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Compatibility: All WordPress Versions till 6.1.x
Latest Version: v2.0.4 (25-April-2024)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 2500+
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Easy Home Screen Configuration

Attractive Colors & Fonts

The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder module allows the store merchant to change the app color and font schemes as per the choice. Pick attractive font, background color, button color, theme color & beautify your Woocommerce Mobile App at runtime. This feature play a vital role in enhancing the look & feel of iOS application.

Dynamic Home Screen Designs

The iOS app home screen is the very first thing through which the user interacts. Thus, it increases their interest to browse & make the purchase. The Free WooCommerce Mobile App Creator offers flexible Home Screen layout which can be fully designed from the admin panel. Various graphics based on multiple festivals and occasions can be used for astounding design.

Custom Tab Bar

The WooCommerce Mobile App Maker for iOS focuses a lot on improving user shopping experience. With bottom tab bar, the users get better navigation & switching among the screens. The tab bar can also be disabled from admin panel if not requires.

Countdown Timer Banner

Nowadays, the most effective way to create user awareness and generate leads is through creating an urgency. With countdown sale banner, the store merchant can run a timer based flash sale on the app. The will encourage the mobile shoppers to make instant purchase.

White Label App

Get fully branded iOS App for your business with WooCommerce Mobile App Creator. Right from splash screen, app icon, app name, and brand logo to name and developer account for publish, everything will be branded to your store.

User Friendly Interface

Easy Login Options

Seamless login options in iOS app can simply improve the usability of among online shoppers. The Free WooCommerce Mobile App Builder comes up with two inbuilt social login with Google and Facebook. Just one tap is required to access application.

OTP & Fingerprint

Along with social login options, the Mobile App Creator for Woocommerce also brings advanced Phone No (OTP) and fingerprint login options. The app users can use these secure and simple login options while login and sign up.

Clutter-Free Screens

The WooCommerce Mobile Apps are as simple as they should. All the screens are fully uncluttered containing all the necessary information for the online users.

Multi-lingual & RTL Support

Language differences has always been a barrier for shopping apps when it comes to reach wide audience. The WooCommerce Mobile App Creator supports all sorts of website languages on the apps (Even RTL).

Easier Navigation

The WooCommerce Mobile App Maker for iOS offers layered navigation in the app. This makes the online product purchase flow pretty simple and clear for the users. Users can easily find the desired products with various sort and filter options.

Seamless Shopping Experience

All Payment Options

Provide same payment options on the app as of your website with WooCommerce Mobile App Builder. This extension eases the online payment for mobile shoppers with availability of multiple options.

All Shipping Method Support

The WooCommerce Mobile App Creator brings all website shipping methods on the iOS app. With this, online shoppers can choose the desired shipping option and complete the purchase.

Custom Payment Methods

Along with website payment support, the WooCommerce Mobile App Builder also come up with by default two native payment choices i.e. COD and PayPal. Even additional payment method can also be integrated in the app over some extra fee.

One-page Checkout

Optimize app user experience with one-page checkout of WooCommerce iOS App Maker. This seamless checkout functionality in the mobile app help the online shoppers to complete the place order in a matter of minutes. The order can also be reviewed on the checkout page before making payment.

Handy Promotion Options

Unlimited Push Notifications

Push notifications are the most efficient tool in the modern eCommerce. The store admin gets to target all the users who have installed the app on mobile phone, that too even when the app is not being used. The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder allows to send both manual and automated Push Notifications with highlighting daily deals and discount offers etc.

  • Automated Order Creation Notification
  • Automated Order Status Update Notification
  • Automated Abandoned Cart Notification
  • Custom Manual Notification

Product Social Sharing

The social media networks are the best places for your brand marketing and promotion. The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder offers social sharing in the apps through which users can share their favorite picks among friends and relatives. This will bring more leads & potent clients to your app.

Coupons/vouchers Support

The mobile app with WooCommerce Mobile App Maker supports all sorts of coupons and vouchers running on your store. The online shoppers can easily use the same discount coupons on both website and mobile apps.

Easy Inventory Management

Real-time Synchronization

The WooCommerce iOS App Creator establishes a real-time connectivity between online store and iOS app. Any change/modification made on the website will be automatically reflected on the mobile app.

Real Time Synchronisation

Automatic Inventory Management

WooCommerce Mobile App Maker forms 100% synchronization between website and application. Thus, the management becomes much seamless and effortless as the store admin need not to manually manage anything.

Automatic Inventory Management

Additional Features

Zopim & WhatsApp Chat

The WooCommerce Free Mobile App Builder provides 24*7 assistance to online shoppers with inbuilt online chat support. With this, the app users can easily ask their queries & concerns and get them handled with ease.

Order Tracking

The online shoppers can easily view the previous order details and track the delivery from the app. The order details also remains sync with the website inventory.

Voice Search (Android Only)

The WooCommerce Mobile App Builder allows app users to search the products through voice commands. This eases the product search for the app users.

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