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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (06-Jan-2022)
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Prestashop Knowband Wallet Module

The payment system is one of the most important factors that might influence whether or not a potential consumer stays on your site. It has been proven that customers prefer to purchase on websites that provide a variety of payment alternatives. Some individuals prefer to pay with cash, whereas others like to pay with a credit card. However, the idea of paying using a digital wallet has recently grabbed the eCommerce world by storm. The wallet function in online stores has a significant impact on the consumer conversion rate.

Now, Knowband provides the Prestashop Wallet System for your eCommerce store. With the help of the customer’s wallet, the customers can easily, quickly, and securely make payments. In fact, they can do it anywhere and anytime. Further, all they have to do is add money to their digital wallet using their credit/debit card or online payment. Thus, use the e-wallet system whenever they make a purchase from your eCommerce store.

Features of the Prestashop Wallet System plugin:

    1. Make payments using the Customer Wallet: With the help of the Prestashop Wallet System module, the admin can simply allow the customers to make payments using the wallet.

    2. Easy to enable and disable the module: Further, the e-wallet system by Knowband allows the admin to effortlessly enable and disable the plugin. In fact, he can do it from the backend of the addon.

    3. Allow or disable Partial Payment: There is a partial payment functionality in the Prestashop Customer Wallet System addon. Further, it allows the customer to use the value available in the wallet with other payment methods as well. For instance, a customer has $50 in the wallet but the order value is $100. Furthermore, he can use the wallet money with another payment method easily. In fact, he can choose a credit/debit card or online payment for the same.

    4. Negative Balance functionality: With the Prestashop Customer Wallet module, even if the customer has a lesser value in the wallet than the total order value, he can place the order. Further, once this happens, the wallet amount will go into the negative value. For instance, the customer has $90 in the wallet. However, the cart value is $100, the order will still go through. Therefore, the wallet will display a negative amount of $10.

    5. Discount settings: The admin can simply promote the wallet functionality by offering discounts on the same. For instance, he can offer cashback or discount when the customer pays through the e-wallet system. Moreover, the admin can set the rules for the discounts as well. They include:

    • How much should be the cart value for the discount?
    • Second, he can decide if the discount is to be fixed or percentage-wise.
    • Last, the expiration of the discount.

    6. Status update: The admin can simply update the Initial Order Status, Recharge Status, and Cancel Recharge Status from the back of the Customer Wallet.

    7. Showcase a Deposit Fund Link in the front end: With the deposit fund link functionality, the admin can display the tiny wallet balance icon throughout the website. In fact, this happens only when he enables it. Further, when you hover on the icon, it pulls out and suggests recharging the wallet.

    8. The name of the wallet is customizable: The store owner can name the customer’s wallet as per his wish using the Prestashop Wallet System module.

    9. The image of the wallet is customizable: The store owner can customize the product image in the cart when the customer is recharging the wallet.

    10. Setting the maximum and minimum amount for recharge: Here, the admin can set a maximum and minimum amount for wallet recharge. Further, in case he disables the functionality, he can set a fixed amount for wallet recharges.

    11. Cron addition: The admin can run the Cron functionality for deleting the Recharge Products automatically.

    12. Tracking customer wallets is effortless: Here, the admin can seamlessly track the customers who use their digital wallets for making payments. In fact, he can check Total Recharge, Amount Spent, Canceled/Pending Balance, and more from the backend.

    13. Tracking the wallet orders is easy: The admin can easily track all the wallet orders of the Prestashop Customer Wallet System addon.

    Benefits of Prestashop Customer Wallet System module for the Admin

    1. The Prestashop Wallet System module functions similarly to an online payment gateway.

    2. The admin can enable the ability to pay a part for an order with a wallet. Moreover, he/she can do the remainder with a different payment method.

    3. The admin can easily view every customer's wallet transaction from the backend. Further, he can view each customer's wallet transaction history in detail.

    4. In addition, the admin can also track the purchases made with the wallet.

    5. With the Prestashop wallet system, the admin can provide discounts to the customers. Further, he can decide whether the discount is fixed or percentage-wise for the customers.

    Benefits for the Customers of the Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon

    1. Customers can add money to their wallets using any of the various payment options.

    2. The order still goes through if there isn't enough money in the wallet for payment. In fact, the wallet balance goes negative. Further, when the customer recharges the wallet, the amount deducts.

    3. Customers may access their wallet balances and transactions by logging into their accounts.

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