Buy Online and Pick up In-Store: How Click and Collect can Win Customers and Grow Sales

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Online shopping from eCommerce websites is now a very common way of shopping. With changing time, the online shopping and pick up in-store concept is gaining thrust. People often opt for home delivery but many are opting for in-store pickup too.

Shoppers love picking their orders from the brick and mortar store because they don’t want to wait for it to deliver which may sometimes kill the excitement if delayed. Buy online and In-store Pickup is the best option for the impatient ones.

You can start offering ‘Click and Collect’ services on your store by incorporating ‘Store Locator and Pickup Extension’ to your existing website. The module developed by Knowband is easy to install and configure. It is catered specially for the merchants who want to allow the in-store pickup to their customers.

How does buy online and pick up in-store works?


The process of Buy online and Pick up in-store (BOPIS) also known as click and collect is simple and you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Buy your product online

Buy your product online through the website or mobile app of the store you want to purchase from.

Step 2: Choose the preferred store location on the checkout page

After the first step, select the near-by store from which you want to collect the order.

Step 3: Select the pick-up date and time

Following that, you have to mention the date and time on which you will be collecting the order.

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation mail

After the successful checkout, you have to wait for the confirmation mail sent by the store admin.

Step 5:  Collect the order from the selected store

In the meantime, the owner will pack your desired items for you.

Yay!! Now you can go and pick-up your order on the selected date.

Sellers are in advantage with ‘Click and Collect’

Seller advantage of buy online and pick up in store

Shoppers want access to products instantaneously. They always look forward to finding a product that is available for instant purchase and ‘Click and Collect’ will lend a helping hand to sellers who believe in customer satisfaction.

The store locator and pick-up module are integrated with Google locations and allow customers to pick up from the nearby store. Some of the major benefits of buy online and pick-up in-store are discussed here.

1.        Save time and money on shipping

Higher shipping costs and delayed deliveries are a reason for cart abandonment. Click and collect service saves the shipping cost and encourages more customers to buy online. The merchant even saves money which is spent on the delivery channel.

No delivery boy is required, no transportation charges and moreover you save time.

2.        No more delivery failure

Late delivery can affect customer satisfaction and it might cause you, potential customers. But, if a customer purchases the product online and collects it from the store, there won’t be any delay or delivery failure. They can buy online and pick up from the store at their convenience.

3.        Increases Overall Sales

Even if a small customer base of your online shoppers converting to click and collect will uplift your sales. In reality, click-and-collect or BOPIS retailers reported an average sales growth of 20%.

•       Balance In-Store Inventory

Leveraging BOPIS from nearby brick-and-mortar locations enables order fulfillment. Geolocation intelligence identifies the closest store with the item in stock for delivery after a customer places an order online. If the product in stock is not available in local stores, retailers can conveniently import the items from another store location that has the item available, speeding up the process.

•       Increases Average Order Value

When a new customer arrives at your store, there are chances that he will purchase more products from your brick and mortar. This increases the average order value (AOV). Buy online and pick-up in-store hence increases overall sales.

4.        Fewer Product Returns

Product returns are the problem faced by every merchant being it small or a big brand. Allowing customers to purchase online and collect the order after trial can help you reduce the number of returns. You can promote this on your online store to grab customer attention and believe me, this will yield favorable results.

4 reasons why customers prefer Buy online and Pick up in-store

4-reasons-why-customers-prefer-to-click-and-collect-buy-online-pick up in store

1.        No extra Shipping Charges

Customers do not have to pay charges for delivery or fast shipping. They can buy online and pick-up the order at their convenience from the nearest store without any hassle.

2.        Makes shopping easier

Many customers afraid to shop from new websites but a store with ‘buy online and pick up in-store’ which is present in their vicinity makes it easier. Let customers decide what they want, when they want it and how they get it. Offering freedom to purchase online, home delivery, or in-store pick-up is advantageous this is everything they are looking for. No late delivery and no more waiting!

3.        Gives customer more flexibility

Comfort and convenience are what every human is catering for. Online shoppers want retailers to make purchasing their products and services simpler. Consumers want websites and retailers to work together better as well. An extension like store locator and pick up allows customers to shop any time in their comfort zone and allows them to pick up the order with their convenience. This is the flexibility every customer is looking out for.

4.        Boosts customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a result of customer satisfaction and overall customer journey while purchasing from your store. A business doesn’t work without potential buyers and the factors which can cause you customer opportunity are not an issue anymore.

Since store locator and pickup extension overcomes the major bounce rate issues like extra shipping charges and late delivery for impatient buyers, this is a highly recommended industry trend to implement in your store.

Knowband’s Store locator and Pickup Module for an eCommerce store

You can easily start ‘Buy Online and In-Store Pickup’ in your existing eCommerce store. Knowband is a specialized eCommerce platform that has developed several solutions for demands and requirements that an eCommerce store owner desires. The store locator and Pickup Module is the one designed to attain the need of launching the click and collect option in an online store.

  • It is integrated with Geolocation functionality and the store owner can easily generate Google API key for the Google maps.
  • The details like the name of the store, owner details, contact number, and store timings can be displayed using Store locator and Pickup Addon.
  • The module allows users to select the desired store location, date, and time for order pick-up.

The Store locator and Pickup Module is available for the following platforms:

Store Locator And Pickup – Prestashop Addons

Store Locator – Magento ® Extensions

Store Locator – Magento 2 ® Extensions

Store Locator – Opencart Extensions

Any online website on these platforms can incorporate the plugin and start offering click and collect to increase foot traffic in brick-and-mortar stores.


If the retailer allows connectivity between its online and in-store shopping networks and provides the opportunity to provide the consumer with a real-time feed of available inventory, in-store pickup is not difficult. This immediately lets the customer know if he/she can pick up the order from the desired store right away.

You can implement BOPIS- Buy online and Pickup in-store for better customer experience, grow sales, and to keep up with the trend. Undoubtedly!

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