Product Sales Count - Prestashop Addons
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Product Sales Count - Prestashop Addons

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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v1.7.x.x
Latest Version: v1.0.5 (13-Aug-2022)
Sales: 100+


Prestashop Product Sales Count

Knowband offers Prestashop product sales count extensions for increasing your customer’s confidence. This Prestashop module allows the admin to show increased or actual product sales count on product listing or on the product page.

What this product does for you

Customers always feel confident about buying a popular product. A popular product makes it feel like "I can also trust the product if so many people have already trusted and purchased it".

By showing how many units of products have already been sold for a particular product, you can:

  • Impart confidence in the customers regarding the product quality. 
  • Clear the buyer's dilemma by letting them know so many units have already been sold.
  • Improve the conversion rates by showing products as popular ones.

Admin benefits:

  • You can easily install and configure the product sales count module, no technical knowledge required.
  • You can set whether to show actual or increased numbers of sale count.
  • The Prestashop product sales count extensions allow to show/hide the sales count on product listing page.
  • You can also show/hide the sales count on the product pages.
  • You can configure text color and background using color picker tool at the backend.
  • No coding is required to change the color schemes.
  • You can also apply the custom CSS and JS from module back office configuration.


  • The Prestashop product sales count extensions is very easy to install and configure.
  • Option to show sales count on product pages or on product listings.
  • Configure it to as per your theme design without changing in the code.
  • Make advanced customization using custom CSS and JS option.
  • Option to show increased count or actual sales count for the products.
  • Set minimum sales count to show to the customers in case you use increased count option.
  • Color picker tools to change text color and background color easily.
  • The Prestashop sales information module is SSL compatible.
  • The Prestashop product sold addon is compatible with all themes.
  • The product number of the sales module is multi-store compatible.
  • This Product Sales Count Manager features a popup on the product page which shows product sales number for last 1 hour. This popup can be separately enabled or disabled as per needs.
  • Admin can set a custom message which will be displayed over the product sales count popup.
  • Admin can set the minimum and maximum sales quantity which will be shown over the popup.
  • Product sold addon sets the time(in seconds)after which the admin wants to hide the popup message on the frontend.
  • Prestashop Product Sales Count module allows e-merchant to customize the background color, border color and text color of the popup.

What your customers will like

  • It helps customers to know about product popularity.
  • Clears the buyer's dilemma by showing a product as a popular one.
  • Lets your customers know how many customers have already used the product.
  • Based on sales count customers can decide easily to purchase or not.

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