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Logistics is considered as the biggest bottleneck in the eCommerce industry. Since the customers don’t get the look and feel of the product that they have ordered, the sense of insecurity is inevitable. This is where the role of the order tracking comes into play. Offering order tracking options is one of the ways to curb the insecurity of your customers and build a lasting relationship.

The Mobile App Builder plugin for Prestashop, Magento and OpenCart by Knowband makes your eCommerce business accessible to the mobile- based consumers in the best possible way. Incorporating the feature of order tracking along with other functionality, the app build by us improves your chances of business growth and expansion. The proactive tracking option is not just beneficial for your customers, but it is equally advantageous for the store owner. This is one of the ways to encourage your customers to return to your website, thus, boosting the chances of additional purchases. Enhancing customer experience, the mobile even facilitates order tracking.

This mobile app builder lets you get the customized mobile app as per your business requirements and needs. It supports multiple shipping options, so, you can add the options as per your convenience. You just have to specify your business requirements and expectations to our developers. Our exceptionally skilled and proficient team will assure the rest for you. You will be delivered a mobile app that closely matches your personal expectations and requirements.

Not just this, the customers get an option of 24 x 7 live chat. They can have a live chat with the support for any query and concern. The real- time communication with the customers is an important aspect in enhancing the user experience. The mobile app builder module is an effortless tool for eCommerce systems. The module even provides the access to the web admin interface that can help you customize the mobile app as per your need.

So, get your solution now and take your eCommerce business to the handheld devices.

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