Etsy Marketplace Integration - Magento ® Extensions
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Etsy Marketplace Integration - Magento ® Extensions

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Compatibility: Magento v1.9.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.6 (15-Feb-2019)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 25+
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Etsy Magento Integrator

If you are Magento-based store owner and are interested in selling your products in the Etsy Marketplace, then, here's a perfect solution for you. Knowband offers Magento Etsy Integration extension that can help you synchronize the inventory and orders between your Magento store and 

Etsy, Inc. operates as an eCommerce platform and allows online trading of unique products. Etsy brings millions of buyers and sellers on the same platform and facilitates online as well as offline trade. There are over 29 million buyers around the world who shop from Etsy. Sellers can easily register on Etsy to reach out to a larger chunk of potential customers. It is mainly a platform to sell Vintage and Craft items. However, with the evolution, the sellers can now also sell items related to Clothing, Accessories, Furniture, Supplies, and Baby Products etc.

You can now integrate your Magento store with Etsy and expand your business by tapping a larger audience base with the feature-packed Magento Etsy Integration module. Just the below-mentioned steps.

Integrate Etsy and Magento in 4 simple steps:

  • Setup Etsy Seller Account: The Magento store admin needs to create an Etsy seller account. For more information, click here
  • Setup App on Etsy: Setup an app in the Etsy marketplace.
  • Install and Configure: Once the seller’s account is setup and the app is set up, you need to install the Magento Etsy integration plugin in your Magento store. Configure your Etsy shop as per the requirement.
  • Start Selling: You are now ready to sell the products in the marketplace. The orders received from the marketplace can be easily processed from the admin interface of Etsy Magento Integration extension.



Etsy Magento Integration Module:

Magento Etsy integration module provides an easy interface to synchronize the Magento store with the Etsy Marketplace. The Etsy Magento integration plugin offers an opportunity to the online sellers who willing to sell their products to a larger audience. Etsy Magento connector allows the sellers to synchronize their products in bulk, and map the categories of the Magento store automatically with the Etsy store. The online merchants can keep the track of the inventory status and orders from the Magento Etsy connector’s admin panel itself. 

Features offered by Knowband’s Magento Etsy Integration Extension:

Easy Store Synchronization

  • Etsy Magento Integration module helps the sellers to synchronize their Magento store with the Etsy marketplace automatically.
  • With real-time synchronization, the Magento Etsy Integration plugin reduces the time and effort consumed in manual synchronization.
  • Along with this, the two-way integration makes it easier for the merchants to track and manage the inventory from a single interface that is from the back-end of the Etsy Magento API integrator.
  • The sellers can establish Magento to Etsy integration just in a few simple steps.

Quick Product Listing

  • The Magento Etsy API integrator allows the admin to list the products in bulk.
  • Seller can create multiple profiles in the admin panel of Magento Etsy synchronization extension.
  • Profile-based listing offered by Etsy Magento synchronization plugin makes it easier to manage the inventory.
  • With the crons offered by Etsy Magento integrator, no manual synchronization is required.
  • The admin can add, remove, relist or change the product details and pricing just by executing cron in the back-end of the Magento Etsy Integration plugin.

Inventory Management

  • The Magento Etsy integrator allows the admin to manage the inventory in bulk with the help of the profile-based listing.
  • The Etsy Magento integrator makes it easier for the store owners to edit, remove or relist the products on the marketplace.
  • The product variations can be listed at a few button clicks via Magento Etsy integration plugin.

Accurate Attribute and Category Mapping

  • The Etsy Magento API integrator offers many-to-one category mapping option.
  • The admin can map multiple Magento category with a single category of Etsy Marketplace. The Magento Etsy integrator offers many-to-one mapping.
  • The admin can easily map the attribute of the products with that of the attribute of Etsy via the profiles created in the back-end of the Etsy Magento integrator.

Shipping Management

  • The admin gets to create their shipping templates for the Etsy customer as per their convenience via Magento Etsy integrator.
  • The admin can offer N number of shipping options to the Etsy customer.
  • Etsy Magento integrator even allows the admin to map shipping entries with the created templates.

Order Movement

  • The orders received from the Etsy Marketplace can be synced with the Magento store by executing cron in the back-end of the Magento Etsy connector.
  • The orders can be processed like any other order from the admin interface of the Magento store. 
  • Etsy Magento connector offers a separate tab for defining the orders statuses.
  • The change in the order status is automatically synchronized with the Etsy Marketplace with the help of the cron options offered by Magento Etsy integration extension.

Error Notification

  • The admin can check the errors occurred while product listing.
  • The audit log tab of the Etsy Magento API integrator keeps track of all the tasks being performed.

New features:

New crons

As per the request of the users new crons to sync the product price and inventory has been added to the Etsy Magento Connector module. Now sellers can easily sync the product price and inventory in one go. One more cron Full Magento Update Synchronization has been added to the Etsy Marketplace Connector module.

Disable the out of stock products

In the new version of the Etsy Magento Connector module feature to disable the out of stock products have been added. If the product is out of stock then the product will get disabled from the Etsy shop.

Sync Tags and Materials

In order to improve the SEO of the listed products feature to sync the tags and materials has been added to the Etsy Magento Connector module. Now, store admin can define the tags at the time of creating the profile and these tags will get synced to the Etsy shop. Tags help to improve the product visibility for the search results.

Option to sync product price

In the latest version of the Etsy Magento Integration Extension the option to sync the Actual or Special price of the products. At the time of creating the profile, the store admin can select the type of price – Actual or Special.

Promotional price

The Etsy Magento Integration Extension allows the store admin to list the products on the Etsy shop at a different price than the Magento store price. Admin can select the option to sync the price at higher or lower price. Price can be altered based on the Percentage or Fixed basis. 

Benefits for the Sellers:

  • The Magento to Etsy integrator offers easy steps to start selling on Etsy using this integration
  • The Magento admin can take their online store on the popular platform and enhance the visibility of their products by integrating the two store with the help of Magento Etsy integration plugin.
  • User-friendly interface of the Etsy Magento integrator is easy to understand and use.
  • The Etsy Magento integration extension allows the admin to easily update the products and their related details.
  • The inventory can be managed from the admin panel of the Etsy Magento integration plugin.
  • With easy product, inventory and order management system, the Magento Etsy integration module reduces the time-consumed and efforts of the online merchants.
  • Sellers can check the order details from the admin panel of Magento Etsy connector.
  • Profile-based product upload of Etsy Magento integration extension allows bulk product listing.
  • The store admin can check the inventory and order status for the products listed on Etsy store from the admin panel of Etsy Magento integration module.
  • The sellers can check the reason for error if any product is not listed.
  • Sellers can update the order status easily from the Magento admin panel for the Etsy store orders.

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1. "Are you getting Policy waring in creating API Key of Etsy? "It is against our API Terms of Use to instruct users to generate their own API key. If you are not a developer and you are creating an app at the instruction of someone else, reach out to API support at API keys should not be shared publicly or with other parties."

- It's not against Etsy's policy to create API. In the message, it says it's against instructing users to generate their API key (if you are not a developer). There is no issue in creating an API key for Etsy. 

2. Can we list products on Etsy in multiple languages?
- Yes, Our Etsy Magento Integration module supports multiple languages. Once you add details to the product in other languages on Magento and sync the same to Etsy using our module, it will update other language data of the product on Etsy.
3. How to sync tags on Etsy?
- In order to add tags to the product on Etsy, you need to add tags to the product from the Prestashop back-office edit product page options tab. Screenshot -
After that sync the product locally and sync the product to Etsy from our module. The screenshot below -
4. What happens to the product on Etsy, if the product gets out of stock?
When the product gets out of stock, it will be inactive on Etsy. Once the product comes back in stock, it will again become active with updated quantity.
5.  Can I use imported billings from Etsy and print them out with Magento functionality?
"Yes, on updating the order status, you get the option to print the invoice as it happens in default Magento.
NOTE: The order details in the invoice will be the same as it is imported from Etsy."
6. What is the purpose of the Shop section?
The shop section option offered by the Magento Etsy API integrator enables the e-merchants to create separate sections for the products of the same type. For instance, they can create sections like fashion, sports, and others. The customers can hit the section of their choice and directly land on the products of their choice without browsing the entire assortment.
7. Not able to sync Product Locally?
In the Local Sync, Kindly ensure that the category mapped in the profile should have mapped products.
8. Not able to sync countries and getting messages Not connected to the Etsy store?
You are getting this error because your Etsy shop is not connected with the Magento Etsy Integration module. You can connect the same by Clicking connect button from the general setting tab. 

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