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Store Locator App

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Store Locator App 

The Store Locator App allows the store admin to add multiple store locations to the online store. It helps to promote the brick and mortar stores. If a customer visits the physical stores then chances are they will be interested in more products which they have noticed in your online store. The store locator app offers some awesome features:

1) Add multiple locations:

Admin can add the locations in multiple ways like:

a) Add locations by selecting store location address into Google map.

b) Search their place (Google place autosuggest) and add the particular searched location.

c) If the admin knows latitude & longitude of their stores then he can also search & add their store by lat-long

d) Add bulk locations by import as a CSV file to reduce the manual efforts.

2) Add filters to improve the search experience:

Admin can add filters to let customers select the physical store as per their interest.

3) Customization option:

Easily customize the Location page text fields and design. Admin can also set the number of stores that will be displayed at the time of map load.

4) Heatmap analytics:

Heatmap helps the store admin to analyze the results for the popular physical store. By analyzing the results store admin can improve the services on the other stores for better customer experience.

5) Search report:

Admin can check the report for the searches made by the visitors. 

Other Features:

  • This app is available for Free.
  • Add unlimited locations.
  • Fully responsive design.
  • Add the store locator text in the language of your choice.
  • Customers can search for the location to find the nearest store.


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