Magento Walmart Integration – User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Knowband offers the Magento Walmart Integration extension to help the Magento store owners synchronize their eCommerce store with the Walmart marketplace. The Magento Walmart connector module integrates the eCommerce store with the Walmart marketplace by using the Walmart API (Walmart Consumer ID, Walmart Private Key and Consumer Channel Type). After successful integration, the sellers can easily synchronize the products, inventory, shipping templates, product pricing to the Walmart marketplace from the back-end of theMagento Walmart Integration module.

Today, marketplaces are playing a vital role in the growth of the e-commerce. Amazon, eBay, Etsy,, Walmart, Wish, Newegg are some of the well-known platforms. In recent years a number of new marketplaces have entered in the completion and these marketplaces have a good potential to drive the competition. Walmart is one of the most popular marketplaces and allows the people from around the globe to buy and sell from

1.1 Seller Benefits of Magento Walmart Integration plugin:

  • The Walmart Magento API integrator offers real-time synchronization between the Magento store and Walmart marketplace.
  • The connection between the Walmart marketplace and Magento store can be set-up in a few simple steps with the help of Magento Walmart API integrator. The Magento store admin can list the products in bulk based on the profile.
  • The store admin can easily manage the inventory by making changes in the profile created in Magento Walmart Integration module.
  • The merchants can easily renew or delete products from the admin interface of the Magento Walmart Integration module itself.
  • With the help of Magento Walmart Marketplace integration module, the store admin can even add shipping methods for the marketplace customers.
  • The Magento Walmart Connector makes it easier for the online merchants to keep a track on the product listing.
  • The admin can sync the orders received from the Walmart marketplace with the orders of the Magento store by executing cron in the back-end of the Magento Walmart Integration extension.
  • These orders can be processed from the Magento store itself. The change in the order status is synced with the marketplace at a button click in the synchronization tab of Magento Walmart Integration extension.
  • The Walmart Magento integrator makes it easier for the store admin to track the errors occurred while product listing.

2.0 Installation

Follow the following steps for installing Walmart Magento Marketplace integration extension:

1. Download the extension package.
2. Unzip the package in your root folder of Magento setup via FTP manager
3. In Admin Panel go to Walmart Marketplace in the main menu.


4. The Magento – Walmart Marketplace integrator is now ready for use.

This User Manual will guide the users through the Magento extension configuration and settings.

2.1 How to configure Walmart Magento Integration extension?

To configure the Walmart Magento Integration extension Magento store admin need to get the Walmart API key. In order to obtain Walmart Consumer ID, Private Key and Consumer Channel Type, follow the below process:

2.3 Walmart Integration – API Activation Instructions

Login to Walmart Seller panel. Click on the Settings icon -> API option.

Walmart Integrator

You will get the Consumer ID once this option is clicked.

Walmart integrator

Copy the Consumer ID.

Click on the “Regenerate Key” button to copy the Private Key.


Copy it and paste these keys into the API Configuration step of the Walmart Magento extension.

When you click on the “Regenerate Key” button, a pop-up appears.


Click “Yes, Regenerate Key”. A new Secret Key is generated.

Copy “Consumer ID”, “Private Key” and “Consumer Channel Type” one by one and paste them in the respective fields of the Magento Walmart Integration configuration step.


3.0    Admin Interface

Walmart Magento Integration plugin has the user-friendly interface. The configuration settings can be managed via the admin interface. After installation, store admin can find the “Walmart Integration module” at the top menu of the admin panel.  Admin Panel Settings of Magento Walmart Integration module contains the 10 tabs for settings.

  1. General Settings
  2. Profiles Management
  3. Shipping Override
  4. Products Listing
  5. Promotions
  6. Manage Lag Time
  7. Attributes Mapping
  8. Orders Settings
  9. Orders Listing
  10. Feed Status
  11. BuyBox Reports
  12. Synchronization
  13. Tax Code
  14. Audit Log

3.1 General Settings

Magento Walmart API integrator allows the store admin to integrate their store in a few simple steps. General Settings tab includes the details of Walmart store API details like Consumer ID, Private Key and Channel Type. Walmart API helps to connect the Magento store with Walmart marketplace. The description of each input field is mentioned below:

1. Enable/Disable
Admin gets the option to Enable/Disable the module by toggling the button. If enabled, the Magento Walmart Integration module and all its settings will be working on the store.

2. Walmart Consumer ID
Enter the Walmart Consumer ID which will authenticate the connection being established between the Magento store and Walmart Marketplace.

3. Walmart Secret Key
Enter Walmart Secret Key here. It is mandatory for authenticating the integration between the Magento store and Walmart Marketplace.

4. Consumer Channel Type
Enter the Consumer Channel Type in the field to complete the setup.


Click on the ‘Save Configuration’ to complete the setup.

3.2 Shipping Overrides

The admin can manage the shipping options for the Walmart marketplace in the Shipping Overrides tab of Magento Walmart connector extension. In this section of the Magento Walmart Integration, the admin can create Shipping overrides which contains the various shipping details as per the need of the system.


3.2.1 How to add Shipping Templates?

Follow the steps mentioned below to add Shipping Overrides:
In order to create new shipping override, click on ‘Add New’ as shown below:


You’ll be redirected to the Shipping Override creation page. Fill up the following input fields of form –

Shipping Override Title: Enter the Shipping Override Title here.
Shipping Allowed: Admin can enable or disable a shipping method by using the toggle button.
Shipping Method: Walmart allows 6 types of shipping methods. Admin can easily configure the shipping methods as per the requirement from the admin panel of the Walmart Integration module. Shipping methods offered by Walmart are – VALUE, STANDARD, EXPEDITED, FREIGHT, ONE_DAY, FRIGHT_WITH_WHITE_GLOVE.

Kindly refer to the below article for the details:

Shipping Region: Admin can select the shipping region from here.

Shipping Price: As per the selected shipping method and shipping region admin can set the shipping cost for the different shipping methods and regions.


3.2.2 How to Edit/Delete the existing Shipping Override?

The Shipping Override (if any) will be listed in the Shipping Override tab of the Walmart Magento API integrator. Click on the “Edit or Delete” button as shown in the image to delete/modify a shipping override.


The existing Shipping Overrides can be viewed as shown in the image above. In order to Edit/Delete the existing entries, click on ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’ action respectively.

3.3 Attribute Mapping

Attribute mapping tab of Magento Walmart integration module allows admin to map the Magento store attributes with the Walmart marketplace. Mapping of the Magento store attributes with the Walmart attributes is required to make the listing process easy, so that these attributes can be mapped with the products during the profile creation. Please refer to the below screenshot-


3.3.1 How to Map Attributes

Click on the Attribute Mapping tab of the Walmart Magento Integration module, it will redirect to a new page as shown in the screenshot above. Now click on the (+) Add New button on the top of the page. It will open a new page with the option to select the Walmart category and as per the selected Walmart category Walmart attributes will appear in the drop-down list of the Walmart Attributes field. Admin can map the store attributes with the Walmart attributes by using this interface. Admin can add store attributes as per requirement from the Magento store admin panel. Please refer to the below screenshot-


3.3.2 How to Delete Mapped Attributes

To delete mapped attributes click on the Delete button given next to the mapped attributes on the Walmart Attribute Mapping tab.


3.4 Profile Management

Profile Management tab provides options to list the product on Walmart marketplace. In this section, the admin will be able to map Magento store product attributes and categories to Walmart store under the Walmart store product attributes and category. Profile Management section of Walmart Magento Integration extension is consist of 2 tabs – General Settings and Profile Fields.

3.4.1 General Settings

Magento Walmart integration extension allows the store admin to select multiple store categories to sync with the one Walmart category. It is mandatory to enter all the required details as per the instructions given in the below screenshot. After entering all the details click on the save button at the top of the form.


Profile Title: Enter a unique name for the profile.
Store Language: Select the Language for the store from the drop-down list.
Walmart Category: Select the Walmart category where you want to map the Magento store category. Admin can select the Walmart Category from the drop-down list.
Store Categories: Select the category of the Magento store that you want to map in the category of Walmart.

Custom Pricing: Enable this button if you want to list the products at at custom prices or at a different price from that of the eCommerce store. If enabled, the admin gets an option to change the prices as shown in the image below:


Select whether you want to increase or decrease the cost of the products.
Select whether you want to increase/decrease the price by a Fixed amount or Percentage amount.
Enter the fixed or percentage amount by which you want to change the price of the products.

Barcode Identifier: This is the unique field of the product. Select any one from the dropdown list, so that, the

Magento Walmart Integration extension can identify the product according to the mapped attribute. The various place-holders are listed below.

Product Brand Identifier: Select the Product brand identifier from the drop-down. Select the field having value of product brand in your system. This is a mandatory field to list the products on Walmart.
Product Manufacture Identifier: Select the Product manufacturer identifier from the drop-down. Select the field having the value of product manufacturer in your system. This is a mandatory field to list the products on Walmart.
Customized Product Title: Product title can be customized by using the pre-defined placeholders.

  • {id_product} for Product ID
  • {product_title} for Product title
  • {country_of_manufacture} for Country of Manufacturer
  • {sku} for Product SKU
  • {weight} for Product Weight
  • {short_description} for Product Short Description
  • {price} for Product Price

Shipping Override: This is an optional field. Select the shipping options from the list provided. This section includes the entire shipping overrides added in the Shipping Override tab.
Product Tax Code: Enter the product tax code in this section.

3.4.2 Profile Fields
As per the selected Walmart category additional product information and variation products can be listed by using the Profile Fields tab of the Magento Walmart Integration plugin.


3.5 Products Listing

This section of the Magento Walmart Integration shows the list of all the products listed on Walmart Marketplace with their statuses. In order to sync the product in the Walmart Marketplace, execute the Product Cron in the Synchronization tab of the Walmart API Integration module.


3.5.1 Product Listing Renewal
This option allows admin to renew product in case listing has expired on Walmart Marketplace. In order to renew the product, the admin can click on “Renew” action corresponding to each product.

After setting up a product for renewal, action “Renew” will be replaced with “Halt” action. This action is used to stop product renewal in case needed.

3.5.2 Product Listing Deletion

This option allows admin to delete product listing from Walmart Marketplace. Click on “Delete” action given corresponding to each product listing. After setting up a product for deletion, action “Delete” will be replaced with “Relist” action.

3.5.3 View Error
The admin can view the error occurred in listing the product. For this, click on ‘View Error’ action.

3.6 Promotions

The Walmart Magento integrator allows the admin to create promotional deals and display the same at The created promotions will be listed in this tab as shown in the image below:


3.6.1 How to add New Promotions?

In order to create new promotions, click on the ‘Add New’ option at the top right corner of Magento Walmart connector as shown in the image below:


As you click on the link, you will be redirected to the promotion creation page. The various fields of the tab are discussed below:


Promotion Detail: Enter the details of the promotional that you are offering to the Walmart marketplace in this section.
Price Type: Select the type of price that you are incorporating from the drop-down menu.
Discount Price: Enter the amount of discount that you are offering. It may be a fixed amount or a percentage amount. Select the discount type from the drop-down menu.
Start Date and End Date (UTC Timezone): Enter the duration during which promotion will be active.
Product Selection: Select the product in which you want to offer the promotion.

3.6.2 How to Edit/Delete Promotions?

The admin gets an option to edit or delete the created promotions at a button. Click the Edit or Delete button corresponding to each promotion for the same.

The admin can even sync the promotions with the marketplace by clicking the sync button as shown in the image below:


3.7 Manage Lag Time

The admin can easily fix and manage the lag time of the products with ease. In order to fix the lag time, click on the Update Lag Time button as shown in the image below:

As you click on the link, a popup will appear as shown below:


Enter the lag time in days and click on update button. This will update the shipping lag time at

3.8 Order Settings

Order Settings tab of Magento Walmart integration module helps to map store order statuses with Walmart Marketplace order statuses. This will be used for capturing orders details from Walmart Marketplace. For mapping the orders from the Walmart Marketplace to the Magento store, you need to execute the Order cron in the Synchronization tab. (See section 3.9.)


The various fields are discussed below:
Order Current State: Choose an order default status from the drop-down.
Order Shipped State: Choose an order state for the shipped orders placed on Walmart marketplace. Select the order status from the drop-down list.
Order Acknowledge State: After syncing the orders to the Magento store, admin need to acknowledge the order so that next time only newly placed order will be downloaded to the Magento store.
Order Cancel State: In case of order cancellation admin can sync the order status by using the Order Cancel state.
Note – Once the status of the order is changed in the Magento store, run the ‘Update Order Status to Walmart’ cron. This will sync all the changes to the marketplace. (See Section 4.9)

3.9 Order Listing

The orders received from the Walmart store can be sync to the Walmart store under the Order Listing tab of the admin interface of the Magento Walmart API Integration. For this, the store owner needs to run the ‘Sync Order Listing from Walmart’ cron from the Synchronization tab. (See Section 3.9)

Once the cron is executed, the entire orders will be synced to the Magento store. These orders can then be processed by clicking on the ‘View’ button as shown below.


3.10. Feed Status

Every time a cron is executed, a Feed will be created in this tab as shown in this tab of Magento Walmart Integration. The status of the feeds can be seen by clicking on the ‘View’ button.


On clicking the View button, you’ll be redirected to the feed status detail page.


3.11. BuyBox Report

The store owners can obtain the BuyBox report by executing cron in the back-end of the Magento Walmart integrator.
Refer to Section 3.12, in order to sync the Buy Box report from the
You can view the status of the Buy Box from the obtained report.


The Walmart Magento integrator even offers an option to reprice the products to the store admin in order to win the Buy Box.
To reprice the product, click on ‘Repricing’ option corresponding to the respective product as shown in the image below:


As you click here, a popup will appear. Here are the fields offered in the popup.
Enable Repricing: Select ‘Yes’ from the drop-down menu if you want to reprice the product.
Minimum and Maximum Price: Enter the minimum and maximum price of the product in the respective sections.

Once the repricing is done, sync the same with the marketplace by executing cron in the back-end of the Magento Walmart API integrator. (See section 3.12)

3.12. Synchronization

This tab synchronizes all the settings and changes done in the other tabs of the Magento Walmart Marketplace Integration Module. The synchronization between the Magento Store and Walmart Marketplace and vice-versa can be done from the ‘Synchronization‘ tab.

The various cron jobs to synchronize the settings between Magento Store and Walmart Marketplace are shown below –


3.12.1 How to sync Products from Magento store to Walmart Marketplace?

The product listed in the Products Listings tab of the Magento Walmart Marketplace Integration extension will be synced to Walmart marketplace by clicking on ‘Sync Products’.


It would perform following actions –

  • The cron will list the products to the Walmart marketplace.
  • It will add products on the Walmart Marketplace with the mandatory product details like Description, Price, Quantity, Image etc.

3.12.2 How to sync Inventory to Walmart Marketplace?
The product quantity can be updated on the Walmart Marketplace by executing the ‘Sync Product Inventory’ cron from the Magento Walmart Integration module.


This action will update the quantity of each product listed on Walmart Marketplace.

3.12.3 How to sync price of the products to Walmart Marketplace?

The Sync product price cron allows the store admin to sync the updated product prices to the Walmart marketplace.


3.12.4 How to sync Order Listing from Walmart Marketplace?

The orders received from the Walmart Marketplace can be synced to the Magento store by executing ‘Sync Orders’ cron.


This cron will sync the Orders from Walmart Marketplace to Magento store.

3.12.5 How to Update Order Status in Walmart Marketplace?

The ‘Sync Order Status’ cron will update the order status as per the changes made from the Magento store on  Walmart marketplace.


3.12.6 How to Synchronize Feed Status?

To sync the Feed Status to Magento store admin need to execute the ‘Sync Feed Status’ cron.


3.12.7 How to Synchronize the Shipping Lag Time?

Click on ‘Sync Shipping Lag Time’ of the synchronization tab of Walmart Magento API integrator. This will sync the respective lag time of the products with
3.12.8 How to Synchronize the Buy Box status from Walmart?

The admin can sync the buy box status from Walmart with Magento Walmart connector by click on ‘Sync Walmart BuyBox’. This will update the status of the BuyBox for the respective products.


3.12.9 How to Synchronize the Buy Box status from Walmart?

The admin can reprice the products and sync the revised products at the marketplace by executing ‘Sync Repricing’ cron.


3.13 Tax Code

The Walmart Magento connector allows the admin to manage the tax code of the products in bulk. The Tax Code section of Magento Walmart synchronization extension enables the e-merchants the view the tax of the products in the inventory in bulk.


3.14 Audit Log

The admin can view all the jobs occurred in the Audit Log tab of Magento Walmart Integration extension. The status of the jobs can be viewed in this tab.


Watch how Magento Walmart Integrator by Knowband works

Moreover Knowband has also come up with a new integrator exclusively for Walmart Canada. With Magento Canada Walmart Integrator, store owners can connect their Magento store with Walmart Canada.

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