Google Shopping - Magento ® Extensions
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Google Shopping - Magento ® Extensions

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Compatibility: Magento v1.7.x.x - v1.9.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (17-Sep-2019)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 10+
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Google Shopping - Magento ® Extensions

The Magento Google Shopping Integration module automatically syncs all the products of the Magento eCommerce store and the required settings to the Google Merchant Center Account. With the help of the Google Shopping Magento module, the store admin can create Shopping ads on Google's SERP. The Magento Google Shopping Feed Integration extension offers the fastest and the easiest interface to earn huge visibility for your products and website instantly. The store admin can upload their product feeds to Google Shopping with great ease.

Google is a well-known search engine giant that has made a big name in the field of online business. The search engine is influencing the growth chances of eCommerce stores to a very large extent. It can help in optimizing the performance of your eCommerce store by providing high-quality product feed to reach the right people with relevant product ads. With Google Shopping, it is online shopping sites can display their product images and prices right at the top of the search results. Google Shopping is powered by two platforms: AdWords and Google Merchant Center. Google Merchant Center is where you can make your product feed live. AdWords is where your actual shopping campaigns are created. You can set your budget, manage your bids, gain insights, and make optimizations based on performance in Google AdWords.

What does the Magento Google Shopping Integration module do for you?

  • The Magento Google Shopping Integrator saves the time and effort involved in the manual product feed.
  • With Magento Google Shopping Connector, the admin can get new visitors to their website from Google shopping referrals.
  • Magento Google Shopping Integration plugin increases your website traffic and allows to bring qualified leads to your store.
  • Google shopping is used in more than 38 countries. Thus, the Magento Google Shopping Integration addon offers the best opportunity for international expansion.

Features offered By Magento Google Shopping Integration:

1. The Magento Google Shopping Integration addon automates the entire process of listing the products on Google Shopping from the eCommerce site.
2. The store admin can automatically update the product inventory between the two stores from the back-end of the Google Shopping Magento Integration extension.
3. The Magento Google Shopping API integration offers real-time synchronization of products, inventory and between the Google Shopping API and Magento store is an easy means to excel the online businesses.
4. The store admin gets an option to create N number of profiles in the back-end of the Magento Google Shopping Integration extension.
5. The profile-based upload allows the admin to list the products in bulk. Moreover, any changes required in the product details can be done by making changes in the profile created in the back-end of the Google Shopping Magento API integration addon.
6. The store admin gets an easy option to keep a track of the products listed in the Google merchant center in the ‘Product Listing’ tab of the Magento Google Shopping connector.
7. Magento Google Shopping Feed synchronization plugin even allows the admin to delete the products or view the errors that occurred while product listing.
8. The real-time synchronization offered by the Magento Google Shopping Integration module makes tracking and feed management easier for the store admin.
9. The status of the actions performed can be viewed in the audit log section of the Google Shopping Magento Integrator.

Benefits for Admin

1. The Magento Google Shopping module is easy to install and configure. No technical knowledge is required.
2. Google Shopping Magento addon saves the time and effort of admin with the automatic synchronization options.
3. Admin can easily map store categories and attributes of the products with the help of Magento Google Shopping Integrator. They need not fumble into the technical complexities.
4. The real-time synchronization can be disabled to upload the products manually.
5. Admin can download product feed from Magento Google Shopping Integration module to upload it to Google Merchant Center.
6. The automated approach and easy synchronization allow the admin to update the products and inventory easily.
7. Admin can even delete or disable any product with one click.
8. Easy listing allows the e-merchants to enhance the visibility of their products.
9. The Google Shopping ads allow the customers to land directly on the product page of the site.
10. Magento Google Shopping API integrator comes with free support of 3 months.


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1. How can I choose other countries on the profile management page?

To enable the other countries you need to enable other countries for your store. To enable the countries follow the steps below:

  • Go to International->Localization from the menu.
  • Select Countries Tab
  • Click on edit, mark the country Active, and save settings.

2. The country is already enabled for the store but it is still not showing in the Profile Management.

You can not list product in any language or currency of your choice, Google has already set of currency, language for each country and our module populates option in the select field as per Google data (only if that currency and language are enabled) so if language or currency is not populating than you will have to choose other currency or language.

3. We found that some of the products are not listed in the category.

The feed in the Google Marketplace Integration module only works with the default categories of the product. 

Understand it by an example, 

If product A is under two categories ‘home’ and ‘smartphone’ and we have created the feed for the ‘smartphone’ category. Then the product will be listed only if the ‘smartphone’ is the default category of the product. 

If ‘home’ is the default category of the product, then this product will not be listed with the feed created for the ‘smartphone’ category.

4. How to create the connection for google shopping merchant

We have provided the steps in our user manual for the setup.

Please check the same from the below link:

5. I want to list all the products of the store to the Google merchant account, but cron is not working.

To sync your products to Google please increase your maximum execution time because to sync products takes time because you have selected all the categories of your store and due to which all of your store products are processing.

6. How to increase maximum execution time?

To increase the maximum execution time you have to change the limit in the file php.ini which you will find in your hosting panel.

7. What is the difference between adding a cron and ‘Feed upload Schedule’ on the Feed Management?

With Feed upload schedule you can schedule a feed in days, weeks, and months by selecting a particular profile. But using a cron you can list all the products of the store.

8. What will happen if we deleted the feed, will products of those categories will be removed from the merchant center?

If you deleted a feed then it will be removed from your list in the Feeds section. Deleting a feed will remove all of the products that are submitted as product data in the feed. If you’re replacing an old feed with a new feed that contains similar product data, the new feed should be uploaded before you remove the old feed.

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