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Checkout page analytics - Prestashop Addons

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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.3 (29-Jun-2019)
Sales: 100+


Prestashop Checkout Analytics Addon

This Prestashop google analytics allows the admin to track the customer’s behavior on the checkout page and let him/her know exactly after which step did the customers abandon their carts on the same page.

Benefits for admin:

After the customers add the product to the cart, this Prestashop checkout page analytics module tracks the below-mentioned actions:

  • Customers visited our One-page checkout module page or not.
  • Customers entered email id or not.
  • Customers clicked on the payment methods or clicked the order button or not.
  • Customers completed the transaction or not.
  • Based on above tracking, Prestashop Abandoned cart analytics by Knowband shows the analytic reports and statistics in the back-end.
  • The Admin can view the monthly, weekly, yearly statistics of the above actions of the customers and can also set dates to view the reports with the help of the Prestashop checkout analytics.
  • The Prestashop store admin can view how many numbers of carts have been generated after enabling this Prestashop module.
  • The admin can understand exactly how many customers came to the checkout page but didn't convert.
  • He/she can figure out how many customers entered their email id to proceed further but didn't place an order for some reason. This Google Analytics Prestashop addon shows the email ids of such customers and their complete cart details.
  • Sometimes, the customers click on ‘place order’ button and actually look interested in buying products but could not complete the transaction because of some issue on site. The Prestashop checkout page analytics module helps the admin to identify such customers with their cart details and email ids so that he can contact them to complete their transaction.
  • This Prestashop module shows the email id for all carts if the customer entered the same on the checkout page.
  • The Prestashop addon has an option for the admin to view any cart details.

Other features for admin:

  • The admin can set how many entries he wants to view per page.
  • The admin can search the cart of any specific customer by entering his email id so that he can identify at which step this customer has abandoned the cart.
  • The Prestashop module has an option to view the cart of only Visitors, Guests, or Registered customers specifically.
  • The Prestashop store admin can view customers details (if available) against any cart.


Tracks customer’s behavior on store: This Prestashop checkout analytics tracks the customer’s behavior and let the admin know after which step, the customer actually abandoned the cart.

Records the Email Id and cart details: The Prestashop addon by Knowband records the email id of such customers and show the complete cart details to the admin. The Admin can then contact the customer to know if he/she faced some technical issue while completing the checkout process.

Helps admin to recover Abandoned carts: After viewing the reports, the admin can take action to recover the abandoned carts by contacting the customers who clicked on ‘Place Order’ button but didn't complete the transaction for some reason.

Customer Details: The module by Knowband allows the admin to view customer details of any cart (if available), based on which the admin can take the decision to recover the cart.

Cart Details: The Prestashop google analytics allows the admin to view the complete cart details with customer email id (if available) so that he/she can contact the customers to recover the abandoned cart.

Graphs for Quick analysis: Prestashop checkout page analytics module also shows the graph to have a quick glance at the customer’s behavior on the checkout page.

Analytic Summary: The Prestashop store admin can view weekly, monthly, yearly statistics and can also set dates to view reports.

Search by Email: This is a really useful feature in the addon where if the admin needs to search for some specific customers to know exactly after which step did the customer abandon his shopping cart.

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