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Marketplace Integrations:
Marketplace Integrations:

iOS Mobile App Builder Free - Magento ® Extensions

iOS Mobile App Builder Free - Magento ® Extensions
  • The Magento store admin can create his own iOS Mobile App without having the knowledge of coding.
  • The mobile and tablet responsive iOS mobile application synchronizes with your Magento store saving your precious time.
  • The mobile app ease the shopping experience with multiple payment methods, shipping methods, multi-lingual and live chat.
  • The store admin can offer vouchers, coupons, push notifications and live chat to increase the sale.
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Compatibility:Magento v1.9.x.x
Latest Version:v2.2.1 (30-Oct-2018)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 50+
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Magento iOS Mobile App Builder

E-Commerce mobile apps have become one of the essential tech accessories for the online businesses. Having a personalized and functional app can help you stay in sync with the market trend and ahead of the competitors. It is a proven fact that application load content faster than that of the websites. Not just this, if the preference of the customer is to be taken into account, 67% of the online shoppers prefer shopping through the applications offered by their favorite website or brand. In addition to this, when it comes to conversion rate, iOS smartphones have outperformed the Android ones.

With these aspects in mind, Knowband offers a simple way to convert your Magento store into a mobile app for the various iOS devices. Magento iOS mobile app builder extension will convert your eCommerce website into a complete e-commerce store. Without getting involved in any sort of coding or manual synchronization, you can now enable your customers to browse the store on their Apple iPhones.

How to have a demo of your own store as an application?

You can even experience how your store will work as a mobile application with this free Magento iOS mobile app creator module. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Once you have click on the buy button, you will be allowed to download a file in zip format. It contains the source code of your module.

Step 2: Install the Magento Nautica App Builder on your iPhone from iTunes store.

Step 3: Install this free mobile app builder on your store and enter the URL of your store in the application. Example, if your website URL is, then you shall simply enter - in the app on the Splash Screen. 

Step 3: That's it, your store is now ready for the mobile platforms. You may test the same. In case of any issue, please contact us at

How to get your own app for Magento stores?

1. The store owner needs to purchase the paid Magento Mobile App Builder extension from the store. Once it's installation is complete, they get an access to the web admin interface.

2. The rest of the app development and customization will be handled by our development team. The development process begins after the requirement and expectation of admin is taken. 

  • After purchasing this Magento mobile app builder module,  you need to install and enable it on your Magento store. 
  • Splash Image (1280x1920 png)
  • App Icon (512x512 png)
  • Website URL
  • Website Name
  • Desired Social Login option (out of Facebook and Google)
  • Theme Color - Blue, Orange, Green or Black

3. All the requirement shared by the admin is incorporated in the app. The IPA file of the application is then delivered to the e-merchants. He can publish the same on the App store to make the application live.

4. The aim of the app creator is to take the burden off your shoulder with one click web store synchronization. The store admin can synchronize the entire products and categories of their site without any manual integration.

5. In order to sync the site, all the merchants need to do is to enter the URL of their website in the app. He will then be asked to choose the theme from the available options.

Salient Features

Comes with bundle of interactive themes

Comes with a bundle of interactive themes

Compatibility with multiple devices and platforms

Compatibility with multiple devices and platforms

Provides social media login options

Provides social media login options

Offers seamless synchronization between your store and app

Offers seamless synchronization between your store and app

Offers seamless synchronization between your store and app

Supports Multi-Lingual

Features of Magento iOS Mobile App Builder extension

Versatile platform

The iOS mobile app created by the extension offers a versatile interface to the eCommerce vendors to cater to a larger audience base. The application works on all devices from iPhone onwards. The tablet optimized apps are compatible with iPhones as well as iPads. The online business owners can now tap the international customers with this app. The multi-lingual support offered by the application automatically translates the content. The RTL and LTR support allows you to cater your products regardless of the language barrier.

User-friendly interface

The e-vendors are provided with the design control of the application. Hence, they can monitor and personalize the front-end of the app in order to offer at par functionality to their customers. The user-friendly interface of the mobile store ensures seamless transaction to the visitors. The easy navigation and hassle-free interface make it easier for them to find their product and proceed to the checkout page.

Multiple options

The app creator allows all sorts of eCommerce owners to take their businesses on the mobile platform. The application can supports all type of products. Starting from the simple products to the configurable and bundled ones as well as virtual products, any products can be catered through these applications. Adding to the versatility, the applications supports all payment and shipping options.

Easy check-in and checkout

The app has incorporated multiple social login options including Facebook and Google+. The visitors can now browse the store without fumbling into the lengthy signup process. The filters and uncluttered layout aid the purchase decision of the customers. In addition to this, the simplified checkout process reduces cart abandonment and boost revenue. With ample payment and shipping options, the customers can now find the ideal method of checking out.

Simplified retargeting and remarketing

The visitors are provided with an option to add their favorite products in the wishlist. The products saved for later provides them with the compelling reasons to return back to the store. The unlimited push notification allows the admin to retarget the customers through the promotional triggers. The app even supports all type of coupons that can motivate the customers to go to the checkout page and complete their transaction.

Build the trust

The mobile store developed by the Magento app creator plugin offers an easy way to build the much-needed customer loyalty by offering edgy user experience. The Zopim chat services allow you to provide them 24/7 customer support. Thus, you can assist your customers all through their transaction. The order tracking options allows them to keep a track on their order. The store owners can enhance upsell and cross-sell while the customers return back to the store. 

Benefits offered to the customers

By providing the feature-rich and incredible mobile application, the app builder for iOS offers a means to the e-merchants to double their revenue. Even the online shoppers are provided with a number of benefits.

  • The app creator enhanced the reachability of the favorite site of the customers.
  • Ensures smooth online transaction with a quick login and checkout process.
  • The retina ready display of the app works flawlessly on all the handheld devices.
  • The 24/7 chat option helps them resolve any issue during the online transaction.
  • The multiple payment and shipping options allow them to find the best means for completing their order.


Knowband, a leading name as an eCommerce development company provides Magento plugin development services to enhance the functionality of your eCommerce stores. For providing Magento plugin development, we have hired experienced Magento developers who work with full dedication to offer Magento development and support services. 

If there is a feature you want on your Magento site, chances are that a Magento extension will allow you to do it, if you don't find any such plugin you can always contact us for your custom plugin development requirements.