How to Attract Sellers on OpenCart Marketplace


Attracting sellers on a marketplace is more difficult than setting up an online store. The multi-vendor marketplace is the most prominent trends in the eCommerce industry. If you are looking forward to creating your own marketplace then OpenCart Marketplace Module can be the solution that will convert your OpenCart website into a Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

The OpenCart Marketplace extension is easy to configure and in a few simple steps you can start your own marketplace similar to eBay, Amazon, ETSY, etc., that too without coding. It allows customers to register as a seller on your marketplace and provide them with a platform to sale their products.

Are you facing problems in approaching sellers to your OpenCart Marketplace?

Marketplace extension makes everything effortless but attracting sellers is intimidating and is still a task. When your platform is ready, onboarding sellers on your marketplace and making them add their products should be the very first step of your marketplace project.

Being able to attract a large number of suppliers would likely decide the marketplace’s performance and make it appealing to customers. This article will explain to you how to attract sellers to your OpenCart online marketplace after launching a successful online eCommerce marketplace.

1.   Make smart strategies to market your marketplace

If you have launched or planning to launch a marketplace on the OpenCart website then your first target should be on marketing. If you have launched a website and you fail to grab the potential traffic then the whole process and efforts will go in vain. Develop a plan for customer acquisition by knowing your target audience and their purchase pattern.

Make-smart-strategies-to-market-on-OpenCart Marketplace

  • Social Media is advantageous

If you belong to millennials then you know the importance of social media. After starting the OpenCart Multi vendor marketplace, promote your products on every possible social media platform to attract the potential customer. Try to make a profile that is easier to find and join the right groups. Share knowledgeable and thoughtful content. Irrelevant and useless content can push your customers away.

  • Pay attention to branding with ad

If you want to attract sellers to your OpenCart marketplace then you must have an excellent branding strategy that will help them grow. By explaining your branding plans and advertisement methods you can convince sellers to choose your marketplace as an e-commerce business platform. There are many options available for advertising your marketplace to reach customers such as running classic ads in newspapers, magazines, video advertising, and television ads.

Let the world know about your marketplace seller’s success stories and reviews. With some marketing data, an insightful blog can tempt the sellers and get them close to your shop. In addition, Google indexes blogs can easily assist the administrator in a limited time to draw the interest of numerous sellers around the world.

2.   Let sellers know about the commission management plan

Sellers would love to register with your marketplace if you are maintaining the transaction transparency. OpenCart Marketplace plugin allows customers to register as sellers and has an option for affiliate customers incorporated within. Consider the following points for offering effortless commission management and to track earning:

  • With OpenCart Marketplace Module, the store owner can charge commission globally, product wise, category wise, or even a different commission to individual sellers. Explain this to the sellers beforehand to maintain the transparency.
  • Feel free to inform them about the tax charges and with the OpenCart marketplace plugin, the admin can add that tax charges in commission.
  • Follow a payment strategy for the payouts. You can make payments every day, weekly, or monthly. This leaves the books at the end of the sellers clean and liquidity preserved.

3.   Help them upload products and manage inventory

For all online retailers, inventory management is the greatest dilemma. This is another justification for them to hesitate to delve into the marketplace of multi-vendors. With the OpenCart Multi vendor marketplace, sellers can list their products with ease.


  • Inventory management

Offering inventory assistance can encourage sellers to register on your OpenCart marketplace. With the multi-vendor extension, sellers are able to monitor their store products and update customers with the required details. This significantly improves the acquisition of buyers and makes it easier to attract sellers.

  • Product listing

Adding new products on a marketplace appears to be difficult but now product listing is not a tedious task. Sellers can upload the CSV file for bulk enlisting of the products or add them one by one.

4.   Educate the sellers

Optimize the marketplace according to the vendors’ needs and it will become easier to persuade the vendors.

  • Teach sellers about the whole concept of the marketplace to make it easier for them.
  • Conduct consumer modules and training sessions because it helps sellers to understand the features and benefits.

The Marketplace’s limitless functionality will make sellers feel like they’re using their own website. Simple management of inventory, payment options, and order management will make the sellers’ whole business transaction smooth.

5.   Offer a customer support system

To encourage sellers to sell on your OpenCart marketplace, you must optimize the customer seller support system. It is needed to notify customers about the order status from time to time, provide good customer service to enhance customer experience which can boost customer retention rate.

offer-customer-support-system-on-opencart-marketplace-to attract sellers

  • Notify customers with Customized email templates

The OpenCart Marketplace extension provides numerous email templates to handle the entire contact between sellers and administrators, sellers & customers in the marketplace.

  • Helpdesk Customer Seller

In case of any question related to the product, customers may directly contact the sellers on the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace. This in turn draws buyers towards the brand and forces them to go for instant purchase.

  • Managing Product Return is not an issue

The returns can easily be initiated by the customers for the products. The OpenCart Multi-vendor marketplace seller and admin both will be able to access return requests from the vendor dashboard and process them.

6.   Consumer Sales Promotion

Sales promotion has been shown to be a successful marketing strategy for both mature and emerging companies to reach the customer about a new product. A new customer might not only be of interest to you but also be outstanding in the competition.

consumer-sales-promotion-on-marketplace-to attract-sellers-opencart-marketplace

  • Reduce cost with discount

Studies have shown that when their prices are temporarily reduced, it is tempting to purchase more items.

  • Offer Coupons

The client would be inclined to buy from you again with gifts, discounts, coupons, and promo codes.

OpenCart Marketplace Extension allows sellers to run discounts and promotions by offering coupon codes to the customers.

In addition, the OpenCart Marketplace extension built by Knowband has several other features that make it much easier to dig into the multi-vendor scenario for the store administrator. These alluring features make the selling process effortless for the vendors.

How Knowband helps you in Creating Your OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace?

1. Activate or deactivate seller profile

The administrator may easily enable a vendor to sell on the store from the OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace backend. If a seller’s profile is disabled, all the goods of that seller are automatically deleted.

2. View orders and the order status

The store administrator of OpenCart can monitor orders from the admin panel. On the admin screen, a list of orders with vendor details and order status will be shown.

3. Manage Product listing

OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace store owner has control to approve the products enlisted by sellers. Admin may set the appropriate field of approval globally or for the individual sellers.

4. Track customer-seller transactions

It is easy to track customer-seller transactions and total seller earnings from the marketplace module’s admin panel with the admin commission.

5. View and update seller review and product feedback

The vendor and the items in the store can be rated and reviewed by the customer. The OpenCart Multi-vendor marketplace plugin allows the seller to search, edit, and approve all customer feedback.

6. Versatile approach:

The robust mobile app is compliant with the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension. It is compatible with all the themes and modules of OpenCart. The OpenCart Marketplace extension is compatible with all currency types. All types of products can be sold on the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension.


It won’t be justified if I say you won’t face any difficulty after launching a marketplace because you will have to face a lot of problems while going through the process. Incorporating OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin will reduce your extra efforts and help you run the store smoothly. You can refer to the user manual of the OpenCart Multi-Vendor marketplace for a better understanding of the module.
The chicken-and-egg problem of the marketplaces is not new but this is what it is. Set up your OpenCart marketplace and start generating revenue even when you are asleep.

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