaging app has enhanced the user engagement. The quick login options have reduced the bounce and exit rates. I have observed a marginal increase in the revenue ever since I started using it. Eagerly waiting for the next of the app builder.

Jerry Gibson

The application was perfect, but I needed some changes in the custom setting. The support responded instantly and my requirements were implemented within a week. Thank You Knowband!

Abraham Rangel

I’m new in the eCommerce business, but the flexible and easy to use app builder made the work easy for me. I now have the app as per my requirement and have reaped desired results with the same.

OpenCart Mobile App Builder

Knowband’s OpenCart mobile app builder provides Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) based application for all OpenCart eCommerce store. The flawless and smooth transaction of the mobile apps enables you to sell faster & manage better.

In the past few years, mobile devices have taken the center stage in terms of business engagement as most number of online searches and browsing is done through various mobile devices. Hence, our mobile app builder for Android/iOS is one of the ways to be available every moment for your customers. The nearest you can get to the customer in an online world is to get the customer use your app. It builds customer loyalty which helps business growth.

According to various studies and surveys, it has been observed that more than 50% traffic on eCommerce stores is arriving through mobile devices. Not just this, even the web searches are mostly done via smartphones, tablets and other hand held devices. Due to this changing browsing behavior, mobile apps are now increasingly created and preferred against a mobile site for eCommerce business.

The mobile apps developed by our development team integrates the 4 P’s of mobile commerce in order to give a competitive edge to the online businesses.

The 4 P’s are mentioned below:

  • Product
  • Presentation
  • Payment
  • Promotion

Let us discuss these 4 P’s one-by-one.


  • This is one of the USP of the mobile applications designed by the OpenCart Mobile app builder plugin. The application supports all types of products. Hence, whether you are dealing with simple products or you sell customizable products or both, all sorts of the product can be synchronized with your app store.
  • In addition to this, the app builder ensures no-code interface. The products along with the images and their descriptions can be synchronized with the application without any involvement of the store admin. All the process is done automatically without the involvement of manual synchronization.
  • Along with this, the application offers multi-lingual support. Thus, it can grab the customers from all over the world. The language change doesn’t effect the user experience of the app. That is, all the contents including the banners get converted into the languages opted.


The front end presentation, that is, the UI of the mobile store is the first factor that is noticed by the visitors. Compromising on this aspect can definitely cost you some conversions.

  • The mobile app comes with various theme colors to choose. You can select the one that is more alluring for your customers. In case, there are any custom changes required in the theme in order to match it with your OpenCart store, then, our development team can incorporate them for a small fee.
  • The retina ready display and the high graphics resolution can give your customers the much needed clarity. The crystal clear product images will make it easier for the store visitors to take the purchase decision.
  • The visitors get converted into the lead only when they are able to relate themselves to the online store and the products. The application allows you to create that connection with your prospective customers with the help of multi-lingual support. You can now present your products and services just the way your target audience wants to. The mobile app supports multiple languages and presents the content that is easier for the customers to understand.
  • The entire idea of going mobile is to make the shopping experience easier for the end users. With this in mind, our Android/iOS mobile app builder offers an interface that allows the visitors to reach the desired products easily.


Starting from the moment when the visitor open up the app to the moment when he checks out, the application is aimed at making the transaction flawless for the customers as well as for the store owners.

  • The mobile app supports multiple payment methods. The most used payment options, that is, PayPal wallet and Cash on Delivery has been enabled in the store by the administration. For any other payment option, the app fetches seamlessly embedded web view. Using the hybrid method, the application allows the customers to make the payment using credit or debit cards as well.
  • Making the entire checkout process simple and effortless for the users, the app even offers quick login options. The visitors can now browse your products, add them to their wishlist or place the order without getting into the lengthy registration process.


The provision of multiple languages and currencies allow the store owners to reach out to the mass audience. It is not just aimed at increasing the customer base, but also allows you strengthen the relationship with the existing customers with a robust promotion strategy.

  • Along with this, the app even provides an option to send promotional triggers to the visitors through the push notification. Keep the target audience informed about the deals and activities for your store.
  • The social login option ensures greater customer engagement on the various social media platform. Not just this, it is even one of the ways to get authentic personal details of the customers.
  • The visitor gets an option to share the product images available on the OpenCart mobile store on the various social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter. Thus, it is one of the ways to spread word of mouth without actually running any marketing campaign.
  • The order and logins details of the customers coming from the mobile devices can be tracked just like you do in your eCommerce store. Hence, these details can be further used for email marketing.

People these days and especially the online shoppers make use of mobile apps for making a quick product purchase. The application developed using the OpenCart mobile app builder plugin can provide a brilliant first hand experience to online shoppers. Eliminating the various common hurdles that occur during the time of online shopping, the app allows you to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

If you want to have a look at how your OpenCart mobile application will look like before actually implementing, then, Knowband offers a free demo version as well. You can get the plugin for free for Android and iOS, implement the same in your OpenCart store and check if it fulfills your requirement or not.

The free demo version will just give a basic mobile app that will contain the selected features only. In order to know the difference between free and paid version of this module, click here.