Best extensions for OpenCart store to boost Holiday sales


OpenCart is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing bizarre e-commerce sites. Flexibility, functionality, and ease of use are great. Moreover, the broad variety of customization options available to create personalized customer experience is the key reason why OpenCart is the first choice for most business owners and e-commerce entrepreneurs.

It is an open-source platform and there are plenty of free and paid extensions available for OpenCart websites. These extensions can provide you with excellent customer conversions, good customer retention, and an amazing user experience.

The last quarter of the year is about to begin. This is the best time to add these extensions to your eCommerce store which can boost your overall sale this holiday season. ‘Knowband’ provides many extensions that can help you with multi-channel selling improve customer experience, boost customer conversions, and much more. These exiting modules will increase your sale in the 2020 holiday season. Let’s have a quick understanding of extensions which can benefit you as a store owner.


This holiday season start New Services at your eCommerce store

To increase your turnover you can start providing new services on your eCommerce store. These days renting over the buying trend is on a boom. Every individual wants to buy or gift personalized kinds of stuff. Some of the extensions you can add to your store for providing new services are discussed below:

1. Booking and Rental System:


With Booking and Rental System – OpenCart Extension installed in the eCommerce store, the online merchant allows online users to fix an appointment, book hotel rooms, and book daily or hourly rental products. During the holiday season, people often rent costumes and vehicles. Renting a product can be a productive idea from both vendor and marketplace owner.

With the help of Knowband’s OpenCart Booking and Rental System Extension the online merchant can offer these facilities on the website:

  • The online merchant can offer booking and rental facilities
  • Showcase location on the booking/rental product pages
  • Offer hotel booking facility
  • Showroom details
  • Allow fixing appointments
  • Offer to book daily/hourly rental based products like cars, bikes, and even costumes.

The product features and details are available on the Knowband shop. Click here link to know more about this very useful extension.

2. Product designer/customization:

product-designer-customisation Product designer/customization extension for OpenCart store empowers your customers with the ability to design and shop custom products at your websites like T-shirts, mugs, cushions, and more. People prefer products which match their look and vibe. This holiday season, Why not giving them a personalized solution with which they can buy customized products for themselves and their loved ones? Here is why it would make your Web store better.


You can visit the product page for the Product designer/customization extension.

3. Multivendor Marketplace:


Knowband’s OpenCart Marketplace plugin will easily turn your single-vendor platform into a fully functioning marketplace. Plugin highlights:

  • The admin system of the OpenCart Multi-vendor marketplace module renders sales management effortless.
  • This Multi-seller marketplace extension renders commission management effortless for the store administrator.
  • Offers easy product and category management
  • It is compatible with the OpenCart mobile app builder plug-in multi-Channel selling

Buy OpenCart Multi-vendor marketplace extension from Knowband store.

List of modules for Marketplace integration in OpenCart store:

OpenCart is an advanced and strange open source e-commerce store management program written in PHP using MySQL database and HTML components. This makes it an easy interactive platform for merchants and customers. With the help of available extensions and modules, you can easily sell on multiple marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Wallmart, Etsy, Wish, Reverb, Mercadolibre, etc.

What makes a multichannel extension a must buy?

  • Multichannel sales or omnichannel sales are the processes of providing consumers with a range of outlets from which they can buy different products.
  • It is ideal for companies that do not have physical stores and operate in the virtual world as multi-market online platforms.
  • If you’re selling your product in more than one location, it can be a brick and mortar store.

Some of the best selling extensions for market place integration by Knowband are:

4. Google Shopping:


The Google Shopping Integrator Extension helps consumers to scan, view, and compare items on the Google Search page. Google Shopping OpenCart extension lets store owners map their items to Google Shopping.

5. eBay – OpenCart Integration:


The eBay OpenCart integration module offers a smart solution for the store owners to link their store to the eBay marketplace. It provides a profile based product update feature.

6. Walmart – OpenCart Integration:


KnowBand provides a Walmart OpenCart integration extension to help the store owners start selling their goods on the Walmart site. The Walmart OpenCart Integration Module is the simplest way to connect your OpenCart store to the popular Walmart Marketplace.

7. Etsy Marketplace Integration:


Etsy OpenCart Integration module provides an effective user-friendly interface to manage the product listing, inventory, and orders for the Etsy marketplace from the admin panel.

Sears – OpenCart Integration and Jet – OpenCart Integration is coming soon in the knowband shop.

A smart way to prevent bad bot visits:

There could be any reasons to prohibit a malicious IP or user agent from visiting the eCommerce website. Undoubtedly, in this digitally transformed world, bots can be of any kind, either good or bad. Blocking irrelevant traffic helps to protect the website from potential threats and malware. Knowband has two extensions for your store which can save you from unwanted visitors.

8. OpenCart Blocker – Block Bot/User by IP, Country or User Agent Extension


Knowband gives you full power to block unwanted traffic and irrelevant users from accessing site information. With OpenCart Block user extension, prevent as many suspected users or bots from accessing your store and stealing website data without your knowledge. The Spam Blocker extension gives you great versatility to intelligently screen out suspicious bot traffic on the store.

  • Safeguard your site from unauthorized users and their malicious content
  • This multilingual blocker module enhances the speed and contributes to the overall user experience.
  • OpenCart Block Bot by IP module helps reduce the cost of server loads and bandwidth.

To know more about this amazing blocker bot visit our Knowband store.

9. Google ReCaptcha:


Many spammers try to divert the traffic from your website in the heavy sell days. But, by incorporation Google reCaptcha to your store, you can protect your site from such bad bots. Protect your OpenCart store from spambots by integrating the Google ReCaptcha extension for human verification. This Google Captcha operates by checking the people accessing the website are human or not.

  • Admin can include the Google ReCaptcha on the login page, registration page, contact us page and forgot password page
  • Google ReCaptcha module helps to push quality content to your website and also helps avoid fake registrations in your shop
  • multi-store and multi-lingual compatible

Knowband OpenCart Google reCaptcha can be a great deal for your eCommerce store.

Shipping Services:

10. Shipping Timer:


Adding a fully-featured countdown timer to the OpenCart can Take your eCommerce website to another level. eCommerce store owner can draw urgency for the goods and boost the conversions with an easy-to-use shipping timer. Fast shipping or one day shipping always excites the customer to shop more. It displays a countdown timer on your eCommerce store.

  • One day or the same day, delivery helps to create trust in customers for a swift buying decision.
  • This Countdown Timer keeps the customer aware of the expiry of the shipping deal. As a result, buyers can position their orders accordingly.
  • This Shipping module removes the challenge of comparing the delivery time of the same goods on different websites.

Excite your customers with this countdown timer by Knowband, the Shipping Timer – OpenCart Extensions, and take advantage of the holiday season.

11. Free Shipping Manager:


With this Free Shipping Manager extension by Knowband, online merchants can offer free shipping to online customers. Online store owners can set up free shipping rules, and free shipping terms and conditions to customers. Store admin can set the minimum time duration available for free shipping. Free shipping reduces the number of abandoned carts and also motivates customers to buy products to reach the minimum amount.

The OpenCart Free shipping Manager allows customers to purchase more from your store which increases the sale. For more details on the OpenCart Free shipping Manager, please visit Knowband shop.

12. Deal Timer:


Knowband’s OpenCart Deal Timer plugin allows the admin to provide discounts to the customer for a special period of time. You can give discounts or special deals on Christmas or Halloween days. The admin can set the list of products in which the OpenCart countdown timer is to be used to provide the discount. The OpenCart extension helps the store owners to boost the conversion of the site.

To add this extension to your store you can visit the Knowband shop and read more about this Deal Timer.


After the COVID 19 outbreak, this is the best time to make some money. These modules can bring a lot more traffic to your store. By providing new services you can establish a multivendor market place which will allow many sellers to generate more and more revenue. Add these super-smart modules to your store and boost your sales.

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