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Product Availability Check by Zipcode - Opencart Extensions

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Compatibility: Opencart 2.0.x - 4.x.x
Latest Version: v1.5 (03-July-2024)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 2500+
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Opencart Product Availability Check by Zipcode

Shopping becomes great fun if it goes smooth and uninterrupted. What if the customer reaches the checkout page and finds that the product is unavailable on their location. Well, that's the point where the customer feels frustrated, abandoning their cart and exiting from the store. How t control cart abandonment on the eCommerce store? What are the compelling reasons causing potential customers to drop their wishlist products in the cart? 

Most of the websites usually don't have the product/service availability check on their product pages. Due to this reason, customers stay confused in the product availability on their specific location further abandoning the cart at the time of checkout. Knowband's OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode Extension asks the visitor to enter their zip code before planing the purchase of an item. If the product is available a the provided zip code by the customer, Product zipcode validator module displays a success message along with expected delivery date on the frontend. This OpenCart product zipcode validator helps to control the cart abandonment rates and hence enhances the user experience on the store.

Features of OpenCart Product Zipcode Validator

1. OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode Extension shows an availability checkbox on the product pages where the customers can enter their zip code and check the shipping availability of the product in that particular region.
2. OpenCart Product Postal Code Validator extension allows admin to create unlimited global zones and map as many zip codes under those specific zones.
3. Using OpenCart product zipcode validator, admin can easily map zones with zip codes by uploading CSV file.
4. With OpenCart Product Availability module, admin can map desired products with the global zones or they can upload CSV file directly for bulk upload.
5. OpenCart product zipcode validator gives an option to restrict or exclude all the products for which the shipping or delivery is unavailable.
6. With the help of OpenCart zipcode validator, admin can display the delivery days and date on the frontend to the customer.
7. OpenCart product zipcode validator only shows the Add to Cart button on frontend if the delivery for an entered zip code is available for the user.
8. Store admin can enable the zip code validator module for specific products. Else the standard checkout will be shown for every product.
9. The complete functionality of OpenCart zipcode extension can be enabled or disabled anytime from the back-office.
10. No technical efforts are required to install and configure the OpenCart Availability check by zip code functionality for the store.
11. The existing global zones and zip codes can be enabled, disabled or deleted as per site needs.
12. Admin can easily edit and modify Product-Zone Mapping from the back-office of OpenCart Product Postal Code Validator extension.
11. OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode Extension is multi-store compatible.

Benefits of OpenCart zipcode extension to Admin

1. OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode module reduces the number of abandoned carts by showing the product availability check result for the customer's location.
2. OpenCart Product Postal Code Validator gives the flexibility to add zipcodes by city and state manually or bulk upload zipcodes using CSV file.
3. OpenCart Product Availability will only work for allowed products selected by the admin. For the other products, the user can perform the checkout straightaway.
4. The product availability check block added using OpenCart product zipcode validator module improves the site's UI which subsequently improves the UX of the online store.

OpenCart Product Availability Module Benefits to Customers

1. Registered and non-registered customers can effortlessly check for product availability in their zones or postal address.
2. If the product is available on their entered zip code they can easily proceed with the checkout process, else they will be displayed the error message on the product page itself.
3. OpenCart Product Availability Check reduces the frustration of the customer and saves their shopping time as they can know before product checkout whether the carrier is available to them or not.


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