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Compatibility: All WordPress Versions till 5.8.x
Latest Version: v1.0.0
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WooCommerce Age Verification Plugin

If you are an online WooCommerce store admin and dealing in special product categories such as Tobacco, Alcohol, etc. There should always be an option for confirming the visitor's age. WooCommerce 18+ Age Verification popup plugin allows the store owners to show a pop-up on the web store, every time visitors visit the store. 

Knowband WooCommerce Age verification Plugin is an easy-to-use WooCommerce extension. Moreover, the WooCommerce store admins can show a pop-up for verifying the customer’s age on their website. The WooCommerce store visitors will have to met the age criteria for accessing the store products. 

The WooCommerce Age Verification Plugin offers a user-friendly interface to the WooCommerce online Sellers for managing the backend. The store owner can set the popup title, description, logo, and theme from the admin panel WooCommerce Age Verification Plugin section.

Features offered by WooCommerce 18+ pop-up plugin:

1. The store admin can set the age criteria for accessing the store.
2. WooCommerce 18+ Age Verification Pop-up Plugin shows a pop-up on the front-end users.
3. Admin can even choose to enable or disable the Date of Birth Field from the extension.
4. The WooCommerce 18+ verification plugin allows the settings to manage age verification popup titles, and descriptions in multiple languages, colors, and more.
5. The WooCommerce admin can set terms and conditions for accessing the online store for the customers.
6. The WooCommerce verification popup provides an option to set the look and feel of the age verification popup.
7. The store admin can choose from various pre-defined themes offered by WooCommerce Age Verification Pop-Up Plugin.
8. The WooCommerce store merchants can also have a look at the preview of pop-ups from their admin interface.  
9. WooCommerce store owners can also select the specific locations they want to show pop-ups for.
10. The WooCommerce Age Verification pop-up Extension is a proper no-code solution.

Benefits for Admin

1. The online store admins can easily install and use the Age verification Plugin within no time.
2. The plugin will provide with an option for choosing the minimum age from the module backend.
3. The online merchant can set the look and feel of the age verification popup. The WooCommerce Age Gate Pop-Up extension allows the merchants to define the pop-up logo from the module end.
4. The WooCommerce admins can also enter the redirecting URL from their store end. When the users will click on the close button, they will be redirected to the defined URL from the store back-end.
5. Moreover, WooCommerce online vendors can use the plugin for showing the pop-ups in multiple languages.
6. Any sort of coding or technical skills are not needed to use the WooCommerce Age Verification pop-up plugin.
7. WooCommerce store admins can choose from 5 different popup themes.


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