PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App
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PrestaShop Delivery Boy Mobile App

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* Platform:

Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.1 (08-Nov-2020)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 25+
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Customization Control

Fully Customizable App

The store owners can add their own app logo, app name, theme & even a splash screen with an image or gif. This way the PrestaShop eCommerce businesses can optimize their Delivery Boy App as per their business needs.

Delivery Agent Sign-up by Store Owner

Once the store owner sets up the account of the delivery agent, the delivery agent gets an email to set up his/her account. The following mandatory entries are taken from the delivery guy.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Agent’s picture
  • Mobile number
  • Vehicle type (Bike, Cycle, Van, or other )
  • Vehicle number
  • Password (min. 8 characters)
  • Confirm password
  • Full address
  • Delivery boy status (Enabled / Disabled)
  • Bank account details

Dashboard Screen

The dashboard screen shows the count of orders relevant to the particular delivery boy, including the assigned, pending, and delivered orders. Also, a map is shown in which the markers will be displayed pointing to pick up & delivery locations & the current location of the agent.

Orders Listing Screen

The ‘Order Listing’ screen of the ‘Delivery Boy App’ shows the list of all the orders relevant for each delivery boy, including all the assigned, pending, and delivered orders. The sorting and filtering options are also present for the agent’s convenience. The sorting options are:

  • Recent orders first
  • Earlier orders first
  • Amount - Low to High
  • Amount - Hight to Low

The filter options are

  • Order ID
  • After Date (Orders created after this date)
  • Till Date (Orders created till this date)
  • Order status (Assigned, pending or delivered)

Impressive Interface & Usability

Navigation Menu

A very easy to navigate menu is provided on the app for the convenience of the delivery agents. From here, the agent can reach any subpages on the app. The four main options are in the navigation menu are:

  • Dashboard
  • Orders
  • Settings
  • Logout

One-Time-Password Verification

Once the order is picked up by the agent, the customer gets a push notification/ email that the order is ‘on the way’. The customer is given an OTP which they have to provide to the delivery agent at the time of successful delivery. Only then the order is marked delivered.

Order Screen

On the order screen, every detail about the order screen including order ID, amount, items in that order, delivery address, contact details, cost totals, order status history. From this screen, the delivery boy can also enter some comments about the order (for example, “the customer not available at the address” or “customer asking for late delivery”, etc.) If the customer’s phone number is available, then the delivery agent can either call the customer or drop a message also. The delivery agents can mark the order delivered through a “delivered” button. Upon clicking it, a dialog will open on the ‘Delivery Boy App’ to confirm the order OTP which was sent to the customer earlier via Email. Once validated, the order will be marked as delivered.

Notifications screen

The notification screen displays the list of all the notifications received by the delivery boy, including the order assignment, status change or order delivered. Clicking on any of the notifications will open the order details screen.

Settings screen

The settings screen of the ‘Delivery Boy App’ has a list of the following items to select/ edit:

  • Language
  • Profile
  • Email notifications

Seamless Delivery Management

Delivery Management

This section allows the store admins to keep a track of all the orders & the delivery guys who are assigned to them. Based on the status of the orders i.e. 'Open', 'Assigned', 'Delivered' & 'Pending', the admins get to automatically as well as manually manage the delivery assignment.

Delivery Boy Management

This allows the admin to manage all their delivery agents most systematically. In a tabular form, the store admin gets to manage the status of the delivery agents using the following parameters:

  • Order ID
  • Order date
  • Date of the order delivered
  • Order amount
  • or if there is any other required detail, etc.

The admin can enable or disable the agent’s status also. In this agent’s details screen, the admin can view the details of orders delivered or rejected by this agent. The admin is also able to apply filters on the table using which he/she can calculate the commission for the delivery boy.

Delivery Location Management

If the location entered by the customer is valid, then the delivery agent will be directed to the right address otherwise, the agent will have to go to the location typed by the customer. Store admin also get to manage this whenever needed. Admin can also manually enter the location of the delivery & the same would be notified to the delivery agent.

Order Acceptance & Rejection

Once a delivery request is received by the agent, the delivery agent gets to accept & reject the delivery. Upon rejection, a reason is asked & the same is displayed on the agent’s detail screen.

Delivery Agents’ Ratings

Once the order is successfully delivered, the customers get an email to rate their experience with the order delivery. The average rating of the delivery agent is also displayed on the agent’s detail page.

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