Boost the Social Media Presence

Boost your Social Media Presence with these Tips

The presence of social media has boosted the sales of the eCommerce store to a very large extent. The web store owners now has more opportunities to promote their business using the social media platforms. Most importantly, the huge customer base of the social media provided immense boost to the growth of the web store. The sellers need to use better strategies in order to reach out to the potential buyers on these platforms. Most of the stores have started to use these social media platforms to boost their sales.

In order to grow the web traffic for the eCommerce store, the seller need to use better approach. The customers are more likely to use the store services, if they find the approach used by seller much convincing. One of the best platform to approach customers on these social media platform is through Facebook. It has more than 2 billion users, which can be very useful while considering the growth of the eCommerce store. As more people are likely to engage themselves with the store, if the visibility of the store is max out.

One of the important factor about promoting the store on Facebook is to increase the fan base of your page. The sellers needs to be creative and expressive while doing so. Most of the users on Facebook tend to follow the pages of their favorite online website. Thus, it becomes quite important for the seller to provide the proper and appropriate content to the customers on this platform. With proper steps and better ideas the sellers is likely to be get noticed and has a better chance of increasing the sales of the products. It serves as a better medium for getting new customers and at the same time making immediate conversions.

Let us discuss some of the approach that the seller can follow to boost their social media presence.

1.  Social media store

Social Media Store

The web store can get their stores enabled on the social media platform. The stores supports marketing of the products available on the web Store and if the customer wishes to explore more than they can be redirected to the web store through these Store. It increases the traffic on the Web Store and provides an interactive platform for the visitors. These stores are simple and easy to operate. The content on these stores can be optimized to increase its reachability. It helps in generating leads. Facebook store is one of example of such stores.

2.  FB album

Facebook Album

One of a better approaches to gain more customer’s attention is by providing them with better insight of the products. Thus, using FB album can help you in doing so. Prestashop Facebook Album plugin is one such module that offers an effortless way to the Prestashop store owners to post the photo album of their products on the official FB page of their store. It enables the seller to provide better glimpse of the product to the customers. It is an easy way as the seller can synchronize the content of their web store to Facebook and then the images of the products from web store will automatically be uploaded to the Facebook page. It improves product visibility and also it’s chance of better sales. The FB album also supports the factor of Social Sharing.

3.  Increase the number of likes

Increase the no of likes

One of the tending feature of improving your fan base on Facebook is by compelling them to like the Facebook page. It helps your site get better fans by generating automatic discounts for the customer who likes your page on Facebook. Prestashop super fan module increases the traffic on the web store and at the same time helps improving the visibility of the web store on Facebook. The store visitors gets discounts and offers after liking the page. The intriguing factor will surely enhance the number of likes you have on the social media platform. The concept is new and most of the store have started to use it. It helps in generating leads with better opportunities of conversions.

4.  Social login

Social login

Most of the time customers want to access the web store without having to go through troublesome process of signing up again and again, to gain access to multiple websites. Therefore, in order to increase web traffic and boost the rate of conversions, different approaches are used by the sellers. One of the approach is the feature of Social login. The Social log in enables the user to browse the various products, provided by the web stores without signing up separately to the website. The Social login provides an option to the seller to direct more traffic to their website. It enables the visitors to sign up to the web stores using their Social Media log in details.


The concept of promoting web store using social media is quite useful. It has helped the stores to boost their sales and get better conversions. In order to be more effective with the web store the seller needs to follow some better approaches which will help them to improve their growth a lot.

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