WooCommerce PWA Mobile App
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WooCommerce PWA Mobile App

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Compatibility: All WordPress/WooCommerce Versions
Latest Version: v1.0.4 (06-Mar-2021)
Sales: 100+

Latest Feature Updates

Quantity Stepper on Product Screen:

With the motive to improve app usability in WooCommerce PWA Mobile App, we have added the Quantity stepper (+,-) on the product screen. The users gets to choose the right quantity before adding the same in shopping cart. This improves the shopping experience for WooCommerce Progressive Web App users.

Product Reviews on App

Product reviews are one of the prime tool to improve sales for an eCommerce business. Considering this, we have added Product Reviews section on the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App. Now, if website product page has reviews, same will be displayed automatically on the apps. The Progressive Web App for WooCommerce also come up with the option to “Write Review” or “View Review”.

Endless Customization

Our WooCommerce PWA Mobile App is open to all sorts of customization and enhancements. All sorts of extra functionalities or integration can be easily done in WooCommerce Progressive Web App. All you need to do id to share the requirements, our developers will make them happen in app. The custom changes are additionally charged based on the requirements.

Customizable Home Screen UI

White Label Solution:

From the backend module, effortlessly add your brand logo, app name, app icon image, splash screen, background color, etc. of your WooCommerce PWA App. The WooCommerce Progressive Web App is solely on your business domain. With such a white label solution, you can offer unlimited opportunities & features. 

Flexible Home Screen Interface

The visual home-page DIY editor allows the store owner to effortlessly design the home page of WooCommerce PWA App. You could add sliders, banners, count-down timer banners etc. with your choice of graphics, redirection, category, or product catalog. Save multiple layouts & enable anyone of them at a time.

Featured Product Listing

On your WooCommerce Progressive Web App home-page, add featured products on banners & sliders. The store owners can choose to add featured products like Best Sellers, New Arrivals, etc. & further boost those products sale directly from PWA app homepage.

Easy Installation & Customization

Your mobile site visitors can install WooCommerce PWA App using the browser prompted pop-up that asks them to “Add to Home-Screen”. Once done, your Progressive Web app will work & look exactly like any other app.

Entire Web-Application Benefits

Reliable & Engaging

The WooCommerce PWA apps work flawlessly even under no/slow internet connectivity. The cached data & previously loaded pages make the app accessible to app users even in offline mode. Handy tools like Push notifications further help in re-engaging the app users.

No Dependency On App Stores

The store owners don’t need to worry about publishing their WooCommerce PWA App on play store or app store. It’s not a necessity with web applications. As users can directly add it from mobile browser, you can connect more effectively with your customers without worrying about interference from third party app stores.

Multi-Device Compatibility

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App runs on browsers while giving the look & feel of a mobile app. Hence, there is no dependency on the operating system of the device they are installed on. This makes your WooCommerce PWA app to be multi-device compatible i.e. with tablets & laptops. 


The WooCommerce PWA App is extremely lightweight & hence fast compared to native apps. This also makes the installation a lot faster for web apps. WooCommerce Progressive Web App consumes way less space on users’ devices. Being lightweight, web apps also don’t crash or hang or stop. 

User Friendly Interface

E-Mail & Social Login

Allow WooCommerce PWA App users to quickly login using their Google/Facebook login. Such one tap on-boarding options reduce excess efforts & offer a better user experience. The basic method is also included i.e. registration/ login via email.

Layered Navigation

With in-built sorting & filtering options, offer a more refined product search & category views to suit the needs of each of WooCommerce Progressive Web App users. The friendly navigation bar is even well arranged to ease the browsing flow. 

Multi-Lingual & Currency Support

This WooCommerce PWA Mobile App supports all languages  including RTL scripts like Persian, Arabic, etc. The WooCommerce Progressive Web App even supports multiple currencies. Users can choose the preferred choice from the navigation menu of your web app.

Faster Content Loading

The WooCommerce PWA Apps come with a faster load time than native apps, i.e. page content is progressively pre-loaded as the app users browse & scroll. Another factor that makes it faster is the cached data from the previously loaded pages. This factor also helps with offline accessibility.

Seamless Shopping Via Web-App

Offline Mode

The WooCommerce PWA App will run seamlessly even without any/slow internet connectivity. App users wouldn’t have to depend on the internet to browse products. This feature also helps the users with smooth browsing under slow networks. Note that only the previously loaded data can be viewed in offline mode.

All Payment Method Support

All sorts of the payment options active on your website will work on WooCommerce Progressive Web App too. All PWA app transactions remain synced on your website order section. 

All Shipping Method Support

All kinds of shipping methods active on your WooCommerce website would be functional by default on your PWA app too. Admins can even disable any particular shipment methods on their app from the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App plugin back-office.

One-Page Checkout

The WooCommerce Progressive Web App offers in-built single screen checkout which asks for only necessary detailsneeded to place order. Users get to choose pre-saved address as well. This ensures low cart abandonment rate & higher conversion & sales.

Easy Marketing Tool

Unlimited Push Notifications

Unlimited Push Notifications offered with WooCommerce PWA Mobile App allow store admin to market store deals and offers to app users. This tool can be a boon for user retention if used properly. Push notifications can be scheduled for automatic or manual sending. Text and graphics for push notifications can be managed from module backend. 

Coupons/Vouchers Support

All sorts of coupons & vouchers active on eCommerce website will work seamlessly on WooCommerce PWA App as well. You can offer the same discount benefits on PWA webapp as well.

Product Social Sharing

This Progressive Web App for WooCommerce allows online shoppers to share products from app to multiple social media platforms. This can naturally bring more potential customers to your store without much effort.

Sale Campaigns & Deals

Run various campaigns & deals depending on the upcoming or ongoing sales& festivals. Use catchy banners on the homepage & encourage users for more purchases. Even a timer based sales (using countdown banner) and create an urgency for sale on the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App.

Inventory & Database Management

Live Synchronization

The WooCommerce PWA app always remains in real-time synchronization with your WooCommerce website. Entire website inventory and database gets automatically fetched on the Progressive Web Apps. 

Real Time Synchronisation

Automatic Inventory Management

The entire inventory/catalog of website is automatically 100% synced with WooCommerce Progressive Web App. Thereisn’t any need for manual management for application. All website inventory changes instantly reflect on the WooCommerce PWA App.

Automatic Inventory Management

Order Status Update

With real-time order status updates, WooCommerce PWA App allows users to keep an eye on previous app orders. The order status is in automatically sync with store &gets updated accordingly.

Automatic Inventory Management

CMS Pages Management

The store admin can even bring the CMS pages (About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, etc.)on WooCommerce Progressive Web App & offer useful information to users. These pages can be accessed from the navigation menu of PWA mobile app. 

Automatic Inventory Management

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