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Do you own an OpenCart store and willing to start a marketplace business? OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension by Knowband is an exemplary plugin available for your OpenCart Marketplace business.

You must be coming up with a lot of questions for the same. First, what makes a multi-vendor marketplace an appealing business model for a peer-to-peer, B2B, or B2C business? The thing is: you want to make sure that you are working on the most profitable possible business. And that is just what a marketplace is. You can choose an industry to start your business with.

How does the OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension work?

If you are looking for a well-developed option for managing admin and seller interface then OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace extension is the solution. The extension has a separate admin interface and seller interface along with the front-end.

The registered seller is provided with a seller dashboard to manage all his orders, product inventory, delivery, and payment gateways and what not! The seller can easily register for selling his products on OpenCart Marketplace and access the dashboard. This is what a marketplace owner wants.

OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace plugin has a flawless admin interface that allows admin to manage all the sellers easily. It makes the seller commission management effortless. Proving multiple product choices in different categories is now handy with the OpenCart Marketplace extension.

How Admin of OpenCart Marketplace is Benefited?


Setting up a marketplace itself is an optimum business idea. This can make you plenty of money if done thoughtfully and strategically. All you need is a plan and a management system. The OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace extension is fully functional which can be incorporated into your existing single-vendor eCommerce site and converts it into a marketplace.

Easy Commission Management: A Source of Passive Income

The marketplace business is a source of passive income. If you are an owner of the marketplace then you will be earning some commission over every sell completed over your marketplace. The Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin designed for OpenCart allows the admin to charge the sellers the global as well as the category-based commission.

Prudent management of sellers, products, and categories

It is simple to accept the seller’s profile from the admin panel of the OpenCart Marketplace plugin. The store owner can easily track the profile of the vendor and the items that are posted on sale. The admin can also assign sellers the categories. Besides, the vendors can submit an admin category request that is handled at the back end of the OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace plugin.

Offer Several Shipping Choices

OpenCart Marketplace Multi-vendor plugin provides custom delivery options to the customers. A seller is allowed to offer different shipping options for their products.

Track the Orders and Payments

Track-the-Orders-and-Payments- OpenCart- Multi-vendor-marketplace-plugin

Keeping the track of the sales, orders, and payments is an essential part of the business. The OpenCart Marketplace Extension provides efficient monitoring of the site’s sales report and the pay-outs.

Opencart Multi-Vendor Marketplace plugin offers admin to configure the payment settings for PayPal from the store’s backend. Admin needs to fill in the store’s backend with the Client ID, Client Secret Key, Paypal Email subject, and Paypal Currency.

Attract More Sellers to your Marketplace

Easy Seller Registration

If you want more vendors to sell on your OpenCart Marketplace then install the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension because it allows third-party vendor registration in few clicks by simply filling out a form.

Sell Everything

The OpenCart Multseller marketplace extension allows sellers to sell ‘N’ number of products added in different categories. They can easily list the products and manage the inventory. OpenCart Marketplace allows the seller to request for the approval of product categories.

Lucrative Product Page

Sellers can incorporate banners, shop logo, and metadata from the dashboard to make the product page more appealing. An SEO friendly URL can be added by the seller.

Sellers can keep the Track

The sellers can track the Dashboard’s overall transactions and sales report with ease. It makes management simpler and quicker.

Shipping Choices and easy Payouts


If allowed from the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module admin panel, the sellers can add their own shipping methods. This will give customers a lot more choices.

Sellers can request the payment from time to time. This is very simple and easy.

Provide Notifications and Alerts through Email

Provide-Notifications-and-Alerts-through-Email- Opencart Marketplace Extension

This has a powerful email notification system that is capable of providing timely updates and feedback to the marketplace community concerned. Provide all the information about activities taking place within the online marketplace to customers, sellers, and store managers for taking the appropriate action at the earnest level. This will help us make the right business decision with no hiccups.

Customers are the Most Benefited Entity

Wonderful services at the most competent price: A customer will be happy to buy a product from your store if he can see what others are saying about the product they are willing to buy. It has been observed that a product that is highly reviewed receives more engagement.

Visitors of the OpenCart Marketplace store can now select the ideal products from a wider range of product choices. Let you the customer decide if the product and the seller are good enough by asking for feedback and reviews. From the seller’s account page, customers can easily contact the product sellers and raise a ticket for their queries and problems.

Final Words

Handling a business is not easy and a small task. Not every business owner can set up their own marketplace and earn money but giving them an opportunity will make the difference. Also, you need a strong and easy-to-use marketplace platform to create a successful marketplace. And to help you find the best platform, we have developed a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension for you, to see the demo you can click here.

The Marketplace module is also available for the PrestaShop store and Magento store.

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