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OpenCart is undoubtedly one of the world’s most dominant Open Source eCommerce platforms. When it comes to the features that the platform serves its customers, eCommerce marketers are very happy to be a part of the OpenCart family. If you want to stand out in the competitive world, then OpenCart website development requires professional advice and expert guidance, along with robust tools and throughout the assistance.

Knowband’s technical squad is constantly working to add advanced features and custom functionalities to your eCommerce website so you can provide a better customer experience and work effectively. Whether you have an existing OpenCart store or are looking forward to jumping on the bandwagon, we are ready to put you at the forefront of the eCommerce domain.

Some of the most demanding OpenCart website development services for eCommerce are discussed below, which maximize the value of your OpenCart store and take the revenue to the next level.

Chapter 1: We create feature-rich eCommerce websites on OpenCart


What is the major goal of an eCommerce website? Drive more traffic, improved conversion, and happy customers, this will automatically improve your sales and add money to your pocket. What features an OpenCart website requires when you are a start-up or looking forward to starting your online business on the OpenCart platform.

eCommerce Website Customization

KnowBand is an eCommerce service provider creating solutions for various platforms for a decade. You will get custom solutions for OpenCart website development and design to implement on the eCommerce store.

To improve sales on your store we offer custom themes and templates, integrate order management and multiple payment gateways, and consistently building websites for eCommerce that are tailored to your needs and tailored to your imagination.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

The most alluring feature of OpenCart website development is that the store will be gadget friendly. It will be manageable from all possible devices like laptops, tabs, or the mobile phone.

Reports stated that the number of mobile shoppers has increased tremendously in the last few years. When you can have better choices then why settle for less? Make your store gadget friendly today.

Every website needs Dynamic UI/UX

User interface and user experience are the two most pivotal elements of a website design. The user interface designers have to develop the best UI that includes efficient screen layout, call to action buttons, the text they read, sliders, images, and every single micro-interaction the user gonna make on your OpenCart website.

User experience is determined by how easy or difficult it is to communicate with the elements of the user interface generated by the UI designers. So, we have professionals who can develop your OpenCart store with the most dynamic layout to achieve the best UX.

Custom Shopping Cart Development: Product, category, and inventory management


A virtual cart allows customers to add or remove products from it while shopping on your eCommerce store. A curated shopping cart includes product pages, category navigation, and checkout pages where the customer can enter their payment details to complete the transaction.

OpenCart website development for an eCommerce also includes the development of an admin panel for store management and order processing. Category, product, and inventory management are the other necessary features of a Shopping cart. The best shopping will be the one with analytics and matrices, tools for customizing your store, and marketing to customers.

Website Security and Payment

A robust security information network is to be employed to manage user information. The website security adds trust to your brand when a customer visits your website. The SSL certificate ensures that the website is secured.

Online payment is the cornerstone of the growth of e-commerce, an important phase in completing the internet transaction, and also the bottleneck of the development of the domestic network application. In order to sustain their business flow, any company or company operating the company on the internet must have an online payment system.

The protection of online payments is becoming one of the most important problems. Protecting consumers from internet attacks and cyber fraud is becoming very critical and one of the most important tasks for business owners to gain their trust. Trust badges and antivirus protection badge provides confidence to the customer who never shopped before on your store.

Incorporation of social media

The OpenCart website development services embrace social media integration in your eCommerce store. To attract the larger pool, you need to dive into the platforms user follows. Social media is the most powerful platform source for marketing and creating your brand identity.

We give you scalability to expand your presence in social media that allows customers to share your product and latest purchase on various platforms with their friends and followers.

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eCommerce Platform Migration

It happens very often that the services and functionality you are receiving from your current eCommerce platform are not satisfactory. Do you know that platform migration is possible and this can be done without any data loss? The process carried out by experts and the OpenCart platform is one of the best eCommerce platforms for migration. The service provider migrates your store to a new platform and makes sure to deliver perfection.

If you own a website and you want to set up for an eCommerce then you don’t have to develop a new one. You can just use an existing platform and link it to your website.

Chapter 2: OpenCart Website Development Services that Can Convert


We know website development requirements for an eCommerce. To simplify complex issues to build completely integrated, scalable, usable, and high-conversion websites, we use market-leading tools and technologies and they look fantastic too!

Bounce rate and cart abandonment have caused due to many reasons but by converting customers, the two can be reduced. In this technologically advanced world when everything is upgrading every moment and technology is evolving every second, OpenCart Website Development companies have to produce products that cope up with the demand.

Build an eCommerce Mobile Application

The mobile users have been increased in the last few years and it is going up by leaps and bound. So, to maintain your position in the competitive world of online business, you need to have a robust mobile application.

The graph below from Statista is showing the number of smartphone users from 2016 to 2021(expected).

eCommerce growth from 2016 to 2021

Knowband has the most dynamic, technologically updated Mobile App Plugin for the OpenCart store that gives a seamless shopping experience to users. Our OpenCart Website Development team delivers custom made mobile apps for eCommerce businesses.

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PWA Development

The progressive mobile app or PWA transform online eCommerce website into OpenCart PWA Mobile App & offer a convenient shopping experience to mobile shoppers. It can be configured by the manager and the admin can give new look and feel to the store accordingly. It has functionalities that help you promote your brand and add a personalized experience to increase customer engagement. The other features which make it the best is the manager can add text and dynamic images, change colors and themes, show related products to cross-sell and upsell, and much more.

You can connect your PWA with WhatsApp messenger and give 24/7 customer support to your visitors. The customer support system is effective when we talk about conversion.

Scalable Solutions:

The OpenCart website will be scalable and you can expand it any time or add as many plugins as you want to. We create websites that can solve all your problems and leave you with a wide customer base and lots of sales.

Plugin and Module Development services

To manage the online business, you can add several OpenCart extensions that can help you in improved conversion, increasing brand awareness, user experience, and also in reducing cart abandonment and bounce rate. You can visit our website if you are looking for something to manage your returns or if you are having trouble getting email subscribers. Our plugins are easy to install and configure.

Create Marketplace

create-marketplace-Opencart ecommerce website development

Since we are talking about scalability, I must mention the marketplace and its demand. The pandemic has changed the way of shopping and affected the business industry consequently now every business is trying to make their presence online on digital platforms.

Not every small business can afford a website so you can provide a marketplace platform for them. With the help of OpenCart Marketplace Plugin, it is effortless to convert your eCommerce single vendor store into a multi-vendor marketplace.

Resources to refer for OpenCart Marketplace:

Marketplace integration

Integration of the marketplace for eCommerce goods will include things such as product listing, order management, drop-shipping, and management of invoices. Connecting product details and inventory to markets in real-time is important, wherever they are, for seamless consumer interactions with your goods.

The marketplace integration module provides sellers with the following benefits:

  • Integrate your store with Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Newegg, Jet, and other marketplaces
  • Effortless product listing process with the functionality of bulk uploading
  • Mapping the attributes and categories of the store with the respective attributes and categories of the marketplace
  • The efficient control of the inventory of items
  • Efficient control of orders in the market place

Develop an eCommerce website to enhance the customer journey

Customers through all platforms are now expecting customized and satisfying experiences. For today’s customers, communicating with your business through any device or method that is most convenient is crucial. This is where plugins like custom personalized product design streamline consumer experiences and incorporate them.

On the OpenCart store, you can offer the following functionalities that directly impact the customer journey.

Best OpenCart Extensions to add post-pandemic

  • Start Booking and Rental Services

You can build and manage multiple booking services, whether it is an appointment, car/bike rental, or a hotel booking, using the OpenCart Booking and Rental system. It helps your clients to book an online service from anywhere at any time.

Reason to offer this:

  • Enhances the online booking experience of your customer
  • You can manage your bookings comfortably
  • You can provide a 24×7 booking facility

Resources to Refer:

  • Buy Online and Pickup Services

You can offer BOPIS services on your OpenCart store using KnowBand’s Store Locator Module. The physical store location will be shown by Goggle Map integration and customer can select that for order pickup. The customer can choose the date and time for pickup.

Why offer BOPIS?

  • Saves shipping cost and no extra shipping charges for customer
  • Customers like quicker services
  • Increases in-store sales
  • Promotes cross-selling and up-selling

Refer to this article to know how to click and to collect can win customers and grow sales.

  • Preferred Delivery Time

The OpenCart Preferred Delivery Time Extension enables your customers on the checkout page to select the desired delivery date and time.

Reason to offer this:

The average delivery time is typically 3-4 days or even more and this bothers the customer since they are not positive about the exact date and time of arrival consequently they have to make their order pick up arrangements. So, preferred delivery time allows them to set a date and time for order delivery which ultimately enhances customer experience.

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Chapter 5: Why KnowBand when there are many others?

Opencart website development services for eCommerce

KnowBand will be happy to help you run a fast, secure, and user-friendly store with Opencart extensions.  OpenCart eCommerce websites are built by our team of talented developers for customers from various business verticals.

  • Experts do the planning
  • Design and Development by experienced professionals
  • Custom website designs delivered on time
  • Post Deployment Assistance: Support and Maintenance

Drop a comment below or reach out to us at for OpenCart Website Development services or any custom changes on your existing platform.

Share your project details and requirements here and our team will contact you by the earliest. These services are also available for Magento, PrestaShop, and, Shopify platform.

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