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Login as Customer - Prestashop Addons

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Compatibility: Prestashop v1.6.x.x - v8.1.x
Latest Version: v1.0.6 (22-April-2024)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 2500+
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Prestashop Login As Customer Module

The key to offer at par services to the online shoppers is to provide them at par user experience throughout their online transaction. Providing the right customer assistance to the customers exactly when it is required is the biggest hack to stay ahead of competition. Knowband offers an effortless way to the store owners to assist the customers and resolve their issues in a matter of moment. Have you ever thought of delving into the website account of your customer? Have you ever felt the need of testing the site from a user’s perspective? You can now do so without knowing the password of your customer. Prestashop login as customer addon by Knowband can help the Prestashop store admins to browse their site as a customer.

With Prestashop Login as a customer, the store admin can log in to their own website as a customer without retrieving their password. Providing an effortless way to improve the user experience by getting an insight of the customer's account, the Prestashop addon is a great usability tool for the store's administration purpose. The website owner can log in directly as any of the customer except for the guest visitors from the backend of the admin panel just by searching the name of the customer. The admin even gets the list of the customers he has logged in as. 


Features offered to the store admin

  • The admin gets an access to the entire account detail of the customer which includes the cart details and transaction history. This would help them sort out any problem that the customer might be facing in completing the transaction. However, the admin can enable or disable the module from the backend.
  • The Prestashop store admin gets an option to search the name customer from the admin panel. If this functionality is enabled, then, a search bar will be shown on the top. The name of the customer can be searched and on clicking on it the admin will be redirected to the front end of the website.
  • With the help of the Show Navigation Bar option, the name of the customer with which the admin is logged in will be shown on the website.
  • The admin can even delve into the order history of the store and log in as the selected customer from the list.
  • In case, the search bar is not helping in finding the names, the store owner can go to the Customers tab of the admin panel and select the login details from there.
  • The Prestashop store admin can find the list of the customer’s details that were used to log into the website.
  • Once the store owner is logged in as a customer, he can access the account details, order history, wish list and cart. Not just this, the admin even gets an access to remove or add products in the cart of the customers.
  • There are times when the store visitors have problems in placing their order. The admin can help them complete the transaction and check the problem that they are facing by taking the remote access of their account.
  • This Prestashop login as customer addon is one of the best ways to test the functioning of your store. This is one of the ways to beta test your website at regular interval.

Salient Features:

  • Prestashop easy login as customer module is compatible with all the Prestashop themes and it's the latest version.
  • Compatible with SSL enabled website as well as SEO-friendly URLs.
  • This Prestashop addon is multi-language and multi-store website supported.
  • The addon doesn’t conflict with other modules of the store.

Merchant Benefits:

  • Prestashop Login as a customer extension allows the store admin to get an insight of the issues being faced by the customer by allowing them to browse their account.
  • The customer support can now cater the store visitors in a better way by taking the remote access of their website’s account. The admin can log in as the customer and help them resolve the problem that they might facing while shopping from your site.
  • It even allows the Prestashop store owner to test their site at regular intervals.
  • The functionality and features of the website can be analyzed and optimized from the prospective of a customer.

Customers benefits:

  • In case the customer is facing any problem in completing the transaction, the admin can help them resolve it by entering their account.
  • With regular testing, the Prestashop module helps the admin enhance the functionality of the website. Thus, offering at par user experience.
  • The bank and card details of the customers is not revealed to the admin. Moreover, the admin can delve in without the password. Hence, the chances of security breach is minimum.


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