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Gift Card Manager - Magento ® Extensions
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Gift Card Manager - Magento ® Extensions

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Compatibility: Magento 1.9.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (16-May-2018)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 10+
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Magento Gift card manager extension

In the current era, every eCommerce business owner focuses on how to acquire the customer. One of the most important thing is, incorporating the right functionality in your store that can help you bring the traffic to the website. Knowband has always been focused on offering simple solutions to build, manage and develop a successful online store. Magento Gift Card Manager extension is one such module that can help store owners to acquire new online consumers while retaining the exiting customers.

The Magento gift vouchers module makes the entire process is automated. The Magento gift module makes it easier for the store visitors to make a purchase intention. This Magento gift voucher extension not just makes the life of the online shoppers easier, it helps the store owners to acquire new online consumers while retaining the existing customers. 

Features of the Magento Gift Card Manager Extension:

  • The Store admin can enable or disable the Magento gift voucher extension from the Magento store at a button toggle.
  • With the help of this Magento send gift card extension, the online retailers can link to the eCommerce gift cards on the web pages as per the requirement. 
  • The Online retailer can set the prefix for the voucher code of the gift card.
  • The Magento gift card manager extension allows the Magento store admin to select the status of the gift card vouchers orders.
  • The admin gets to fix the minimum duration of gift card order placement and delivery.
  • The Admin can customize the email templates as per the requirement from the back-end of the Magento gift card extension.
  • The Magento gift card module offers the online retailers to create N number of gift card interfaces for various occasions including Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays or any other special event.
  • The e-merchants can customize the gift card products in few simple steps.
  • The Store admin even gets an option to keep a track on the orders received for the gift card from the back-end. It involves the recipient email, date of sending as well as the status of the gift cards.

Other Features of the Magento Gift Card Manager Extension:

  • Magento gift card addon offers easy customization to the admin.
  • Magento gift card manager module is fully customizable.
  • The Magento gift card module is Mobile responsive.
  • Magento send gift card extension is SSL compatible.
  • Magento gift voucher is easy to use and install.
  • Magenrto gift voucher extension is Multi Store Compatibility.
  • Compatible with Multi-Language support on Magento.

Benefits of Magento Gift Card Manager Extension for Admin:

  • The Magento gift card module is more important for the store admin. They can get the high audience base who is not able to make the purchase decision instantly.
  • The Store admin has a chance to acquire new customers while retaining the existing customers.
  • The Store owner can increase your conversions on holidays & occasions.
  • Magento gift card manager extension allows the merchant to add new customized visuals gift card vouchers that can provide an alluring effect in the front-end.
  • The Online retailer has a chance to boost the conversions.
  • The Admin can create own terms and conditions depending on the need.
  • With the purchase statistics and associated order, the merchant can apply strategies for proper marketing campaign for the same.

Benefits of Magento Gift Card Manager Extension to the Customers:

  • Magento Gift card manager extension allows your customers to shop with ease.
  • The Magento gift voiucher extension allows the customers to find the perfect gift.
  • The Magento send gift card vouchers module is more important for younger generations who can’t select the gift for friends. 

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