OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension | User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Gift Cards or eCards have been always special and appealing to everyone as they suit every customer’s needs. Be it a Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, New Year or some other special occasion finding a gift for their loved ones is a big task for online customers. Your customers are unknown about the likes and dislikes of their loved ones. Moreover, giving a cash amount seems to be unreal and emotionless. Gift Cards are one smart and convenient way to make your customers feel happy and special.

So, what’s the best way to offer personalized gift cards to your store customers? OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension by Knowband allows admin to sell gift cards in their online shop. With OpenCart send gift card extension, they can create and sell multiple gift cards based on different occasions in their store. The store customers can buy these gift cards and gift them to their relatives or friends. Moreover, lower return rates of the gift cards are another benefit for the store admin.

Open Cart Gift Card Manager helps you provide your customers with several occasion-based gift cards. Knowband OpenCart Gift Card Manager can set up a gift card section on the OpenCart website to promote digital gifting. The store owner can create several Gift Cards with gift card managers for special occasions such as Birthdays, Weddings, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day, Father’s Day, etc. so that consumers should pick gift cards for their loved ones as desired. The customers can select the options like printing the gift card or sending it via email.

The Digital Gift Card plugin makes gifting simpler and more enjoyable. Finalizing a gift was time-consuming earlier, but now with a gift card manager, it can happen in minutes.

Benefits of Opencart Gift Card Manager for the eCommerce store owner:

  1. Brings a new customer to your store
  2. Lower return rates and increased retention
  3. Generate revenue in advance of sales
  4. More convenient with simplified predefined email templates
  5. Fully Mobile Responsive

Benefits for Customer:

  1. The customer who finds selecting a product difficult doesn’t have to spend extra time finalizing the gift. The OpenCart Gift card extension saves extra effort and time.
  2. With the Knowband OpenCart gift card manager, they can get a gift card for every occasion.

The Knowband Gift Card manager comes with an easy admin panel and Sets the luring design and texts for Gift Card.

1.1 What’s New In this Updated Version of Gift Card Manager v1.3

The latest version of the Gift Card Manager Extension for OpenCart offers new enhanced features that will help the store admin to create the Gift Cards with ease. This new version of the OpenCart gift card plugin comes with some attractive features which increase the user experience. Let’s check out what’s new in the updated version:

  • With this OpenCart Gift card manager plugin, the eCommerce store owner can easily incorporate the gift card functionality into their online store.
  • Improved UI of the front end will enhance the customer experience. The gift card manager extension lets the admin show the Gift Card as products on the category page for both desktop and mobile.
  • OpenCart Gift card manager has the functionality of uploading personalized images from the front end to send the same in the gift card. The plugin allows the customer to create a custom gift card by uploading the desired image
  • With this new version, the functionality of uploading customizes catchy images from the backend to create gift cards. Further, this feature of the Gift card manager extension will help the store admin to create gift cards for local events. In addition, these images are usable as the background for Gift Card.
  • Opencart Gift card manager plugin has Interesting and descriptive email templates. Templates cannot only reduce the workload but make you feel less stressed. With the Open cart gift card manager installed an email notification will be sent to the recipient, sender, and customer when the gift card order comes in.
  • A Gift Card template will be sent to the customer through email if the customer has not uploaded a personalized image from the front end else personalized image will be sent through email.
  • Customers can choose the day and time for the delivery of physical gift cards as well as the virtual gift card via mail. The new version of the OpenCart Gift Card Manager allows the store admin to run the Cron manually.  
  • A button corresponding to each order for resending the Gift Card is available.
  • With this new version of the Opencart Gift Card Manager Extension, the admin can add title and description to the Gift Card template. This title and description along with the image will be visible to the customer.
  • The new version is mobile responsive.
  • Opencart Gift card manager is easy to use and install.

1.2 Distinct features of OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension:

OpenCard Gift Card Manager Plugin comes with some striking features which give better UX and handy customizable options to the store admin.

  • Customers can purchase or send gift card vouchers from the store.
  • OpenCart Send Gift Card extension gives the flexibility to create unlimited gift cards for the store based on various occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries, New Year, Christmas, or any other special event.
  • The admin can promote the Gift Cards by showing the Gift Card in the header section, footer section, or the left side of the webpage.
  • OpenCart Gift Card system gives an option to set the Gift Card delivery gap in several days.
  • OpenCart Gift Card Manager Plugin allows online store merchants to add a unique prefix code to the gift voucher.
  • Using Gift Card extension the admin can set the appropriate order status for the Gift Card orders. The Gift Card will deliver to the specified recipient only after the order status changes to the defined status.
  • OpenCart Gift Card Extension supports multi-lingual and multi-store compatibility.
  • OpenCart gift card Manager helps store admin monitor all gift card purchases. In particular, the admin can see the order information corresponding to the orders.
  • Buyers must specify the value of the gift card, the name of the sender, the name of the recipient, and the email address of the recipient for the delivery of the gift card.
  • The OpenCart gift card templates can be mapped to any category by defining or adding relevant keywords to them.
  • The eCommerce store owner can send an email notification to customers who have opted for the “Print by Yourself” option. A separate email template is available to submit an email update. That way, an online store admin will send an email update to a gift card sender.
  • The online store merchant can show a fixed amount of gift cards for the customers. Admin can make multiple fixed amount gift cards with OpenCart gift card manager and separate them using a comma.
  • OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension allows online merchants to fix minimum and maximum gift card value from the admin interface of the gift card manager plugin. The online users need to purchase a gift card of more than a minimum and less than the maximum value

2.0 How to Install Gift Card extension?

This module comes with an easy installation process. Before starting the installation process, you have to buy the Gift Card Module for the OpenCart store from the Knowband store. Once purchased, you will receive the following files on your registered email.

  • Source code file of OpenCart Gift Card Extension in zipped file format.
  • User Manual of OpenCart Gift Card module.

Now in order to install the OpenCart Gift Card vouchers on your website, follow the given steps:

Unzip the zip file. You will get the folders as shown in the image below


Copy all the folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of OpenCart setup via FTP manager.

So, the OpenCart Gift Cards manager is now successfully installed and is ready to use at your online store.

3.0 Admin Interface of OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension

After installing OpenCart Gift Card Manager v1.3 in the OpenCart store, the store owner can make the changes without any hassles. Navigate the settings in the given order: Admin Panel > Extensions >Modules > Gift Card Manager.


The knowband gift card manager module configuration page will display the following tabs to configure the module as desired.

  1. Module Configuration
  2. Gift Card Template
  3. The Gift Card Images
  4. Gift Card Orders

Each interface is in the form of a tab, and each tab contains some basic settings that changes as required. Each tab will be discussed below.

3.1 Module Configuration

How to configure Gift Card Manager for open Cart? OpenCart Gift Card Manager Module Configuration settings consist of the following four parts, as discussed below:

3.1.1 Configuration 

Enable/Disable Module: Enable or disable the gift card feature of your shop.

Enable/Disable Header Link: Show or hide the gift card link in the header section of the website. By showing the Gift Card link in the header, you can bring it to the attention of the store visitors.

Enable/Disable Left Link: Enable or Disable gift card link in the left section of the website. A direct call to the Gift Card Action button will be shown on the storefront. It will help you encourage the selling of gift cards.

Enable/Disable Footer Link: This allows the admin to show or hide the gift card link in the footer section of the site.

Enable/Disable My Account Link: With this button, the admin can show or hide the gift card link in the My Account section of the site. This will help store owners to show the gift card options to the visitors.

Enable/Disable Personalised photo: This option allows the admin to hide or show the functionality of uploading personalized images from the front end to send the same in the gift card.

Gift Card Prefix: This option helps the admin to set the gift card voucher code prefix. The admin enters the code in a ‘Store_Name- * * *’ format. Admin can use this as a branding suffix. The store owner will advertise the store by using its business name as a prefix.

Gift Card Code Order Status: This button sets the status of the store orders when the gift card delivers to the respective customer. If the order status is set as ‘Complete’, the gift card will be sent to the customer once the purchase of the gift card has been completed on-site.

Minimum Gift Card Delivery Gap: Using this tab, the store administrator can determine the minimum duration of time on which the order comes in. Moreover, the day on which the gift card delivers. Thus, this value is only applicable to the option Send by Email.

Fixed Amount Status: The online store merchant can activate or deactivate this option if he or she wants to display a fixed amount drop-down list. The admin can allow the customers to send the gift cards of their desired amount. Store Admin can set the minimum and maximum amount for the Gift Card.

Fixed amount: The admin can add multiple values and separate the same by a comma.

Max amount: The online merchant can set the maximum amount which is acceptable for a gift card by the OpenCart gift card manager. This function will work only if fixed amount status functionality will disable.

Min Amount: The store admin can set a minimum amount for the card purchase. The customer cannot buy a gift card lesser than that amount.

3.1.2 Email Settings

With OpenCard Gift Card Manager a gift card can be sent to the recipient via email. You can customize this email template. When the gift voucher email is sent another email will be sent to receive, and the sender will receive an acknowledgment email. All the email templates are customizable.

Recipient email Subject: The subject line of the gift voucher code email sent to the receiver are customizable.

Recipient Email Content: OpenCart Gift Card Manager allows eCommerce store owners to customize the contents of the gift voucher email code which will be sent to the recipient. 

Sender email Subject: An acknowledgment email is received at the end of the sender upon the successful delivery of the gift voucher code. The subject line of the sender’s acknowledgment email is changeable by the admin.

Sender email Content: The content for the sender acknowledgment email customizable by the store admin.

Customer email Subject: Admin can alter the subject line of the email and modify the email template.

Customer email Content: The online store administrator will send an email notification to online shoppers who have chosen the “Print by yourself” option.

3.1.3 PDF Settings

The purchaser of the gift voucher will print the OpenCart gift voucher in PDF format. The administrator will modify the contents of the PDF file. 

Gift Card PDF Prefix: This option allows you to set the PDF gift card prefix code attached to the document.

PDF HTML Content: You can modify or customize the contents of the PDF file as per business requirements. This template is in HTML format so you can easily add text, photos, or links to it. This PDF material can also publish in English, French, and other languages.

3.1.4 Cron Setting

The OpenCart Gift Card manager Module supports cron features. Admin can run cron manually or automatically after a specified period of time. A button is available for this functionality. 

URLs to Add to Cron via Control Panel

Cron setup via SSH

0 1 * * * wget -O /dev/null

Add the cron to your store via the Control Panel to send gift cards automatically.

3.2 The Gift Card Template

To build new gift card templates using the OpenCart gift card module, go to the Gift Card design tab of the admin panel. Click the ‘Add New Template’ button or the ‘+’ sign on the top right of the OpenCart gift card screen. You can see the following settings to create a new gift card template for your store.

Add New Templates or Edit/Delete the Templates:

Add New Gift Card Template:

 Template Title: This is a new feature in this latest version of OpenCart Gift Card Manager which allows admin to add the template title.

Template Description: Now admin can add the description for the Gift Card which he or she wants to display on the front end.

Name of the template: This option allows the admin to set a unique name for the gift card template that defines a particular template.

Image: This option of the OpenCart Gift Card Plugin allows the admin to pick a gift card picture or model that will display at the front end of the shop. When selecting an image, only the images produced will display in the drop-down list.

Template Keywords: This choice lets you map the gift card design to a specific category. It can be achieved by choosing the appropriate tags/keywords for the gift card template. If you want to place the gift card template in a new category, you can first add the keyword and map the template to it. Just press the “Add new keyword template” button.

Physical Gift Card Allow: This option allows the OpenCart admin to activate or deactivate the physical gift card for this template.

Virtual Gift Card Allow: You can activate or disable e-cards for both the recipient and yourself. This means that when you activate the virtual card option, customers will see three options on their front page, namely “Print Yourself”, “Send by Email”, and “Physical Card”.

 Enable Template: This option easily activates or deactivates the template from OpenCart Store.

Select Language: The admin will pick the language of the template from the drop-down list.

3.3 The Gift Card Images

Pictures for various occasions are pre-uploaded at the back end of the OpenCart gift card manager.  The admin can select an occasion-based image when building a gift card template. In addition, the store owner needs to set the following configuration settings to attach a new gift card to the store. 

View Gift Card Image:

Add Gift Card Images:

Select the add product button available in the upper right corner. You will head to a new page where you can add new Gift card Images.

Gift Card Type: The store admin can upload a personalized gift card image to make the gift card more attractive.

Image Name: This feature is to add a name to the Image. This name is for recognition purposes of the admin and this won’t display on the front end.

Enable/Disable Image: With this button, the store owner can show or hide the particular Image from the front end.

Gift Card Image section of OpenCart Gift card Manager has two more options

  1. Upload Personalised Gift Card Image:

  1. Create Using Background Image:

Save the settings before moving to the next setting section.

3.4 The Gift Voucher Orders

For the admin interface Gift Card Order section is very important. Here admin can track the details of the orders of Gift Cards.

Under the Gift Card Order tab of the Gift Card Manager, the administrator can monitor the entire list of orders received for gift cards. It displays the e-mail address of the recipient, the date of the shipment, and the status of the gift cards.

In this section, you will find all the details about the order. Go to the ‘Display’ button in the right section of the ‘Gift Card Order’ page.

View the Gift voucher Orders:

4.0 Front Interface

a)  The gift card link is shown at the left and header sections.

b) The gift card link is shown in the footer section.

4.2 How to Purchase a Gift card?

Click on the Gift Card Button from any of the above-mentioned tabs. Customer will head to Gift card Page


  1. Choose Design: Select a design for your card according to the occasion from the options available.
  2. Choose an option for the Gift Card Delivery Mode

4.2.1 Print Your self


From(Name): Enter the name of the sender

To(Name): Enter the name of the receiver

Upload Personalize Pic (Choose File): With the OpenCart Gift card manager, the Customer can choose a personalized Image that will be shown on the card.

Personalize message: A personalized message can be written by the customer.


How much would you like to gift?

Gift Card Amount: Customer can put an amount which needs to be gifted.

4.2.2 Send By Email

Provide Gift Car Delivery Details

Email Address: Enter the email address of the receiver

Sending Date:  Add sending date of the Gift Card Notification email


From(Name): Enter the name of the sender

To(Name): Enter the name of the receiver

Upload Personalize Pic (Choose File): With the OpenCart Gift card manager, the Customer can choose a personalized Image that will be shown on the card.

Personalize message: A personalized message can be written by the customer.

How much would you like to gift?

Gift Card Amount: Customer can put an amount which needs to be gifted.

Now you can add the Gift card to your Cart.

4.2.3 Physical card

From(Name): Enter the name of the sender

To(Name): Enter the name of the receiver

Upload Personalize Pic (Choose File): With the OpenCart Gift card manager, the Customer can choose a personalized Image that will be shown on the card.

Personalize message: A personalized message can be written by the customer.

How much would you like to gift?

Gift Card Amount: Customer can put an amount which needs to be gifted.

4.3 Add gift card to shopping cart

4.4 Steps before Checkout


By clicking on the Place order button, the customer can place the order.


Customers will receive an email after the successful Order Placement.

This way the online store admin can easily allow the customers to share gift cards with their friends and family person. There are so many templates for different occasions, that online users can select the gift card and send it. The OpenCart gift card manager extension provides smooth functioning and multi-lingual compatibility. The Gift Card Module for OpenCart shows the gift card link in multiple sections for the customer’s ease. The online merchant can increase profit by offering a gift card to the customers.

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