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Abandoned Cart - Prestashop Addons

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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v8.1.x
Latest Version: v3.0.3 (29-March-2024)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 10000+
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Know your Customers

Analyze visitor’s shop behavior

By tracking pending carts using Prestashop Cart Abandoned addon, you can understand the shopping choice and needs of your customers which helps you to market your products in better way.

Recover Lost Sales

With Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder, you can track and recover your lost sales by sending discount or non-discount follow up emails to abandoners.

Boost Conversions

By reducing the high cart abandonment rates using Prestashop Abandoned cart addon, you can potentially improve the sales for your business.

General Configurations

Mark Cart as Abandoned after Set Delay

Prestashop abandoned cart reminder addon allows you to fix a time interval after which the cart is marked as abandoned. If the delay is zero then the carts will be immediately added in abandoned carts list

Send Automatic Cart Email

Prestashop Abandoned cart email follow up addon sends discounted reminder emails automatically after a set delay for corresponding emails.

Popup Reminder

Choice of Popup Template

Prestashop Cart Abandoned addon allows you to create and modify as many reminder popup templates you want. The admin can customize the content of the popup accordingly as well.

Multiple Payment Options

Display a reminder popup

Prestashop Abandoned cart module displays a reminder popup to remind the customers about the items they left in their carts without buying. The popup contains the list of abandoned cart items and the discount coupon code which the customers can use to get discounts.

Multiple Shipping Options

Serial Reminders

Send discounted and non-discounted emails

Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder allows you to create, modify or delete as many serial reminders for your store. These cart reminders can be of discounted or non-discounted type.

Triggers automatic followup emails

You can manually run cron jobs to update the abandoned cart list and send follow up emails to respective customers with this Prestashop Email Follow up addon.

Choice of reminder templates

Prestashop Email Follow up addon provides flexibility to choose from ready made discount and non-discount templates. You can modify the subject and content as per business requirements.

Send Web browser reminders

The PrestaShop admin can send a web browser reminder notification to the customers when they are not logged into your store as well. They can also track if the customers have clicked on the notification or not.

View and Manage Cart Statistics

Track Abandoned and Converted Carts

Prestashop Abandoned cart recovery email addon provides a list view for total abandoned and converted carts at your store. You can track the abandoned carts of both guest and registered customers by applying required filters.

Monitor Abandoned Cart Analytics

Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder module gives a detailed cart statistics in the form of graphs and pie charts. You can easily compare the total Abandoned Carts vs Converted Carts, Abandoned amount vs Converted amount, etc from backend

Additional Features

Test Mode Functionality

Prestashop Abandoned cart module provides the test mode option allowing you to set an email ID for testing purposes. This email is used for testing the follow-up cart abandonment emails.

Android Quick Login Options

GDPR Compliant

This Prestashop Email Follow up module is compatible with GDPR standards. The main benefit of this feature is that it exports and deletes user data on the PrestaShop GDPR module request.

Android OTP & Finger Print

Cron Log Functionality

The PrestaShop admin can even check if the cron is executed successfully or not.

Android OTP & Finger Print

Simple and Intuitive Backend

Toggle Button Functionality

Prestashop Abandoned cart module provides you great ease in enabling and disabling the complete abandoned cart functionality for your eCommerce store on a button click.

Codeless Integration

No source code modifications or technical changes are required to incorporate Prestashop Abandoned cart module at your store. Once incorporated, the abandoned carts are automatically track and you can get in touch with your customers


Compatibility Support

Prestashop Cart Abandoned addon is compatible with all Prestashop themes and provides multi-lingual support. Abandoned Cart Serial Reminderis multi-store compatible also.

Multiple Payment Options

Mobile Responsive Emails

The cart reminder emails triggered using Prestashop Email Follow up addon flawlessly work on all kinds of mobile and tablet devices.

Multiple Shipping Options


1) When would a customer’s cart be considered as abandoned?

Ans: The Prestashop Abandoned Cart module marks a shopping cart abandoned after the time delay specified in the back office of the addon. In the “Mark Abandon Cart” section under the General Settings tab, you can specify the time delay in days and hours format after which the left shopping cart will be marked abandoned by the addon. You can check all the abandoned carts in the ‘View Abandoned Carts’ tab.

2) How do I configure the Abandoned Cart module?

Ans: You need to go to the admin panel of the Prestashop Abandoned Cart module where you will find settings including General Settings, Email Settings, Popup Settings, Web Browser Notification Settings, etc. You can check and configure each tab according to your needs and preferences.

3) How can I offer discount codes to customers in the abandon cart reminder emails?

Ans: In the email Templates’ tab of the back office of the Prestashop Abandoned Cart module, you will find 2 types of emails i.e., Discounted and Non-discounted email templates. You need to edit the Discounted Email Template, select the language and add the Discount code variable ({discount_code}) in the email. You can also check the ready-made discounted email templates for your reference.

You can offer fixed or Percentage-based discounts; add discount value, coupon validity, and the time delay after which the email will be sent to the customers.

4) What would happen when an order is claimed by the user?

After the customer comes back to your online shop and purchases the pending products, the shopping cart which was in the 'View Abandoned Carts’ tab will be transferred to the ‘View Converted Carts’ in the admin panel. The cart will be considered as converted if at least one abandoned cart email was sent to the customer.

5) Can I know which customers have received the email or which email has been sent?

In the View Abandoned Carts tab of the Prestashop Abandoned Cart addon, you can check the data of all those shopping carts that have been abandoned and were not completed by the customers. In this tab, you can check whether a particular customer has received the reminder email or not and can also check the details of the sent coupon codes.

You can manually send customers non-discounted email reminders, discounted email reminders, check the shopping cart details, and can also, remove that particular cart from the ‘View Abandoned Cart’ tab in the admin interface of the Prestashop Abandoned Cart addon.

6) How does the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Email Follow-up addon send out the cart recovery emails? Do I need a special setup?

The Prestashop Abandoned Cart module allows the admin to set the time interval after which a cart will be considered as abandoned cart. The admin can setup the CRON to automate the process so that after a fix interval a cron will run to update the abandoned cart & send emails. The CRON helps to automate the process. All the steps to configure the CRON is listed in the module back-office (in case you need assistance to setup the CRON then our technical team will assist you). The admin just need to define the email templates from the admin panel of the Prestashop Abandoned Cart addon and the emails will get triggered automatically after the CRON setup.

7) I have a few abandoned carts. But why is the abandoned cart email not sent to those customers?

There can be several reasons why the customers are not receiving the reminder emails even if they are already marked as abandoned carts in the back office of the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Recovery email addon:

A) If a Guest Customer has not entered his Email ID

B) If the minimum cart value is greater than the actual cart value. In the ‘Serial Reminders’ tab, you need to add the minimum cart value to which the reminders will be sent. For eg., if the cart value is $40 and you have specified the minimum cart value of $50 for sending the reminder email, then the addon will not send the email.

C) If the time-delay of sending the emails in 1 day (say), the addon will not send the email before 1 day.

You can also check the User Manual of the Prestashop Email Follow up addon for better understanding.


8) How can I test the module to check the abandoned cart emails?

To check and verify the email with the Test mode, you need to enable the Test mode from the back office of the Prestashop Reduce Cart Abandonment addon and add the Test email ID in the field. After enabling it, all the reminder emails will be sent to the test email address.

Now, to send a test email, you need to go to the ‘View Abandoned Carts’ tab and send any discounted or non-discounted email reminder from there. You need to add the discount value, coupon validity, subject line, and content of the email, and sent the email. That email will be sent to the Test Email ID as the Testing mode is on.

After receiving the email, you can cross-check the data mentioned in the received email, all the details will be the same as in the received email as they were in the template. In order to send the emails to the customers, you need t turn off the Test mode.

9) How does the Cart Popup Modal work?

As soon as the customer revisits your website and logs-in to his account, the Popup reminder will be displayed to him as per the settings enabled by the store admin.

From the admin panel of the Prestashop Cart Abandoned addon, you can customize the popup templates and the popup reminder settings. The popup will be displayed to the customers after the specified time-delay.

10) For multi-lingual websites, can your plugin send email to customers in the language in which the cart was abandoned when browsing the website?

Yes, our Prestashop Cart Abandoned addon is multi-language compatible. You can edit and customize the content of the reminder emails in multi-languages. The addon sends reminders to the customers according to their store language. But make sure you have customized the email content in the respective language from the ‘Email Templates’ tab in the admin panel.

11) Is your plugin compatible with Multi-stores?

Yes, our Prestashop Abandoned Cart Reminder module is multi-store compatible.

12) Does your plugin comply to the GDPR guidelines?

Yes, our module is fully compatible will all the guidelines and regulations of GDPR.

13) When is an abandoned cart considered recovered?

After the customer returns to the store and completes the pending order, the shopping cart will be considered as recovered and will be shown in the ‘View Converted Carts’ tab in the admin panel of the PrestaShop Abandoned Cart module.

14) How will I know if abandoned cart emails are working?

You can check the ‘View Converted Carts’ tab where all the recovered shopping carts will be visible.

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