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Marketplace Integrations:

Google reCaptcha - OpenCart Extensions

Google reCaptcha - OpenCart Extensions
  • The Opencart Google ReCaptcha module by Knowband is designed to verify if the visitors coming to the website are human or not.
  • The Opencart module abstains the spam bots, comments, messages, registrations and more from entering your site.
  • The Opencart store admin has the authority to transform the look and feel of the Google ReCaptcha extension.
  • With easy incorporation, the admin can make it drive quality content to their site.
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Compatibility:OC v2.0
Latest Version:v1.0.0 (15-Jan-2018)
Updates available for 1 year Sales: 10+
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Opencart Google reCaptcha extension

The Opencart human verification by Knowband is designed to block the spam bots from coming to your website and hampering its content. If you have an Opencart store and desire to secure it, this is Opencart module you should invest in.

The extension is designed in a way that it can differentiate between human visitors and spammers coming to the website. By verifying that the visitor is a human, the Google reCaptcha Opencart extension allows them to browse the website. You might think that it is just a matter of clicks, but the extension makes it impossible for the bots to cross the security check.

Benefits for the Admin

  • The Google reCaptcha Opencart module is easy to install and configure.
  • The Opencart extension provides protection from spambots.
  • The module protects the website and its content from spam registrations.
  • It protects from Spam messages.
  • The extension also protects the website from spam comments.
  • The Opencart store admin can choose the pages to display the Google ReCaptcha extension. The pages are:
  • Customer Login Page
  • Customer Registration Page
  • Customer Contact Page
  • Customer Forgotten Password page.
  • The admin can choose the number of trials before ReCaptcha is displayed.
  • Step by Step instructions to get Site key and Secret Key.
  • The admin can choose the theme color for ReCaptcha.
  • Advance admin can add custom CSS and JS code.


1. The Opencart module by Knowband is easy to install and configure.

2. The main aim of the Google reCaptcha Opencart extension is to improve the Website’s Security.

3. The store admin can block the entry of the spam bots using the Google reCaptcha.

4. The extension features options to show Google ReCaptcha on 4 pages which are the protected pages. They include -

  • Customer Login Page
  • Customer Registration Page
  • Customer Contact Page
  • Customer Forgotten Password page.

5. The store admin can configure the number of login attempts before the Google ReCaptcha is displayed on the screen.

6. The Opencart extension has both Light and Dark Themes to look suitable for your website 

7. The store admin has the option to change custom CSS and JS.

8. The module is SSL compatible.

9. Human verification Opencart extension is Multi Store compatible

10. It is compatible with all themes

11. The Opencart module is multi-language compatible

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