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All the Prestashop store owners can now go mobile in just a few simple steps. The Prestashop Android Mobile Builder Module by Knowband offers a seamless way to take your online store on the mobile devices. Offer your products and services in an alluring way and increase your number of customers.

Just share the requirements with our development team and the mobile app that closely matches your store need will be delivered to you. The mobile apps created are compatible with the multiple devices as well as with the latest version of Prestashop.

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..The app builder has definitely helped me take my business to the next level. The customization options are easy and the incredible app has helped engage the audience for a longer duration. Building and maintaining a mobile application was never this easier!

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The multiple screen size option makes the compatible with almost all the handheld devices.

Social Login

The visitors can log in at a click of a button with their social media accounts.


The layered helps the customers in navigating their products in a better way.


With the incorporated Zopim Chat Service, the customers can chat with the support

Multi-Lingual Support

You can now do your business globally and find your customer target at any corner of the world.

Awesome Design

The availability of multiple, interactive, as well as attractive themes, keeps the mobile app users engaged.


Help the customers in taking the purchase decision by sending them promotional triggers through push notification.

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Multi Lingual Support
Store Synchronization

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You visualize your store requirement and we execute them for you. Your dream mobile app is now just a
click away. Just download the Android Mobile App Builder Plugin and get an enticing as well as highly
customizable mobile app for your eCommerce store.

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Sara Niki

The app builder has definitely helped me take my business to the next level. The customization options are easy and the incredible app has helped engage the audience for a longer duration. Building and maintaining a mobile application was never this easier.

David Williams

Being a non-technical person, I had some issues while setting up the store in the application. However, the customer support was on their toes to help me out. The highly responsive support made sure that my application stands out. Would highly recommend it to the store owners.

Andrew Smith

The highly engaging app has enhanced the user engagement. The quick login options have reduced the bounce and exit rates. I have observed a marginal increase in the revenue ever since I started using it. Eagerly waiting for the next of the app builder.

Jerry Gibson

The application was perfect, but I needed some changes in the custom setting. The support responded instantly and my requirements were implemented within a week. Thank You Knowband!

Abraham Rangel

I’m new in the eCommerce business, but the flexible and easy to use app builder made the work easy for me. I now have the app as per my requirement and have reaped desired results with the same.

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Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder

While getting your business to mobile devices is the need of the present business hour, but is equally a challenging task for the eCommerce store owners. Are you facing any such issue in upgrading your business? Knowband provides you an easy, robust and cost-effective solutions. Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder plugin is one such addon for convert any Prestashop store into a complete mobile app.

The online businesses from all the corners of the world are upgrading their stores from the traditional desktop website to the mobile realm. Easing out the tedious job of enhancing customer engagement on the store, the core functionality of the mobile applications is to help the eCommerce store owners run their businesses in an efficient manner. It won’t be wrong to state that the if you are looking to stay ahead of the competition and start seeing the massive benefits with minimal effort, then, you definitely need a mobile app.

Prestashop eCommerce mobile app maker by Knowband ensures your app to have all the functionalities similar to your Prestashop website. The best thing about this mobile app builder is that they are compatible with almost all the versions of Android as well as iOS devices.

The eCommerce mobile app maker helps in delivering an engaging and powerful PrestaShop mobile app for numerous Android or iOS users around the world. Regardless of the products that you offer or the platform where you want to want to serve your customers, the eCommerce mobile app builder for Android/iOS has covered it all for you. Android is one of the most popular and used mobile operating system platform. This Prestashop Android Mobile App Creator Addon taps this market for you by providing numerous business opportunities for the growth of your online business.

The features and functionalities of this incredible eCommerce mobile app extension is not limited to the eCommerce website. The Prestashop mobile app maker for Android and iOS even offers an easy means to convert your Prestashop multi-ventor marketplace into a mobile store. The Prestashop multi vendor mobile app builder extension is absolutely compatible with Prestashop marketplace module. Even the products offered by your fellow sellers on the marketplace will be accessible to sell on your Mobile App.

Some of the extended features offered to the marketplace vendors are discussed below.

Prestashop Multi Seller Marketplace Mobile App Builder Features:

  • With the help of this mobile app maker, products from all the sellers on the Marketplace site will be visible on the Mobile app to the customers. Not just this, the application supports all type of products. Hence, the e-vendors can find their market in your application regardless of the type of product that they are offering.
  • This mobile app creator provide an feature to show the seller’s information on the product page. The customers will be able to view the seller’s profile if they wish.
  • Prestashop mobile app builder module provide an option to view and write reviews for each seller is accessible to the customers. The reviews and testimonials will help increase the trust of the new visitors.
  • Seller Reviews will be visible to the customers once the admin approves it from the back end. No review will be posted without the permission of the admin.
  • The mobile app builder extension supports all the payment and shipping option. Thus, the desired shipping and payment methods can be mapped by the sellers for their respective products.
  • Prestashop mobile app creator works with most of the Android and iOS versions and is compatible with the latest version of Prestashop.
  • With the multi-lingual support, the admin can attract the sellers across the globe.

Let us now explore more about the amazing Prestashop eCommerce mobile app maker that can help in delivering feature packed Android and iOS mobile app for your Prestashop site.

Prestashop mobile app creator comes with bundle of interactive themes

The very first concern of any of the eCommerce store owner is to have an interface that can attract the new visitors and keep the existing customer base engaged for a longer duration. The mobile apps come with a bundle of enticing themes to choose from. The store owners can select the theme that matches the theme of their desktop store. Not just this, any changes required in the custom theme of the app will incorporated into our development team for a small fee.

Compatibility with multiple devices and platforms

The tablet-optimized mobile apps are compatible with all the hand held devices. So, whether your customer is browsing the store on their Android Smartphone, Apple iPhones, tablets or any other devices, your can ensure a hassle-free shopping experience with minimal effort. In addition to this, the eCommerce mobile app developed and delivered by Knowband will support the latest version of Prestashop.

Prestashop eCommerce Mobile App Builder provides social media login options

Enhancing the user experience is the need of the hour if you are looking to stay ahead of competition. The Prestashop mobile app builder module ensures a perfect entry-to-exit user experience. Without forcing the customers to delve into the complexity of lengthy log in and registration process, the mobile apps offers a quick social login option to the visitors. Thus, the customer need to do an extra effort of remembering the password. They can log in with their social media account. The best thing about the app from the customer’s perspective is that they can track the details of the Registered Customers, Guest Visitors as well as Customers who logged in with their social media account. The quick log in option is another way to get the authentic information of the visitors that can be further used for remarketing.

eCommerce Prestashop Mobile App Maker Offers seamless synchronization between your store and app

The seemingly lengthy process of synchronizing so many products of the store in the mobile store may be bothering you, but you need not worry any more. Prestashop mobile app builder by Knowband offers a seamless and smooth web store synchronization. This can be done in just a few button clicks without getting into any sort of manual synchronization.

Presence of Voice Search facility

The Prestashop Android Mobile App builder helps you stay in sync with the technological advancement and changing market trends. Since most of the mobile searches are done using Voice Search, the app provides this facility to your mobile store. The visitors to search for their products by using this smooth and intuitive functionality.

eCommerce Mobile App Creator Offers Multi-lingual support

The mobile app not just increases your customer base, it even helps you in increasing your business globally. The Prestashop Mobile App Builder by Knowband is multi-lingual that is supports multiple languages. Right from the content of the products to the banners and images, everything gets converted into different language depending on the location of the customer without any manual effort. All this is automated. Moreover, even the voice facility supports the multi-lingual feature of the application.

Prestashop Mobile App Builder Module Provides Versatileterface

One of the most alluring factor of Prestashop mobile app creator is it’s versatility. No matter what kind of products you trade, the app supports all of them. Right from simple products to the bundled and grouped products, you can sell it all via the mobile application. With retina display and high resolution, you can present your products in the better way grabbing more attention of the customers. The mobile app builder supports all sort of payment and shipping methods.

Knowband offers the free demo version of Nautica – Prestashop Mobile App Builder. The users can install the plugin for free on their server and connect their store to the mobile application with his server. This would provide an rough idea to the store owners of how the mobile store would look like on the hand held devices. However, there are multiple features offered by the paid version that are missing in the free version of the module.

Click here to check the difference between free and paid version of this module.

However, the most important question still remains to be answered about how can you develop an engaging mobile app for your eCommerce Prestashop site? This was once the most tricky question for various PrestaShop site owners but the scenario has completely since the emergence of this PrestaShop Android or iOS Mobile App Builder plugin from our Knowband store.

To utilize the services of this Prestashop mobile app maker module, you need to implement just a few simple steps without getting into the complexity of back-end coding. The steps to be followed are mentioned below:

  • After purchasing this PrestaShop mobile app builder module, you need to install and enable it on your PrestaShop store. Unzip the mobileappbuilder.zip file. Copy the files and folder obtained in the zip file and paste it in the Module folder of your Prestashop Root Directory. The plugin can then be installed in your store like any other module.
  • Once the installation is complete, you are required to share the information and requirement with us. List out the features and functionalities that need to incorporate on your mobile app. Our team of skilled and intuitive developers will develop the app that closely matches your personal requirement.
  • The Splash Image (1280×1920 png) of the application can be uploaded from the web admin interface.
  • Choose the desired App Icon (512×512 png), Website URL and Website Name that matches your eCommerce business.
  • There are ample Social Login as well as checkout options offered by the eCommerce mobile app maker. Select the options that you want to offer to your customers.
  • The Prestashop store admin can choose from the multiple theme color options including Blue, Orange, Green or Black.
  • Our development team will customize the mobile application as per the details shared by you. The APK file for the app will be shared with you after customization.
  • Now, you can publish this mobile application (apk) file on Google Play Store yourself or you may get it done by us for a small fee.
  • Any custom changes required in the mobile application will be incorporated in the application by our development team on user’s demand.
  • With these simple steps, you can have your PrestaShop store on the mobile devices within no time. You can take a quick tour and test the same regarding features and functionalities that are offered by that Knowband eCommerce mobile app builder.

The use of mobile based applications are rising at a very alarming rate. This change in the trend and customer behavior is a wake up call for all the online businesses to increase the scope of their customer base by introducing an mobile app for their online businesses. It won’t be wrong to state that taking your business to the mobile devices is one of the ways to have an edge over the competitor. In addition, the salient features of our Prestashop eCommerce mobile app builder builder plugin helps your application to stand out in the crowd.

Some of the USP of the mobile app maker module that makes it different from the others are mentioned below:

USP of our PrestaShop Android/iOS Mobile App Builder plugin

  • Ensures seamless customer login with the help of various social login options.
  • The login details and the traffic of the mobile store can be tracked from the Google Analytics account of the store owners.
  • Availability of multiple interactive themes to keep your mobile user engaged. The eCommerce mobile app creator even allows custom changes on the demand of the users.
  • Works uninterrupted with multiple devices and platforms. The compatibility of Prestashop mobile app creator with different devices and platforms makes online trading hassle-free both for the customers as well as the sellers.
  • Does not require manual synchronization with the PrestaShop store. The automation reduces work as well as time-consumed in upgrading the store.
  • Quick and improved searching through voice based search facility for Android users allows the sellers to stay in sync with the market trends.
  • Supports most of the Android versions for easy installation and configuration.
  • eCommerce mobile app builder for Prestashop comes with three months of free technical support and assistance.
  • No need of any coding knowledge for getting the desired mobile app for your PrestaShop site.
  • PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App builder is even compatible with the Knowband PrestaShop Multi Vendor Marketplace module. Even the merchants of the multi-vendor marketplace can now have an app for their businesses.

Even though the world is shifting from desktop to mobile platform, if you are still unable to grab the huge untapped business market through various mobile based devices, then, it is definitely the biggest mistake on your part. Don’t let your online business suffer any more due to the absence of an engaging eCommerce mobile app for your PrestaShop store. The solution for all your problems is here in the form of this PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App Builder. It can help in providing a powerful mobile app for your PrestaShop site. Use the opportunity and chance to grab your share of conversions and sales with the help of this PrestaShop mobile app maker addon. Visit our site now and be the champion in your particular eCommerce business segment.

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