Instagram Shop Gallery - Magento ® Extensions
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Instagram Shop Gallery - Magento ® Extensions

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Compatibility: Magento v1.9.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.3 (17-Jan-2020)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 10+
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Magento Instagram Shop Gallery

Creating a visually attractive website is the best way to retain your online customers. Instagram is currently one of the popular social platforms with the highest user engagements of about 500+ million active users. Based on the statistics, Knowband, one of the emerging eCommerce plugins brand has come up with Magento Instagram Integration Extension that pins your site products onto your Instagram posts of specific tags. These Instagram pictures are displayed at your storefront to encourage the buying decision of the customers.

The Instagram shop gallery incorporated using Magento Instagram product tag feed module turns your basic shop into a professional looking Magento store. With each Instagram photo, you can feature multiple products which are redirected to their corresponding product pages when clicked by the customers. Thus, Insta Shoppable Gallery Module for Magento gives an effective way to convert your visitors into leads by utilizing the social networking platform Instagram for sharing various media. Additionally, with the help of Magento Instagram product tag feed module, you can grow the follower base on respective business profiles on Instagram. 

Features of Magento Instagram Shop Gallery Extension

1. Insta Shoppable Gallery Module for Magento fetches tagged images from Instagram and shows them on the website to give a feeling of Insta shop to the visitors. 
2. With Magento Instagram Shop Extension, you have an option to specify the Instagram tags to fetch and showcase various Instagram images at your eCommerce shop.
3. Magento Instagram Integration Extension allows you to map and display as many site products with the Instagram photo. 
4. Magento Instagram Shop Gallery Extension gives you the flexibility to add a main Instagram Shop Gallery page to the website which shows total fetched Instagram images sectioned under various categories. 
5. You can quickly enable or disable the complete Instagram Shop Gallery on a single click from the back-office.
6. With Magento Instagram Integration Extension, you can show likes and comments for every Instagram image at your store. 
7. You can show or hide the main Instagram Gallery link at the top menu navigation bar of the store using this Magento Instagram module.
8. You can set a desired title for the main Instagram Shop Gallery Page.
9. Using Magento Shoppable Instagram Module, you can showcase the Instagram images belonging to selected type like total photos, approved ones, having related images or having both approved and related images.
10. With Magento Instagram Shop Gallery Extension, you can set the count of images that you want to show over the Instagram Shop page.
11. Magento Instagram module allows you to fix the desired URL for the Instagram Shop page integrated into your eCommerce shop.
12. You can create unlimited Instagram galleries using this Magento Instagram product tag feed module. You can edit, enable, disable or delete them as per your needs. 
13. Magento Instagram Shop Gallery module is compatible with multiple store views.
14. You can set the title, image limit and image visibility for the particular gallery using this Magento Shoppable Instagram Module. 
15. You have an option to show or hide the selected Instagram gallery on the main Instagram Shop page.
16. Magento Instagram product tag feed module allows you to set the visibility of Shop gallery on different site pages and at various locations.
17. You can fetch unlimited images within an Instagram Gallery which can be edited or deleted anytime from the backend of this extension. You can also check the preview while fetching images using tags.
18. Magento Instagram Shop gallery is mobile responsive.
19. With Magento Instagram Shop Gallery Extension, you get an option to enable, disable and sort the images of an Instagram gallery.

Admin Benefits of Magento Instagram Product Tag Feed Module

  • Using Magento Shoppable Instagram Module, you can show the Instagram gallery widget on every page of your website, thereby increasing the overall customer visits and potential conversions.
  • Magento Instagram product tag feed module pins a Follow button for every Instagram shop image popup. This way, you can redirect your customers to the respective business profiles on Instagram.  
  • Insta Shoppable Gallery Module for Magento helps to grow your business and follower base of your Instagram business account.

Magento Instagram Shop Extension Benefits to Customers

  • Customers don't have to sign-in for viewing Instagram Shop gallery. Likes and Comments on different posts are visible to every user without any profile authentication.
  • Magento Shoppable Instagram Module is a great tool to enhance the shopping experience of the users by showing an Insta shop to the users.
  • Customers can follow up on the associated Instagram profiles direct from the Instagram image popup.


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