5 Immediate Advantages of the Mobile app builder by Knowband

Prestashop Mobile App builder

eCommerce store owners are always in search of better alternate to connect with the customers. The immediate need to make the web store attractive and more engaging encourages the sellers to keep the web store updated. Most of the time, a customer prefers to make a purchase from a web store if the product of his/her interest is readily available. Thus, bringing the entire store into the pocket of the customers is a must. Thus, upgrading the eCommerce website on the mobile platform is a must.

It won’t be wrong to state that the mobile commerce is the latest development in the eCommerce scenario. The mobile phones have proved to be a great step in making online trading easier for the sellers. The easy accessibility and reachability of the mobile phones makes shopping effortless for the customers. The shifting trend of desktop sites towards mobile apps is proving to establish new milestones for the eCommerce store owners.

If you are a web store owner and want you want your products to reach out to more potential buyers, then, Knowband’s Mobile app builder for Android and iOS may enable you in doing so. The multiple features provided by the applications prove to be a better way to engage more customers and enhance your store’s conversion. According to a survey, “54% of the customers prefer mobile apps to make purchase over desktop sites”. Thus, it’s always a better option to get a new head start to your business with better options. Mobile apps are currently trending and has proved to be an effective option to feature your products in the market in a much better way.

Let us discuss some of the feature of Mobile app builder which can help the web store in touching new heights.

1.  Customizable

Customizable, Prestashop Theme

The web stores may deal in sales of various products and items. Thus, every store owner has different expectations from the mobile app to gain better response. The mobile apps that are developed are fully customizable. The store owner has the full control over all the features starting from the look and feel of the mobile app to the checkout options. The sellers can make sure that the store has multiple features which describe the thought process of the seller. The representation plays a key role in binding the customers, thus, using mobile app builder to get a mobile app assures greater customer retention and app visibility.

2.  Attractive

Attractive, Knowband, Prestashop Mobile App Builder

Any seller would expect the store to look attractive and engaging. Thus, the multiple theme layout and color combinations offered by mobile app builder makes it sure for the seller to express the product identity in the most advanced form. The store owner get full liability to select the store theme and match them with different products and categories to fit in. Apart from the theme layout, the very immediate need of the customer is to connect with the web store and the products or services that it offers. The retina ready display and the uncluttered layout of the application ensure best user experience. Thus, aiding the visitors in making their purchase decision. Moreover, the mobile app builder offers comes with a number of alluring themes. The admin can choose the one that he find interesting.

3.  Compatibility

compatibility, Mobile App Builder

The introduction of different types of hand held devices and the platforms that they run on has made it tough for the merchants to reach out to their prospective customers. Our mobile app builder has made it easier for the store owners in making sure the seller is connected to customers irrespective of the platform or mobile they are using. It supports the mobile app to be compatible to multiple devices like Smartphones, tablets, iPads and others. In addition, it supports most of the eCommerce platforms like Prestashop, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify and others which are currently trending in the market. No matter if the customer is using Android or iOS in their mobiles, the mobile app builder develops the app to be compatible with all the OS. This helps the customers to access the web store throughput without any difficulty.

4.  Allows the admin to stay in touch with the customers

Prestashop Helpdesk, Knowband Helpdesk

The mobile app builder by Knowband helps the admin stay in touch with the customers 24*7. The push notification allows you to keep them informed about the activities of the store. The task of making marketing easy for seller and customers is well maintained and the smooth running of the store via mobile app is maintained. The live chat option can help your sort out the queries of the store owner then and there. The real time interaction ensure at par customer engagement.

5.  Additional features

Prestashop app builder

Any product is incomplete if it doesn’t provide any additional features to make it better. The mobile app builder enables the mobile apps to be compatible with multiple languages. The RTL language feature of the mobile app allows you to take your business at an international platform. This is one of an inevitable feature to ensure that the mobile app is a success in the Middle East Asian countries and the gulf countries where customers prefer store interaction in Arabic and Hebrew rather than English. Over it, the automatic synchronization also enables the store owners to keep the products on app updated with respect to desktop site.

Over to You

The mobile app builder is a complete package, which provides immense features for the web store to grow more and better using the mobile apps. Thus, it keeps the sellers in trend with the market and keep their customers updated about the store in a much better and convincing manner.

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