OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension | User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Gift Cards or eCards have been always special and appealing to everyone as they suit every customer’s needs. Be it a Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, New Year or some other special occasion finding a gift for their loved ones is a big task for the online customers. Your customers are unknown about the likes and dislikes of their loved ones. Moreover, giving a cash amount seems to be unreal and emotionless. Gift Cards is one smart and convenient way to make your customers feel happy and special.

So, what’s the best way to offer personalized gift cards to your store customers? OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension by Knowband allows admin to sell gift cards in their online shop. With OpenCart send gift card extension, they can create and sell multiple gift cards based on different occasions in their store. The store customers can buy these gift cards and gift them to their relatives or friends. Moreover, lower return rates of the gift cards is another benefit for the store admin.


Recently, The OpenCart gift card extension has been updated. There are some alluring features in the updated version. Let’s check, what is new in the updated version:

  • The online merchant can now send an email notification to the online users who selected the “Print by Yourself” option. There is a separate email template available for sending an email notification. This way, the online merchant can send an email notification to the gift card senders.
  • In the updated version, the online store merchant can show fixed amount gift cards for the online users. They can make multiple fixed amount gift cards and separate them using a comma. The online users can select the gift card value from the drop-down list and easily purchase it.
  • The online merchant can also fix minimum and maximum gift card value from the admin interface of this OpenCart gift card manager extension. The online users need to purchase gift card of more than a minimum and less than the maximum value.
  • While selecting the virtual gift card option, online users don’t need to pay shipping charges.

1.1 Striking Features of Gift Card Module for OpenCart

OpenCart Gift Card Manager plugin offers following features to the site owners which can be implemented without the use of any coding skills.

  1. OpenCart Gift Card Manager incorporates gift card functionality to your website without making any source code modifications.
  2. Customers can purchase or send the gift card vouchers from the store.
  3. OpenCart Send Gift Card extension gives the flexibility to create unlimited gift cards for the store based on various occasions like Birthdays, Anniversary, New Year, Christmas, or any other special event.
  4. The admin can promote the Gift Cards by showing the Gift Card in the header section, footer section or the left side of the webpage.
  5. OpenCart Gift Card system gives an option to set the Gift Card delivery gap in a number of days.
  6. OpenCart Gift Card Module offers fully customized email templates and PDFs. The content and subject of email can be easily edited from the back-office.
  7. OpenCart Gift Card Module gives an option to add a unique prefix code to the gift voucher.
  8. Using Gift Card extension the admin can set the appropriate order status for the Gift Card orders. Only after the order status is changed to the defined status the Gift Card will be delivered to the specified recipient.
  9. OpenCart Gift Card Extension supports multi-lingual and multi-store compatibility.
  10. OpenCart send gift card extension allows you to track all the gift card purchases on the store. The admin can particularly view the order details corresponding to the orders.
  11. Buyers have to specify the gift card amount, sender’s name, receiver’s name and receiver’s email address for the gift card order delivery.
  12. OpenCart Gift Card system helps admin to create appealing gift card templates for their online shop.
  13. The OpenCart gift card templates can be mapped to any category by specifying or adding relevant keywords to it.
  14. Admin can also add catchy gift card images to the backend of the OpenCart gift card module. These images can be used as a background of the gift card template.
  15. OpenCart Gift Card module also have cron functionality. Admin can run cron job manually or automatically under a specific period of time to automate the sending of the gift cards.
  16. OpenCart send gift card extension allows sending an email notification to the online users who select “print by yourself” option.
  17. The online merchant can show fixed value gift cards and also set min-max gift card value. The online users need to buy a gift card more than a minimum value and less than the maximum value.

2.0 Installation Guide of OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension

Before starting the installation process, you have to buy the Gift Card Module for OpenCart store from the Knowband store. Once purchased, you will receive the following files on your registered email.

  • Source code file of OpenCart Gift Card Extension in zipped file format.
  • User Manual of OpenCart Gift Card module.

Now in order to install the OpenCart Gift Card vouchers on your website, follow the given steps:

  1. Unzip the zip file. You will get the folders as shown in the image below


  1. Copy all the folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of OpenCart setup via FTP manager.

So, OpenCart Gift Cards module is now successfully installed and is ready to use at your store.

3.0 Admin Interface of OpenCart Gift Card Manager Extension

Just after successful installation of OpenCart gift card system module on your website, you can configure the gift card settings as per your requirements. Navigate the settings in the given order: Admin Panel > Extensions >Modules > Gift Card Manager

The simple to understand admin interface of OpenCart gift card module is divided into four main sections namely:

  1. Module Configurations
  2. Gift Card Templates
  3. Gift Card Images
  4. Gift Card Order

Each of these sections has been discussed in detail below.

3.1 Module Configurations

The OpenCart send gift card extension configurations of OpenCart Gift Card extension consists of the following four subsections as discussed below:

3.1.1 Configuration

OpenCart gift card extension Configuration

  • Enable/Disable Module: Enable or disable the gift card functionality for your store.
  • Enable/Disable Header Link: Show or hide gift card link in the header section of the site. By showing the Gift Card link in the header you can bring it to the store visitors attention.
  • Enable/Disable Left Link: Show or hide gift card link in the left section of the website. A separate call to action button highlighting Gift Card will be displayed on the storefront. This will help you to promote gift card sales.
  • Enable/Disable Footer Link: Show or hide gift card link in the footer section of the site.
  • Enable/Disable My Account Link: Show or hide gift card link in My account section of the site. This will help you to show the gift card options to the store customers.
  • Gift Card Prefix: This option sets the prefix for the gift card voucher code. The code can be entered in the format like KBGC – ******. You can use this prefix for branding. By using your store name as the prefix you can promote your store.
  • Gift Card Code Order Status: This option sets the status for the store orders when the gift card is delivered to the respective user. If this order status is set as complete then the gift card is delivered once after the gift card purchase is completed on the site.
  • Minimum Gift Card Delivery Gap: Using this option, the store admin can specify the minimum duration of the day when the order was placed and the day of the gift card delivery. This value is only applicable for Send by Email option.
  • Fixed Amount Status: The online store merchant can activate or deactivate this option if he wants to show a fixed amount drop-down list.
  • Fixed amount: Admin can enter multiple values and separate them by a comma.
  • Max amount: The online merchant can also set the maximum amount from the admin interface of the OpenCart gift card extension. This functionality will work only if a fixed amount of status will be disabled.
  • Min Amount: Admin can also set the minimum amount. The online users can not buy gift cards of a lesser amount.

3.1.2 Email Settings

With OpenCart send gift card extension, the gift card voucher can be sent to the recipient via email. This email template can be customized. Once the gift voucher email is delivered to the recipient, the sender will get an acknowledgment email which can also be customized.

Email Settings

  • Recipient Email Subject: The subject line for the gift voucher code email sent to the recipient can be
  • Recipient Email Content: The content for the gift voucher code email sent to the recipient can be customized.
    Recipient Email Content
  • Sender Email Subject: An acknowledgment email is received at the sender’s end upon the successful delivery of gift voucher code. The subject line for the sender acknowledgment email can be changed by the admin.
    Sender Email Subject
  • Sender Email Content: The content for the sender acknowledgment email can also be customized by the store admin.

In the updated version, the online store admin can send an email notification to the online buyers who selected the “Print by yourself” option. Admin can change email subject line and customize the email template.

OpenCart gift card extension Email templates

3.1.3 PDF Settings

The gift voucher buyer can print the OpenCart gift voucher in PDF format. The admin can customize the content of the pdf file.

PDF Settings

  • Gift Card PDF Prefix: This option sets the prefix code for the gift card pdf attached with the email.
  • PDF HTML Content: The full content of the pdf file can be changed or customized as per the business requirements. This content is in the HTML format so you can easily add styled text, images or links to it. This pdf content can be set in English, French and other multiple languages as well.

3.1.4 Cron Settings

The Gift Card Module for OpenCart supports cron functionality. Admin can run cron manually or automatically after a specific period of time.

Add the cron to your store via control panel/putty to send gift cards automatically.

Cron Settings

  • URLs to Add to Cron via Control Panel
  • Cron setup via SSH
    0 1 * * * wget -O /dev/null

3.2 Gift Card Template

Gift Card Template

In order to create the new gift card templates using OpenCart gift card module, go to the Gift Card template tab of the admin panel. Click the ‘Add New Template’ option or ‘+’ sign at the top right side of the OpenCart gift cards module. You will see the following settings for creating a new gift card template for your shop.

Template Name

  • Template Name: This option lets you set a unique name for the gift card template which can be used to identify the specific template.
  • Image: This option allows the admin to select the image or the layout of the gift cards that will be shown in the front-end of the store. While making an image selection, only created images will be shown in the drop-down list. These images can be added or deleted from the “Gift Card Images” section of the admin panel which is discussed in the next section( 3.3).
  • Template Keywords: This option helps you to map the gift card template to a particular category. This can be done by choosing the relevant tags/keywords for that gift card template. In case you want to mark that gift card template under some new category, you can add that keyword first and map that template to it. Simply click on “Add new template keyword” button.
    Physical Gift Card Allow
  • Physical Gift Card Allow: This option allows the OpenCart admin to enable the physical gift card for this template.
  • Virtual Gift Card Allow: You can enable or disable the e-cards for the recipient and yourself. This means when you enable the virtual card option, customers will see two options on their front namely “Print Yourself” and “Send by Email”.
  • Enable Template: This option easily enables or disables the template for the OpenCart store.
  • Select Language: The admin can select the desired language for the template from the drop-down list.

3.3 Gift Card Images

Gift Card Images

The images for the various occasions are saved in the back-end of the OpenCart send gift card extension. The admin can select the occasion based image while creating a gift card template. Further, to add a new gift card to the store, you have to set the following configuration settings.

Image Name

  • Image Name: This option sets a name for the image which can be used for its identification.
  • Image Text: You can set a desired text for the gift card mage. This text is shown on the gift card image at front.
  • Background Image: This option lets you select the background image for the gift card.
  • Background Color: This option lets you choose the background color for the gift card image.
  • Text Color: Using this option, you can specify the font color for the text shown on the gift card.
  • Enable/Disable Image: You can easily enable or disable the gift card image.

3.4 Gift Card Order

Admin has the flexibility to view and check the complete list of orders placed for OpenCart Gift Card vouchers.
Gift Card Order

Under the Gift Card Order tab of Gift Card extension, admin can track the entire list of the orders received for the gift cards. It involves the recipient email, date of sending as well as the status of the gift cards.

In the ‘Gift Card Order’ tab go to the ‘View’ button in the right section. In this section shows the entire information about the order.

4.0 Front Interface

a)  The gift card link is shown at left and header section.

Gift card

b) The gift card link is shown in the footer section.

gift card link

4.2 Steps to purchase a gift card

B)Steps to purchase a gift card

a) When user selects the “Print Yourself”

Print Yourself

b) When a user selects the “Send by Email”

Send by Email

c) When the user selects the “Physical card”

Physical card

4.3 Add gift card to shopping cart

shopping cart

 4.4 Step before confirming gift card checkout

confirming gift card checkout

4.5 Order success page

OpenCart send gift card extension


4.6 View gift card order details

F)View gift card order detailsGift card

In the case of virtual gift cards, there will be no shipping cost as shown below:

OpenCart gift card system Free shipping

In the updated version, online users can select fixed amount gift cards as shown below:

OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin

Users also need to order a gift card of value in between maximum and minimum amount. In any other amount, there will be an error as shown in below-mentioned image:

Product value

The OpenCart gift card manager extension sends email notifications to the users after sending gift cards.

Email notification

This way the online store admin can easily allow the customers to share gift cards with their friends and family person. There are so many templates for different occasions, the online users can select the gift card and send it. The OpenCart gift card manager extension provides smooth functioning and multi-lingual compatibility. The Gift Card Module for OpenCart shows the gift card link in multiple sections for the customer’s ease. The online merchant can increase profit by offering a gift card to the customers.

For more details about this OpenCart gift card vouchers plugin, please visit here:

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