Magento Spin and Win Module – User Manual

Introduction to Magento Spin and Win(Email Subscription) Extension

Knowband’s Magento Spin and Win (email subscription) extension takes the opportunity of the customer interaction to its maximum potential. The seemingly easy task of retaining the customers is actually the biggest challenge in the eCommerce scenario. Highly responsive and interactive spin and win pop-up makes this tedious job easier for the sellers and fun-filled for the customers. Without boring them with the annoying subscriber notification, the exit-intent popup compels the customers to enter their email id in order to spin the wheel. The gamified interface in return provides alluring offers to the customers which can be further used for shopping from the site. The addictive lucky draw contest lures the visitors to visit the site again and again.

The Extension is a 3 in 1 pop up:

a. Entry Pop up: Display the pop up as soon as the visitor enters the website.

b. Exit Pop up: Display the pop up as soon the visitor tries to leave the website (The extension works on the exit intent of the visitors)

c. Email subscription pop up: The Interactive extension is used to capture emails for newsletter subscription. The email Id entered in the Subscription pop up is directly integrated with the Mail Chimp and Klaviyo account of the Magento store admin.

1.1 Merchant Benefits

  • Increased customer engagement on your store using interactive gamified interface.
  • Increased customer base by capturing email Ids for Newsletter subscription, which can be later used for personalized promotions and email marketing.
  • High Impact on direct sales and ensures returning customers
  • Turns normal visitors into potential buyers
  • Fully customizable Email subscription pop up
  • Offers detailed reporting.
  • Intuitive back end interface, which is easy to understand and configure.
  • New attractive themes for spin and win popup helps merchant in drawing the attention of the visitors.

1.2 Features of Magento Spin and Win-Email Subscription extension

1. Lets your customer spin the wheel and win discounts using a fun filled spin-win game.

2. Responsive Exit pop up, Entry pop up or Email Subscription pop up

3. It is a great tool to enhance customer base as the customer has to enter their email Ids to get the discounts.

4. The Interactive email subscription pop up converts normal visitors into potential buyers by offering a complete new way to offer discounts.

5. This Exit pop up extension is fully customizable, you can match it with your website theme.

6. Offers 5 Ready-made email templates, Magento store admin can customize them further.

7. Offers Mail Chimp and Klaviyo Integration

8. Look and Feel settings to set spin and win pop up background color, font and button color, Display Image, etc.

9. Customize the email subscription pop up using Custom CSS and JS.

10. Email Recheck option to restrict the use of same email Id to get discounts multiple times.

11. Pull Out Tab facility to close the Spin and Win subscription pop up.

12. Choose whom to display, where and when to display, maximum display frequency of the Spin and win (email subscription) pop up

13. Option to display the pop up on Category page, Home page, Product page etc.

14. Option to set the discounts on each slice and the probability of each slice.

15. Check the performance of the interactive spin and win pop up by comparing the total generated vs used coupons using interactive graphical reports and tabular reports.

16. Intuitive back end interface.

17. Desktop, Mobile and Tablet responsive design

18. Multi lingual supported

19. Magento Spin and Win is Compatible with all themes.

1.3 Installation of Magento Spin and Win-Email subscription pop up extension:

Follow the simple steps in order to install the Magento Spin and Win Extension:

  1. Download the extension package from the Knowband store.
  2. You’ll get a zipped file. Unzip the package on the root folder of your Magento setup via FTP manager (like Filezilla or WinSCP – download here: You’ll find the files and folders as shown in the image below:
  3. The extension is now installed and ready for use. In Admin Panel, go to “System > Knowband Extensions > Ajax Spin and Win”.


You can now use and configure the extension.

Admin Interface

The web admin interface of highly responsive Magento Wheelio offers complete customization option to the store admin. The various features and functionalities offered by the extension can be modified from the admin panel. Some of the customization options offered by the plugin includes the following:

  • General settings
  • Display settings
  • Look and feel settings
  • Slice settings
  • Email marketing
  • Email settings
  • Statistics

Let us discuss the various customization options which are discussed in detail.

General Settings

The General settings offer a number of customization options. The various fields in this tab are discussed below. to enable and configure the extension?

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\Image 1.png

  1. Enable the extension

The various customization options include enabling or disabling the plugin as well. The admin can switch the button to enable the extension on the Magento store.

  1. Show Pull-out tab

The site visitors can remove the spin wheel from the screen of the website by clicking on the ‘No I do not feel lucky’ button.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Image - Copy.png

Magento Spin and Win wheel can be brought back to the screen if this option is enabled.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Show pull out tab.png

  1. Email Recheck

Magento Spin and Win can check the duplicity of email ids entered in the Email subscription pop-up by enabling this option. Once this is enabled, the store visitors can spin the wheel only once with a single email id.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Email Recheck.png

This makes sure that one email id can avail the offer only once. In case the same id is used to spin the wheel twice, then, the extension will flash a message as shown in the image below.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Image 3.png

  1. Wheel Display Interval

This field allows the Magento store admin to set the number of days after which the pop-up will be shown on the website. By default, it is set to 0.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Wheel display Interval.png

  1. Custom CSS

Magento store admin gets to change the look and feel of the Magento extension by including Custom CSS code in this section.

  1. Include jQuery

Magento store admin can enable the JQuery in the front end by enabling this button. This option allows him/her to include jQuery in the extension.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\CSS and JS.png

Display Setting

This tab allows the Magento store admin to change the display settings of the interactive pop-up shown in the front-end of the eCommerce site.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Display settings.png

The various customization options are discussed in detail below:

  1. Minimum Screen Size

This tab can help you set the minimum standard size of the screen with which the extension will be compatible. Select the minimum screen size and the extension will flawlessly work on any size larger than the one selected.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Minimum size screen.png

The admin gets to choose from a number of options in the drop-down list. All he needs to is to select the one that he finds suitable.

  1. Maximum Display Frequency

You can even select the maximum frequency of the email subscriptiondisplay. The admin gets to choose from the varied options in the list. You can either allow the wheelio to pop-up on every visit of the customer or else, you can set it’s display on hourly, weekly or monthly basis.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Maximum display frequency.png

  1. Hide Spin Wheel After

Along with the display option, the store admin gets an option to hide the spin wheel as well. Magneto store admin can either display the wheel all through the customer’s visit unless it is manually removed by the customers. The merchant can even set the time after which it will be removed from the web page.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\hide spin wheel after.png

  1. Set Time Interval

Do you want to display the gamified pop-up for a certain time? This tab allows you to set the duration when you want display or hide the email subscription pop up. All you need to do is to enable the button shown in the image below.

Once it is enabled, you will get an option to set the time and date of the duration when you want the spin wheel to be enabled or disabled on the front-end.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Set time interval.png

Enter the date in the prescribed format, that is, mm/dd/yy as well as the time in both the sections. The Exit intent pop up will be displayed only in between the duration set.

  1. Where to Display

The entry and exit pop-up can be displayed anywhere in the website. No code changes are required to be done for the same. All the admin needs to do is to select the web page where he wants this spin and win extension to show up.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Where to display.png

By default, the ‘Try your Luck’ wheel will be shown on every page of the website. However, if the admin wants to display it on a particular page only, he can choose ‘Show on selected pages’. The admin will then get an option to choose the pages where he wants to flash this email subscription pop-up.

  1. Who to Show

Choose your target audience whom you want to avail the coupons offered by the spin the wheel extension. You can either show the wheel to all the visitors, or to the new visitors or to the customers who are visiting your site again.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Whom to display.png

  1. When to Display

Choose the time which you think is feasible for displaying the wheel by selecting one from the options shown in this tab.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\When to display.png

  1. GEO Location

The admin can even select the GEO location in which he wants to display the pop-up.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\GEO location.png

Selecting the default option of worldwide will allow to display the extension at every places where the website is being viewed. In case, you want to display or do not want to display it at a particular location, then, you can select the place as shown in the image below.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\GEO location 2.png

Look and Feel Settings

Along with the various customization options, the web admin panel allows to change the look and feel of the entire Magento email subscription pop-up. How to change the look of the spin wheel?

Here are some of the ways in which you can change the look and feel of the spin and win(Exit Intent pop up) extension.

  1. Theme: Admin can select a desired theme for the spin and win email subscription popup based on different occassions like Thanksgiving, Easter, Black Friday, Christmas etc
  2. Theme Preview: Using this option of Magento Spin and Win module, you can preview a template before applying the final changes to your website.spinwin-theme
  3. Display image

Magento spin and win extension allows the store owner to show an image on the spin wheel. The image can enabled by switching the button as shown below.

Not just this, the admin can even change the image as per the requirement by choosing it from the local drive.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Look and feel enable.png

The image selected at the back end of the extension will be shown in the front end.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Logo at front.png

  1. Background and Font Colors

The Responsive Email subscription pop up extension offers a completely customizable interface. Right from the background color of the wheel to the color of the slices as well as font color, everything can be changed by selecting the color that suits the theme of your website.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Background and font color.png

Try your luck’ button color: This can change the font color of the button that is clicked before spinning the wheel.

No, I do not Feel Lucky’ color: Change the font color of the button by selecting the shade from here.

Continue & Use Discount’ and ‘Next Time’ button color: Select the color of this button in accordance with the color of the background.

Front Background Color: Select the background color of the front interface of the spin wheel from here.

Front Text Color: The font color of the text displayed on the interface can be changed from here.

Slice Settings

Not just the look and feel of the spin wheel, even the slices of the wheel can be changed and customized as per the need of the Magento store admin. There are 12 slices offered in the admin panel by default. The discounts offered, the label of the slice, the coupon type as well as the value coupon.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Slice settings.png

In addition, the possibility of a particular slice being selected after the spin can be set as well. Enter the desired value in the Gravity column accordingly. This value cannot be greater than 100 or less than 1. Moreover, the sum of the value of all the 12 slices should not exceed 100.

Email Marketing

The Spin and Win extension has an inbuilt email integrator. The email ids of the store visitors captured by the plugin is automatically added to the MailChimp, Klaviyo accounts of the Magento store owner. Reducing the effort and time consumed in manual synchronization, the Magento email integrator makes email marketing easier for the merchants.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Mailchimp and Klaviyo.png

All you need to do to enable this functionality is, enter the API Key of your account, select the list of the email ids that you want to synchronize and your job is done. You are now ready to send promotional triggers in order to compel your customers to visit your store back.

Email Settings

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Email settings.png

The coupon generated by the spin wheel can be copied directly from the wheel and used for shopping. At the same time, the coupons can be sent to the customers via email notification. It depends on the admin. He can choose the Coupon Display Option that suits his business model best.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Coupon display options.png

Instead of setting the subject line manually for every mail, you can directly change it from the admin panel and set it for each and every email that is to be send to the customers.

The email integrator comes with a bundle of email templates. The store admin can choose the one that he finds attractive, personalize it as per the need and send it to the prospective customers.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Email template settings.png


Magento Spin and win extension offers the statistical report of the number of coupons that are generated along with the number of coupons that were used and the ones that were left unused.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Stats.png

The same report is generated in tabular as well as in the graphical format. The report can be filtered by selecting the dates.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Desktop\Screenshots\Final Screenshots\Magento Spin and Win\7.jpg

This tab even generates country-wise statistics. Along with this, it offers the insight whether the coupon was generated on the desktop computers or on any other device.

Store Front-end

Once Spin and Win extension is enabled, the interactive pop-up will show up in the front end of the eCommerce store.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Image.png

The store visitors can spin the wheel by entering their email ids. Thus, you need not stick to the annoying exit pop-ups in order to get the personal data of the customers. You can effortlessly lure them by offering enticing giveaways in return of spinning the wheel.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Image - Copy.png

The coupon will be generated automatically once the wheel spins. The customer can then avail the offer by copying the code.

C:\Users\harsh.kumar\Downloads\My Products\Spin and Win Magento\Image (2).png

The same code can even be conveyed to the customers via email notification.

admindemo-png-23c88a6b8c9b172143fc9d4ab6cbf73e              frontdemo-png-5c017a63d058ebb40114051db675c00c              buynow-png-c130247fe2810e9fa5975daf7fed4e9b

spin-and-win-magDisclaimer: In case the “Spin and Win” wheel popup does not display at the front, kindly clear the cache or delete the cookies. Sometimes cookies prevent the popup from displaying at front.

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