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Compatibility: All WordPress Versions till 5.8.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0 (7-June-2022)
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WooCommerce Etsy Integration Module

Etsy is a fantastic marketplace that specializes in the online sale of handcrafted goods and one-of-a-kind items. For instance, such as jewelry, collectibles, and sports equipment. It is a platform where sellers may be compensated for their creativity and art. Moreover, receive a substantial sum of money. Selling on Etsy Marketplace is now a pipe dream for some merchants. Therefore, if you want to learn how to sell on Etsy, the WooCommerce Etsy Integration Plugin is your option.

Dealing with both the WooCommerce site and Etsy business is understandably important. Moreover, it is not a straightforward task by any stretch of the imagination. If the marketer believes everything to happen perfectly according to the plan, they'll need time, effort, and workforce for anything comparable. Hence, with the help of the Etsy WooCommerce Integration Extension, the admin can easily connect their eCommerce business to a marketplace like Etsy.


How does the WooCommerce Etsy API Integration work?

The shop admin must establish the API keys in order to set up and coordinate the eCommerce store with the Etsy WooCommerce API Integration. Further, the Etsy API key, Etsy API Secret, and Etsy API Host are required to setup the Etsy WooCommerce Connector, and after effectively configuring the extension, the store admins can easily sync products, stock, product pricing, and other required specifics to the Etsy marketplace in one go. To update the goods on Etsy Marketplace, you may use the cron setup.


Benefits of the WooCommerce Etsy Connector:

  • The WooCommerce Etsy Synchronization Module admin can post the bulk of items. In addition, there's the Etsy Marketplace.
  • The Etsy WooCommerce Synchronization Module streamlines the process of selling products on Etsy.
  • The Etsy Marketplace allows you to track your orders. Furthermore, it is changeable immediately from your WooCommerce store.
  • The Etsy shop's items can have custom prices established by the WooCommerce administrator.
  • The business owner has quick access to the sales figures.
  • Store employees may create several profiles from the admin section of a WooCommerce store.
  • Easily customize the prices on Etsy Marketplace.
  • Store owners may create multiple shipping options via the admin interface. A lot of factors are determined by the business owner. Additionally, to enable shipping services on the Etsy Marketplace. The store owner must, in reality, match the WooCommerce shipping templates to the profiles created. The shop owner can alter the layout using the admin panel.
  • When you buy something on the Etsy Marketplace, the supply for all of the listed items is automatically updated.
  • Real-time synchronization is possible thanks to the WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace Integration Extension interface.

Features of the WooCommerce Etsy Integration Extension

Steps to List Products utilizing the Woocommerce Etsy Integration Plugin

Product Listing

All the admin has to do is click on the Product listing page of the module to see all of the items that he wants to sell on the Etsy Marketplace. Moreover, the ones that are already listed on Etsy. The administrator can check the items linked to the various profiles, as well as their Etsy Id, Listing Status, Etsy status (Active, Ended), Enabled or Disabled, and the ability to Enable/Disable, Relist/Renew, under this page. By executing the cron, the admin can list a single product or all of the items.

Local sync

The shop product will synchronize with the module using Local Sync. Admins may sync their products from their WooCommerce shop to the Etsy Integration module using local sync. This tab is available in the WooCommerce Etsy Integration extension's synchronization tab.

Products exclusion

The seller may simply remove a product from an account, and things that have been removed from the Etsy Marketplace cannot be re-added. Further, this all happens after the cron is run from the extension's backend.

List Products

The list product function will display all of the goods from the module on the Etsy Marketplace, including variants, inventory, and product descriptions. Therefore, this function aids in the product listing.

Mapping attributes

When it comes to synchronization, everything happens on the WooCommerce shop, including the attributes. Further, which then matches the Etsy WooCommerce Integration Extension. These features must be planned using Etsy Marketplace as ascribed by the administrator.

Manage Orders Effortlessly

Orders Settings

The extension's orders settings tab enables the shop admin to synchronize orders from the Etsy Marketplace to the WooCommerce store. The new order status may then be synchronized to the Etsy Marketplace when it has been changed on the WooCommerce store. There are two crons that are useful in accomplishing the same thing.

Sync Orders Cron

The admin can sync orders of the Etsy orders with the store orders under this tab. This cron will list all the orders from the Etsy store to the marketplace.

Sync Order Status

After the orders export to the WooCommerce shop, the admin can change the order statuses on the Etsy Marketplace by running the Sync Order Status cron.

Order Status Mapping

The Order Status Mapping tab allows you to map order statuses from your Etsy business to WooCommerce order statuses. The Order Default Status (for both unpaid and paid orders), as well as the Order Shipped status, may be mapped by the administrator.

Order Default Status

At the moment of purchase synchronization, the admin can choose which order status from the Etsy store will synchronize to the WooCommerce store. This order status refers to the Etsy store's unpaid orders. Admins can choose from a variety of order statuses for their WooCommerce business.

Order Paid Status

At the moment of order sync for paid transactions, the admin can pick the order status that will synchronize to the WooCommerce store from the Etsy store.

Advanced Features of the WooCommerce Etsy API Integrator

Shipping layouts

With the help of the Etsy WooCommerce Integrator, the store admin may organize the items by creating shop categories such as Fashion, Accessories, Makeup, and others.


The cron settings are available on the Synchronization tab in Woocommerce Etsy Integrator. Further, it is useful in automating all of the cron settings. Admins can quickly sync product status, order status, language sync, order status update, and more using the Synchronization tab.

Sales Report

The Etsy WooCommerce Connector's sales report page allows merchants to see the order and revenue statistics. It allows the administrator to view the Etsy store orders sales report. As a result, the admin will be able to track sales reports using the Extension.

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