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Marketplace Integrations:

Android Mobile App Builder Free - WooCommerce

Android Mobile App Builder Free - WooCommerce
  • The Android Mobile App Builder lets you develop your own mobile and tablet responsive Mobile App with no hassle and coding knowledge.
  • Easily synchronize your application with your WooCommerce store.
  • The Mobile application supports all types of products, languages, shipping methods and payment methods.
  • The "Live Chat" feature in the application helps you retaining the customers and build trust.

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Compatibility:Wordpress 4.8.3
Latest Version:v1.0.2 (17-Jan-20)
Sales: 250+


Free Android Mobile App Builder - WooCommerce

What does WooCommerce mobile app maker do?

WooCommerce mobile app builder extension is provided by Knowband which allows every WooCommerce store owner to develop a feature-packed mobile app for their optimized web store in few simple steps. With the developed mobile apps, e-merchants can sell their products easily among the wide range of mobile-based users and expand their business reach.

Salient Features

Comes with bundle of interactive themes

Comes with a bundle of interactive themes

Compatibility with multiple devices and platforms

Compatibility with multiple devices and platforms

Provides social media login options

Provides social media login options

Offers seamless synchronization between your store and app

Offers seamless synchronization between your store and app

Presence of Voice Search facility

Presence of Voice Search facility

Supports Multi-Lingual

Supports Multi-Lingual

What is free WooCommerce Android app builder?

WooCommerce Android mobile app builder free plugin has been designed with the motive to provide demo app to the store owners. WooCommerce store  owners can actually test their store as an Android application before going for the actual purchase of module. All you need to do is to just install and enable this free WooCommerce mobile app builder extension on your store. Find the step by step guide below: 

Steps to test your own WooCommerce store as an application:

Before you can actually use the unmatched services of this plugin, you need to implement the following steps mentioned below.

  • Download this free WooCommerce Android mobile app builder extension on your store and install it on your store.  
  • Install the Nautica WooCommerce mobile app on your Android mobile from the Google Play Store. You can easily find it with the keyword "Nautica"
  • Once the app is installed, open it and enter your WooCommerce store URL in the space provided. Make sure you enter the full URL of your store as,
  • Now, you have successfully completed the initial setup. Now you can experience your WooCommerce store as a mobile app and test it as you want.

With these simple steps, you can have your WooCommerce store on the mobile devices within no time. You can take a quick tour and test the same regarding features and functionalities that are offered by that mobile app.  

Also, if you have any query or issue while testing the app, feel free to contact us at

Once you are satisfied with the app testing, you can find the paid version of the module here.

So, it was all about how you can test your website as an Android app. Now, let's take a quick look at the major highlights of WooCommerce mobile app creator.

Features offered by WooCommerce Mobile App Maker:

  • Customizable themes and fonts make the app visually attractive.
  • Offers quick user login and registration to customers with different social media platforms. 
  • Easier product searching with integrated voice search and clutter free navigation.  
  • Come up with cost-effective price which makes the plugin affordable for everyone. 
  • The extension makes the mobile app fully compatible with multiple devices and platforms. The app works perfectly with almost all the Android versions
  • Automatic synchronization between the app and WooCommerce store.  
  • Simplified checkout makes the product purchase easy.
  • Order tracking feature allows the users to track the placed orders.
  • Live chat support allows store admin to provide 24/7 user assistance.
  • Coupons and payment support make the extension a top-notch solution for your store.