Best Module to Offer Online Booking and Rental Services on OpenCart Store


Do you take advantage of online booking and rental services? In a world full of new technologies launching everyday demands for exclusive ideas and business opportunities.

How would you feel when you are on a vacation and the hotel you were supposed to live in is fully occupied and it occurred to you last minute? Disappointed! There were the days when people have to stand in a queue to buy the tickets for watching the new release in their favorite cinema hall. Long waiting in your most liked restaurant or at the salon you always go can kill the excitement.

This can happen with anyone, anytime but booking and rental services can help people to make their hotel bookings, car rentals, book dentist’s appointments before time through their mobile phones in just a few clicks. OpenCart Booking and Rental system is a highly featured extension that allows you to provide online booking and rental services for your existing business.

What OpenCart Online Booking and Rental System offer?

The online store merchant can add multiple products such as daily rental services, hourly rental products or services, book appointments, and hotel bookings from the admin interface of OpenCart Online Booking and Rental System.

#1. Incorporated with Geo-location:

It is essential to provide location input functionality while offering online booking and rental services because it helps the customer to choose the right location for booking an appointment or a hotel. OpenCart booking service extension is integrated with Google location maps.

#2. Book an Appointment

book-an-appointment-online-booking and rental services for opencart

You can make your doctors’ appointment in a click at your time convenience. Online booking and the rental system allows people to make their salon, hospital, dentist, or any other service appointment easily. It has the facility to provide different dates and time slots to the customers. Admin can set different charges for different dates and times.

#3. Hotel Booking is Easy with OpenCart Module

hotel-booking-is-easy with opencart online booking and rental services- car- hotel- appointment

With OpenCart Online rental and booking system you can start providing pre-book hotel options to your customers. The eCommerce store merchant can easily add multiple hotels by choosing the hotel booking as “Product type”. It shows prices, ratings, and minimum booking days to visitors. Admin can also add in-hotel facilities, create date slots, and add room availability details.

#4. Offer Daily or Hourly Rental Services

Taking Ola and Uber transport services have become a part of the lifestyle. You can start your online car or transport rental and booking services with OpenCart rental and booking system extension. Take your rental business to a different level. You can customize the product page by displaying the product image and all the required information.

#5. Hassle-free Management

The OpenCart Online booking and rental system are developed for managing your booking and rental services effortlessly.

  • It shows order details in the admin panel. OpenCart store owner can view booking and rental orders
  • It has efficient Date and Time Slot Settings, admin can apply price rules for different time slots and dates. By displaying the price on the front end admin can offer transparency to the customer
  • Integrated Quantity limitation Settings allows the owner to customize the quantity

Benefits of OpenCart Online Booking and Rental System

Some of the key benefits of OpenCart online booking and rental services are:

benefits-of-hotel-booking car rental and appointment-online booking and rental services for opencart

  • Anytime support

Your work won’t be affected even if you are out of town or handling the business remotely. The Online booking and rental system will handle your booking and orders for you anytime from anywhere.

  • Reduce Workload

Online rental and booking system cut your workload of managing the records and keeping track manually of hotel booking, movie ticket seat details, car availability, etc. The extension can manage all with hardly any effort or time.

  • Generate more revenue with online booking and rental services

Also, you can observe a sharp rise in the booking if you switch to online rental and booking services. There are many competitors and taking your rental and booking business to a digital platform will make you stand out from the crowd.


The online booking and rental services make life easier and less stressed. People often look for options that can save time and effort. Now, with OpenCart Booking and Rental System developed by KnowBand, you will be able to run your business online with the least bash. Click here if you are willing to start your booking and rental business on your OpenCart store.

You can also start Online rental and booking services on your PrestaShop store. Read this article for providing hotel booking, car rental, or any reservation related services on the PrestaShop website.

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