6 Reasons you need a Magento Mobile App for your Fashion Store

Magento Mobile App for your Fashion Store

Andriod mobile application and iOS apps are one of the most anticipated advancements in the technology as well as in the eCommerce industry. Right from retail to travel, none of the industries have stayed away from the online shopping scenario. However, the fashion industry is one of the most active on the internet. In the US, approximately 96% of fashion brands now have an Instagram presence, tapping into our heightened engagement with imagery. Surprisingly, even today 60% of the online business worldwide don’t have an app to conduct their business on the mobile ecosystems. This implies that they are losing approximately 60% of their prospective customers who prefer shopping through their phones.

Magento offers an easy and handy way to upgrade your business unit in the form of Magento App Builder Extension. All the fashion store owner on Magento can now have their application in a few simple steps. Wonder why you require a mobile app when your website is working just fine for you? Here are some of the reasons that will make it obvious for you. Have a look.

1. Smooth performance

Magento Mobile App Smooth performance

If you own a fashion store, then, you need to stay at an arms distance to your customers. In the fashion driven-world, the need and requirements of the style-customers are never ending. You just need to uplift their purchase intention. One of the ways to do so is to stay in touch with them through follow-ups and promotional messages, via email and SMS. Hence, they need a smooth performing device that can help them browse the store whenever they feel like. The Magento mobile app builder offers the much-needed seamless functionality that can compel them to stay at your store, thus, amplifying the chances of conversion.

2. Handles higher traffic

Handles higher traffic through mobile app

The fact that the shopping mobile application of the hand held devices is more engaging than the mobile responsive websites is the only reason for the inclination of the store owners towards it. In fact, the standalone software offers many other umpteen benefits. The Magento Andriod App builder is one tool that can engage more customers and have the capacity of handling more traffic than the mobile responsive websites. The mobile sites tend to load slowly and crash most of the time when the traffic is higher. This frustrates the prospective customers and may cost you some conversions. Thus, the powerful and fast Magento mobile app builder is one of the ways to retain your customers.

3. Personalized approach

Personalized approach in Mobile App

The personalized approach of the mobile provides a better experience not just to the users, but to the store managers and owners as well. The Magento mobile app builder provides better control of the online business to the merchants. Keeping a track of the overall transactions and sales becomes easier with the mobile app. The application comes with a bundle of themes to choose from. You can design your store as per your requirement. The Magento mobile app will be compatible on multiple devices such as Android phones, tablets, and others. At the same time, the mobile app is multi-lingual. The users get the facility of social login and voice search. With the advanced features you can easily rule the mobile app.

4. Easy functionality for the online merchants

Easy functionality in Mobile App

Along with the front-end features, Magento mobile app provides full backend control to the store admin. The mobile app analytics is easy to understand. The owners need not have technical skills to track the data. A close study of the data can even give you an insight of the consumer behavior. The Magento mobile app can be installed and configured easily. It does not require manual synchronization with the Magento store. Moreover, it supports most of the Android versions.

5. Hassle-free shopping experience during sales season

Hassle-free shopping experience in mobile app

One of the biggest challenges for the fashion store owners is to prepare for the holiday seasons of the year. This is the time of the year that decide the fate of your business for the entire year. While 64% of the online shoppers rely on the smartphones and mobile devices for shopping, the sale season is makes the mobile website more prone to slow load time, crash and other server related issues. Magento mobile app builder is an ice breaker in your current sales condition. Its quick and personalized shopping experience will help you retain the flocks of online shoppers even after the sales season.

6. Enhanced push notification

Enhanced push notification in Mobile App

It is said that if you are sending follow-up emails and messages to your customers once in 90 days, then, you are losing 95% chances of their conversions. This makes the presence of push notification inevitable in the applications. The push notification of these stores can keep the shoppers notified about the deals, discounts, offers and flash sales offered by the site. Not just this, it can even help the online marketers in tapping the abandoned cart. You can offer special discounts and offers and send personalized messages for the particular products added in the cart.

Final say

The mobile app is not just a means to engage the users for a longer period of time, it definitely ensures transparency in your business model. Thus, it a means to build the trust with the customers. The smart and dedicated user-centric eCommerce tool is a perfect way to boost the business of the Magento fashion stores. check out the user manual for Magento mobile app builder and find the Magento mobilw app for your business model.

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