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Free Abandoned Cart - Prestashop Addons

Free Abandoned Cart - Prestashop Addons
  • Prestashop Free Abandoned cart addon provides an easy interface to the Prestashop store admin to track abandoned carts on the site.
  • The store admin can convert them into the customer with regular email follow-ups.
  • Prestashop Shopping cart module allows the store admin to easily analyze the cart of the store visitors and send them reminders via email.
  • The Prestashop addon makes it easier for the e-marketers to reduce cart abandonment for free.
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Compatibility:Prestashop v1.6.x.x
Latest Version:v1.0.0 (02-Oct-2016)
Sales: 500+


Prestashop Free Abandoned Cart 

This addon helps admin to track all abandoned carts on the website. The free version has limited features only. To be able to use all below-mentioned features, we recommend you to buy its paid version.

On shopping sites, sometimes customers come to the website, add products to the cart but do not complete the checkout. It is a very difficult process for admin to search such customers and email them to remind about their cart. This plugin helps admin to track all such abandoned carts.

With the help of this module, you will be able to experience drop down in abandonment rate. By sending reminder emails, you will be able to follow-up with those prospects who failed to complete the purchase and left their cart abandoned.


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Question 1:
Is it compulsary to use CRON?
Answer 1:
We understand that you may be uncomfortable with CRON configuration therefore this module has an option to update abandoned cart list and send reminder emails manually. But we recommend all to use CRON as in case of large amount of abandoned carts, it is not possible for admin to send emails manually.
Question 2:
How will I know if some customer places order using coupon code from abandoned cart email?
Answer 2:
You can check complete order information of such customers in "Converted lists" tab of our admin panel.
Question 3:
Is it compulsary to enable "Redisplay cart at login"?
Answer 3:
No, it is not compulsary but there is a drawback and 0 benefit for not enabling it therefore it is highly recommended to enable it.
If a customer logins to your store, he will not find his previously added products in the cart and everytime he abandones a cart, a new entry will be made for him in abandoned cart list.
Question 4:
How many serial reminders should I setup for best result?
Answer 4:
It has been found that three abandoned cart messages increased revenue by 56 percent, versus sending just one but there is no hard and fast rule for this. Testing is always a best way to determine what fits best for you.
Question 5:
I need your help, how can I contact you?
Answer 5:
If you have any query or are facing some issue, don't hesitate to contact us.
Question 1:
What are the differences between free and paid version of this module?
Answer 1: