Protect your OpenCart Store from Bots and Spammers

Protect your OpenCart Store from Bots and Spammers

If you have a website, you will have to deal with spammers. They leave no opportunity to attack a website and OpenCart is no exception.

Spammers try to degrade your website by posting spam links, comments, doing fake registrations, etc. Go through the OpenCart forum once and you will see many users complaining about the spam activities on their website.

Scrapping this wanted traffic is important so that your website’s performance on the search engine is not affected. To help you get rid of spammers, we present you two modules that could prove to be effective in restricting bots and spammers from entering your website and doing malicious activities.

Before we begin, let’s try to understand a few spam activities that you could witness on your OpenCart website.

1. Spam Comments

You would often get excited to see too many comments on your blog posts only to realize that they are just spam links and have no relation with the content whatsoever. These irrelevant comments are not only annoying but they also hurt your SEO as they pass on the link juice to the spammers’ websites.

2. Fake Sign-ups

In this spam activity, bots bombard your website with multiple fake registrations. They take up a lot of storage on your server and intend to slow or harm your website’s performance.

How to prevent your OpenCart website from spammers and bots?

As I said above, we have two extensions specially designed to deal with this. Let’s take a look.

1. OpenCart Spam Blocker

OpenCart Spam Blocker extension lets you block a store visitor by his/her IP address, country, or user-agent.

From the back-end, you can specify the IP addresses from which you don’t to receive traffic or which you suspect to be sending spams to your website. You can insert multiple IPs at once. Or instead of blocking, you can allow only certain IPs to access your OpenCart store.

Similarly, if you are getting a high volume of spam traffic from some specific countries, you can put them in the block list.

The next feature it has is blocking spammers/bots that are landing on your website from a specific user-agent. (Firebox, Chrome, Mozilla, Android, Windows, etc.)

It may happen sometimes that you block a genuine user. So what this module does is it allows blocked users to raise a request to the website owner to get unblocked. The admin can track the requests from the back-end and take decision accordingly.

2. OpenCart Google reCaptcha

OpenCart Google reCaptcha is the best way to counter fake registrations on your website. It adds a security layer to your website. You can enable reCaptcha on the Login page, Registration Page, Contact Us page and Forgot password page. For each page, you can specify the reCaptcha that you want to set: v2 reCaptcha or v3 reCaptcha.

The old reCaptcha i.e. v2 is a simple “I am not a robot” checkbox allowing people to easily go through that particular page whereas the v3 reCaptcha uses machine learning and advanced risk analysis to identify bots from humans.

Final Word

The combat between spammers and websites goes on forever. They will try to spread spam by any means. I am sure these two OpenCart extensions will be extremely beneficial in getting rid of spammers and bots on your website.

If you need any kind of assistance with these two modules, feel free to reach out to us at

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