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Gift Card Manager - Prestashop Addons

Gift Card Manager - Prestashop Addons


  • Gift Card module helps build a gift cards section for your Prestashop store to let customers buy gift vouchers.
  • This Prestashop Gift Card Manager module allows the admin to manage the gift card button. The admin can show this button in a footer, header and left side of a website.
  • This Prestashop Addon allows admin to change the look and feel of the button.
  • This Prestashop Addons helps the store owners to acquire new online consumers while retaining the existing customers.



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Compatibility:Prestashop v1.6.x.x - 1.7.1.x
Latest Version:v1.0.0 (25-Sep-2017)
Sales: 50+


Prestashop Gift Card Manager

The gift card industry is expected to reach $160 billion by 2018. Almost 10-20% of the total online purchases are done via gift cards. This trend is more prominent during the holiday season. Considering this increase in the popularity of these cards, Knowband offers an easy way to add the functionality in the eCommerce store. Prestashop Gift Card Manager module is an automated way to provide these features to the online shoppers. The intuitive module makes it easier for the e-merchants to manage the same.

The no risk gift vouchers makes it easier for the store visitors to make a purchase intention. Moreover, the ease of transaction allows the end-user to place their orders from the store. This Prestashop module not just makes the life of the online shoppers easier, but even takes the conversions to the next level.

Configuration Options

  • The easy-to-use module can be enabled or disabled from the Prestashop store at a button toggle.
  • The link to the gift card page can be placed anywhere in the front-end of the website. The e-merchants can find the perfect placement for the link in the web page. Heatmap tool can help you find the the right placement for the gift card link.
  • The admin gets to fix the minimum duration of gift card order placement and delivery. The delivery status of the card can be updated easily from the backend of the admin interface.
  • The cards are delivered via email. The admin gets default email templates for the same. Moreover, the templates can be personalized as per the requirement of the e-merchants.
  • The admin interface allows you to create N number of gift card interface for various occasions including Anniversary, Birthdays, Holidays or any other special event. The existing modules can be edited, disabled or deleted as required.
  • The pricing, validity, the quantity of the products that can be ordered and other factors of the gift card can be edited in a few simple steps.
  • Not just this, the store admin even gets an option to keep a track on the orders received for the gift card from the back-end. 


Benefits for Admin-

  • Prestashop gift card module allows the eCommerce merchants to even tap the audience base that is not able to make the purchase decision instantly.
  • The possibility to add new customized visuals and graphics can provide alluring effect in the front-end.
  • The terms and conditions of the gift card can be created as well as managed in matter of moment.
  • Making the card management easier, it makes online transaction simpler, thus, boosting the chances of conversions.
  • With the purchase statistics and associated order, the merchants can strategies proper marketing campaign for the same.

Benefits for Customers-

  • Enhances the customers’ satisfaction by allowing them to offer a prepaid card to their loved ones. It helps them come to a quick purchase decision.
  • It allows the customers to find the perfect gift.
  • The ease of using the gift cards for the future transaction makes it easier for them shop from the store.


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