5 Facts you didn’t Know about PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

The introduction of mobile apps has made the concept of marketing way too easy for the sellers. With more than 4 billion people having access to mobile phones, it has made it easy for the eCommerce store owners to grow their store and get better sales. The better advantages to introduce mobile apps in order to grow business is due to the easy accessibility to the users. The visitors don’t need to access the web store using the desktop site and at the same time, a large number of mobile users makes it easy for the seller to improve their product visibility.

The idea of adapting to mobile apps in order to get better growth and sales of the web store is trending Most of the eCommerce stores have either shifted towards mobile apps or are shifting towards them. They provide a better platform to grow the store. Meanwhile, the seller can always be sure that the convenience that the customers have while accessing the web store by using the mobile app is quite better rather than accessing web store from desktop sites.

One of the better approach to shift your Prestashop store to the mobile app is by using Prestashop mobile app builder. It helps the stores to get a mobile compatible app for better growth of the store. According to a survey, “Almost 76% of the customers prefer to make an online purchase by using mobile apps”. Thus, it shows the effectiveness of mobile apps in boosting the sales of the store. Moreover, mobile apps prove to have a better rate of conversion than desktop sites. This factor compels most of the web store owners to get a mobile app for their eCommerce store.

While there are many hidden facts about the mobile app which are not commonly known by everyone. Let us discuss some of the facts that may encourage you to get a mobile app for your store.

1.  Compatibility

PRestashop Compatiable Store, Knowband

One of the best features of the mobile app is compatibility. The mobile apps redesigned in such a way that they can work with any platform. According to research, “Android and iOS contribute to 99% of the total mobile phone UI”. Thus, mobile apps are designed in such a way that the seller can get the compatibility with any of the OS. It helps the store to gain the required customers irrespective of the OS their mobile phones work on. Hence, mobile apps serve the purpose of all mobile users. Mobile app helps in improving product visibility to every customer.

2.  Customizable Design

Prestashop Customizable Store, eCommerce Customize Store

Most of the time, a store owner would want to develop a mobile app which showcases the best features of the web store. Thus, the seller would want to customize the app in their own way. While the mobile apps are fully customizable and allow the seller to edit every single feature of the mobile app. The seller can decide the color of the font to the display picture of the mobile apps. It helps the seller to be expressive and at the same time, the better appearance encourages the customers to explore the web store as per their needs to find better products.

Nowadays, there are various automated modules which allows you to design the home screen on your own. The store admin can easily showcase a desired theme/occasion just by adding various attributes (Banners, Sliders, Products, Categories etc.) from the module backend. Moreover, you even get the full access of web-admin panel to configure every functionality of mobile app. Further, more info about mobile app designing could be found here.

3.  Responsiveness

Responsive Website, Knowband, Prestashop responsive store

The response generated by the mobile app builder is quite large as compared to the desktop sites. Hence, this makes a plus point for the seller to get a mobile app for the web store. The mobile app catches the customers quite precisely and offers them various features which were not accessible using desktop sites. The responsive feature of the mobile app helps the seller to grow the store in a unique way and generate better sales and at the same time gets immediate conversions. The eCommerce mobile apps with multiple screen-size support work effectively on all the handheld devices and enhnaces the shopping experience of the users.

4.  Enhanced Visibility

Prestashop Store, eCommerce Popular Store

Mobiles are quite popular in comparison to desktops or laptops. Most of the people have access to the mobiles which makes it a better medium to promote the products. Thus, the seller can be ensured that the visibility of the products is not compromised using mobile apps. At the same time, mobile apps prove to be more effective in engaging customers. The customers are more likely to visit a web store from their mobile phones as compared to desktop sites. The additive feature of reachability of the customers to mobile phones rather than to desktops proves to be an added advantage of having a mobile app for the web store.

5.  Interactive User Interface

Prestashop Interactive Store, eCommerce Store, Knowband

One of the immediate advantages of using eCommerce mobile apps is because of better interaction with the customers. Most of the time a customer is looking for a better platform in order to make a purchase. Thus, mobile app proves to be more interactive as compared to desktop sites. The customer could get better deals and offers using the mobile app. In the meantime, mobile app builder provides the feature of social sharing and instant purchase which helps the customers to make a purchase without having to spend a considerable amount of time. This helps the customers to make a better purchase and at the same time have fun and good experience with the web store. The mobile app builder ensures the seller about the re-arrival of the customers to the web store for their future purchases.


Mobile apps are one of the advanced methods to promote the eCommerce store. The sellers need to provide the customers with a better and portable approach to make the purchase and with the growing popularity of mobile phones, it has become quite easy to do so. The mobile apps can be molded as per the seller’s convenience and in the meantime providing the customers with better services and experience which encourages them to visit the store again.

KnowBand is offering the pre-configured Mobile App Builder solution to convert your store website into a native mobile app in a few clicks. Even, if the eCommerce store admin is not having any specialized knowledge or technical knowledge he/she need not worry! This Mobile App Maker module is also providing the mobile app in the easiest and cost-effective manner. KnowBand provides the best Mobile App Builder plugin for various platforms like – PrestaShop, Magento, Magento 2OpenCart, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

The mobile app creation process with Mobile App Builder plugin is just a matter of a few steps:

Step 1: Purchase the automated Mobile App Builder module from the KnowBand store.

Step 2: Share all the specifications/requirements regarding the app with us.

Step 3: Get the APK/IPA in one day for publishing on app stores.

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