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Gift Card Manager - Opencart Extensions
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Gift Card Manager - Opencart Extensions

Gift Card Manager Extension for OpenCart allows the store admin to add a gift card section to their store. Gift Cards are also known as e-gift or digital gift cards that help the store admin to boost the sale and acquire new customers. 

  • Create Gift Cards for a special occasion like Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.
  • Customers can purchase and send the gift cards of a specific amount to their friends, family or colleagues. 
  • OpenCart gift card extension provides an option to show fix amount gift card to the users.
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Compatibility: Opencart 2.0.x - 3.0.x
Latest Version: v1.0.5 (18-Oct-20)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 250+
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    OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension

    OpenCart Gift Card Manager

    Digital Gifting is a new trend in the eCommerce industry. Gift Cards are getting popularity among the buyers as instead of spending their time to find a gift, shoppers can send gift cards to their dear ones. Amazon is one of the best examples of the same, there is a separate Gift Card section on the Amazon store which is available in the header menu of the website and attracts the visitors. Here visitors can find Gift Cards for a special occasion and purchase in the simple steps which saves the time of shoppers and improves the user experience. 

    Knowband offers the Gift Card Manager extension for the OpenCart platform. This extension provides an interface to the store admin to create a Gift Card section on the store. The admin can also have the option to promote the Gift Cards by showing the Gift Cards link in the header menu, Call to Action button on the left, Store Footer, and My Account section. After enabling this module on their store the admin can start selling the gift cards. The store customer customers can purchase the gift cards for their own use or send them to their friends or family members through email. 

    OpenCart Gift Card Manager

    There are some striking features added to the plugin.

    Key Features of the OpenCart Gift card manager:

    1. Journal Theme Compatibility: The OpenCart Gift card manager extension is completely dynamic and incorporates a new design concept which empowers you to create the best Opencart store with the Journal theme.

    2. Multilingual support platform: OpenCart Gift Card Manager provides multiple language support. It has an inbuilt option for selecting the language for the message and email templates. An eCommerce store has customers from all across the world and language being a source of communication needs to be the same as your customer. Hence this feature makes it a must buy the module.

    3. Multi-Store Compatible: The OpenCart Gift card manager is multi-store compatible. 

    4. Add the Gift Card button to different tabs: The eCommerce Store owner can easily incorporate the gift card functionality on their online store at the header, left link, and at the footer section of the website. Admin can now add gift cards in the My Account section as well.

    Improved UI of the front end: The new UI and attractive design will enhance the customer experience. The OpenCart Gift Card Manager extension is mobile responsive. It offers a user-friendly interface by which the customers can easily order gift cards and the store owner can easily manage the gift card templates and orders received through gift cards.

    5. Upload Personalized Image: OpenCart Gift card manager has the functionality of uploading a personalized image from the backend and front end. The plugin helps the customer to create a custom gift card by uploading the picture of their choice at the time of ordering gift cards.

    From the back-end of the OpenCart Gift Card extension, the store owner can create unlimited personalized gift card templates with new backgrounds and customized texts or using ready-made gift card templates.

    6. Crafted Email Templates: Opencart Gift card manager plugin have new Interesting and descriptive email templates. These preformatted templates will reduce the workload of admin. An email notification can be sent to the customer when gift card order status changes. 

    7. Cron Functionality: Users can choose the day for the arrival of the physical gift card as well as the virtual gift card via mail. The new version of the OpenCart Gift Card Manager allows the store admin to run the Cron manually.

    8. Add a catchy title and personalized Message: With this new version of Opencart Gift Card Manager Extension, admin can add title and description to the Gift Card template. This title and description along with the image will be visible to the customer. 

    9. Order Inventory: This new version gives the facility to manage all the gift card orders in one place. From the Gift Card Orders tab, the store owner can easily check and view all the details of the orders received through gift cards.

    The new UI front end of the OpenCart Gift Card manager extension increases the opportunity for the store owner to attract new customers. A thoughtful gift speaks of a certain degree of personalization, and it also demonstrates that the person who gave you the gift thought about what you want or don't like. Some of the distinct features of OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension are discussed below:

    • Easy Installation: Our OpenCart Gift Card manager extension is simple to install and configure.
    • Set Minimum and Maximum Amount: Admin can set a minimum and maximum amount for a gift card. Customers can only purchase a gift card under that limit.
    • OpenCart Gift Card extension gives the flexibility to create unlimited gift cards for the store based on various occasions like Birthdays, Anniversary, New Year, Christmas, or any other special event.
    • OpenCart Gift Card system gives an option to set the Gift Card delivery gap in a number of days.
    • The new version comes with a simple but descriptive pdf format that will be generated for the gift card.
    • Admin can set a unique prefix code to the gift voucher with the help of OpenCart Gift Card Manager Plugin.
    • UsingOpencart Gift Card extension, the admin can change the order status for the Gift Card orders. The Gift Card will be delivered to the specified recipient only after the order status is updated as the defined status.
    • Store admin can monitor all gift card purchases. The admin can see the order information, order status, delivery date, and customer’s information corresponding to the orders all in Gift Card Order section. Opencart Gift Card manager provides an option of printing the order details.
    • Customers have to mention the gift card amount, the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, and the email address of the recipient for the delivery of the gift card.
    • Add Relevant Keywords: The OpenCart gift card templates can be mapped to any category by adding relevant keywords to it. For example, Love (Anniversary, Valentine’s Day), Birthday, Festivals (Christmas, Easter), etc.
    • The eCommerce store owner can send an email notification to customers who have opted for the "Print by Yourself" option. A separate email template is available to submit an email update. That way, an online store admin will send an email update to a gift card sender.
    • The online store merchant can show a fixed amount of gift cards for the customers. Admin can make multiple fixed amount gift cards with OpenCart gift card manager and separate them using a comma. 
    • OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension allows online merchants to fix minimum and maximum gift card value from the admin interface of the gift card manager plugin. The online users need to purchase a gift card of more than a minimum and less than the maximum value
    • Increase Sales: Our Opencart Gift Card Manager helps admin to increase the conversion rates on their Opencart store.

    The Opencart Gift Card Manager is very conducive for the users as it offers a much simpler layout. This Opencart Gift Card Manager offers a personalized gift card option with a custom message which can be sent to the receiver. 

    To be very honest, this Opencart Gift Card ManagerPlugin can work wonders for your OpenCartstore. Opencart Gift Card Manager not only aims at usability but also offers a mobile-friendly environment to the users. Customers can find the gift card option in the category. 

    In short, if you want “new visitors” coming to your store then buying this Opencart Gift Card Manager will definitely transform your inner dreams into reality. So, try Opencart Gift Card Manager now and keep growing your business forever and ever!!

    What’s new in the updated version:

    • In the updated version of the OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin, there are some special features added for better user experience:
    • An additional email template is available for sending an email notification to the online users when they select the“Print by yourself” option. This email will be sent to the gift card sender.
    • OpenCart gift card extension now allows the online merchant to show fix amount to drop down on the website front-end interface. The online users can select the amount for the gift card. Admin can separate the gift card amount using comma(,).
    • Now the online merchant can also set the minimum and maximum gift card value from the admin interface. The online users must select gift card value in between max and min amount.
    • There is no need for the customers to pay shipping charges while selecting a virtual Gift card option.


    Benefits of Selling Gift Cards on your store:

    OpenCart Gift Card Manager

    1) Improve customer experience: Instead of spending their time on finding a perfect gift, the visitor can select the gift card option. This will save the time of the customer and improve their experience in your store. 

    2) Acquire new customers: The Gift Card Manager Extension for OpenCart can help you acquire new customers. By promoting your gift cards you can encourage your existing customers to send the gift cards to their friends, family or colleagues, this will help you to reach out to the new customers. 

    3) Holiday sales/Festival-specific gift cards: During the holiday or festive seasons you can promote the gift cards that will help you to grow the sales and even after the holidays you will get store visits and sales from the customers who have received the gift cards. 

    Benefits of OpenCart Gift Card extension: 

    • Gift cards have more perceived value as it provides additional upsell opportunities for your online business.
    • Offering pre-paid gift cards using the OpenCart gift cards module advances the sales system and increases loyal customers in your store.
    • OpenCart gift card manager extension contributes as a marketing tool hence building brand awareness among the new online users.
    • OpenCart send gift card extension is a perfect means to collect email addresses of new users while availing the gift cards online.

    How is the customer benefited from Gift Cards? 

    • Unline gift coupons, gift cards don't compel customers to immediate purchase.
    • Gift cards are a great gifting option to dear ones which adds ease and convenience in their shopping.
    • E-gift cards are most trending and successful in the corporate set up. As with these, the company would easily incentivize their employees.
    • Customers can buy more with gift cards without keeping in mind about its usability rules. It simply works like a debit card for online shopping.
    • The online users can select the virtual gift card option for saving the shipping fee.
    • The online users can select a gift card of a specific amount and gift it easily.


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