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Order status App

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Order Status App 

The order status app helps to create multiple order status to make the order handling process smoother for the store admin. Store admin can create the new order status and also select the option to notify the customer if required. This app is also helpful for the internal team, they can easily add notes to the order so that relevant department can take appropriate action on the order.

Eg scenario:

1) Shipping address change request: Most of the time customers notice the mistakes in the shipping address and request for the changes in the shipping address. In such cases, helpdesk team can notify the shipping team by updating the order status. They can even add the note in the order details, so that, shipping team can update the shipping address before shipping out the order.

2) Product Qty. /color change request: After placing the order there are times when the customer request to make the changes in the order details like product quantity change or color. In such cases, the admin can update the order status accordingly and pass on the information to the relevant person by adding the notes in the order.

Admin can also enable the email notification settings to notify the customers regarding the changes. The readymade email templates allow the admin to insert the merge tags like Customer Name, Email Address, Due Date, Public Note etc to make the process hassle-free. 


1) Create the order status as per your business need.

2) Update the order status with ease.

3) Add Internal or Public notes as per requirement.

4) Configure the email settings in easy steps by entering the SMTP Host, SMTP Port, SMTP Username and SMTP Password.

5) Readymade email template with customization option.

6) Select the enable notification settings at the time of creating the order statuses.

7) Insert merge tags like Customer Name, email etc to personalize the mail.

8) At the time of changing the order status, the admin can also define the due date for the orders.

9) Admin can search the orders based on the Order Id, Order Date and Customer Name.

10) Admin can easily filter out the orders based on the Custom Order Status or Default order status.

11) The bulk action allows the store admin to modify the order status for the multiple orders in one go.

12)  Admin can check the history of the orders. Here each and every detail of the custom order status will be displayed to the order.


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